9 Tips To Stay Cool While Trading

Tranquility and self-mastery are financials’ best friends. Constant market alterations, business changes, and risks turn into casualties when it comes to trading.

Experienced brokers can either get under anxiousness’ influence at times. While moments of weakness can yield undue risks and losses. How to maintain a work-life balance and stay cold-hearted while being surrounded with recurrent menaces?

Here are some tips to keep calm and be in the swim:

Tips To Stay Cool While Trading

1. Consult with professionals

Consultants and financiers on forums mostly are not interested in helping their competitors or replying to their questions. So it is essential to find an experienced trader who will help figure out the industry’s peculiarities. It should be a professional broker with a vast career background, knowing multiple techniques and financial tools to work with. Exness is an example of a perfect platform for entering the market or proceeding with a less stressful career as a professional broker. There are three personalized account types based on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5, fitting both guru-traders who want to eliminate commissions and work from one account requirements and newbies who want to start their financial career and perceive industry principles.

The mentioned above trading platforms allow access to a great variety of trading instruments including cryptos.

2. Develop emotional intelligence

Chasing theoretical knowledge and business materials, brokers frequently lose the most crucial success feature – emotional intelligence. Unawareness of personal emotions and their triggers, inability to find inner balance leads to inevitable failure. Feelings control is the key factor for sensible trading in the long run. It helps to make well-considered decisions and let go of doubts. A trader psychologist, Rande Howell, admitted ‘Once a trader has a better understanding of what an emotion is, he or she recognizes that emotions are not optional. Instead, traders need to learn how to manage emotions to ensure consistent peak performance while trading.

3. Simple morning physical exercises

Another thing to add up more focus and stress-resistance for the day is the morning workout. Not only will it build up muscle tone, but it will alleviate nervousness and will boost up mood due to accelerated endorphins production. It is not essential to go to the gym. The Internet is full of easy warm-ups for those who want to cheer up in bed with simple back and limb stretches. As an alternative, there are uncomplicated yoga activities for beginners. It is scientifically proven that yoga helps handle anxiety disorders, allows practitioners to find inner balance, and shapes the body.

4. Identify biorhythm and stick to it

A standard work schedule is regularly from 10 AM till 7 PM. However, scientists state that these hours are barely compatible with circadian rhythms (also referred to as biorhythms). Such work hours discriminate between ‘the morning’ and ‘the night’ people division and neglect scientifically proven facts. Research shows that a peak productivity time starts 2 hours after awakening and lasts up to 3 hours in the deep focus phase. An attention span falls at 3 PM and renovates not earlier than 5-6 PM. For instance, an average worker passes 12.5 hours productively at work during the week. Recently, Parkinson’s Law has discovered that 8-hour workers complete the same amount of work as their 6-hour colleagues as they differ only in the time scale for procrastination. Productive hours can vary depending on the individual, albeit. A simple experiment will identify them effortlessly. Dodge all the energy stimulants, such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks, within a week and follow up the hours when work runs smoothly. Jot down the received results and stick to them while planning future schedules. Avoid replying to emails, checking notifications, making breaks, and attending meetings at pointed hours, so as not to get distracted. Postpone them till the attention span drops, starting at 3 PM.

5. Relaxing music

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There is no secret that music acts on the human brain and evokes serotonin and dopamine production. Added to YouTube videos, movies, and sitcoms, it impacts spectators` emotions and feelings. Psychologists recommend reducing sad compositions in a playlist to maintain stable mental health. A personal music recommendation for traders is jazz. Barely audible lyrics, relaxing melody, nature sounds, and musical accompaniment nurture productivity and lead to stress alleviation. Spotify, Youtube, and Apple music have a lot of personalized jazz playlists to offer. Music lovers can also listen to it with vinyl.

6. Create a trading environment

Delve into the brokers’ atmosphere. Check digital financial newspapers, communicate with like-minded people on forums and blogs. Subscribe to Facebook economical pages, Follow expert traders on Twitter, follow Bloomberg on Instagram, read Financial Times and CNBC. Be in the news loop and project news updates into upcoming financial events. Find correlations and make financial conclusions to evolve analytical thinking.

7. Listen to podcasts

Open up podcasts apps and channels. People are used to listening to music while going somewhere. It certainly boosts up the mood and distracts from annoying thoughts. However, there is nothing better than business podcasts featuring professional businessmen. Their popularity grew several years ago, along with audio books’ appearance. Podcasts channels vary- from area-specific information topics to general conversations with businessmen or stars. Each listener can pause recordings when convenient, make notes and learn something new. That empowers listening and critical thinking skills. Google and Apple podcasts also have thousands of financial and business recordings to find.

8. Try out unique psychological apps

Emotional control is not a new problem to handle. Only the US annual anxiety scale exceeds 40 million. However, solutions to such issues are multifaceted. Only in PlayMarket are decades of psychological apps helping users cope with tension, mood swings, and stress. Usually, they are created with the help of professional psychologists and have manuals and simple activities that can assist in difficult times.

9. Train multitasking

Multiple tools platforms and expanded analytics will be hard to handle for those accustomed to one tab users. Try to evolve multitasking right at the start. Sort out multiple pages, pin essential sources of information, and focus on specific information when there are several distractors. Also, try out blind keyboard typing simulators. In such a way, it will be easier to focus on monitoring and following the necessary extents.

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