10 Best Jobs for Retirees in Africa

Are you retired but not tired and seeking the best jobs for retirees in your country? I have compiled the 10 best jobs for retirees that are workable in African countries. The listed jobs can also be obtainable in other parts of the world as I experienced in one of my visits to the Asian country of Thailand.

So to cut the story short, below are the 10 Best Jobs for Retirees in Africa:

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1. Adjunct teacher

Take the knowledge you gained on the job and share it with students as an adjunct teacher at a school. The hours are flexible and you’ll have the holidays off.

2. Farming

This is a very lucrative and easy job a retiree can venture into. You can be a poultry, catfish, snail or piggery farmer. You can also own a cassava, yam or vegetable farm. Have laborers do this while you supervise. Just choose anyone that you have an interest in and expand with the help of a few workers.

3. Consultant

Depending on your field, you may choose to consult for your past organization or others on a project basis. Before you officially retire, put out word that you’ll be consulting, and check out UpWork to find potential leads.

4. Crafter

Working in retirement doesn’t have to mean less time for your hobbies. Instead, look for a way to combine your hobbies and some income. You can sell your crafts on Etsy, or give music or other kinds of skill-based lessons.

5. Volunteer

If you’re working more to keep busy than for financial reasons, becoming a volunteer can have rewards that go far beyond a paycheck. Statistics have shown that persons over age 65 spent nearly twice as many hours volunteering as any other age group last year.

6. Babysit

Whether you’re watching your own grandchildren (an increasingly common occurrence among retirees) or someone else’s kids, babysitting can be a great gig for retirees who like kids.

7. Real Estate

Dealing on properties has always been profitable and not much of stress is involved. It is unimportant whether you deal with shopping centers or mansions. Around the world, a lot of markets are over-saturated. But as an African, one has tremendous opportunity for growth. In Nigeria for example, according to experts, this is a period of rapid expansion. So you should use your chance.

8. Virtual Assistant

A growing number of startups are popping up offering virtual assistant services, including booking travel, coordinating meetings and providing other administrative support. This job appeals to seniors ready to work from home and give up their commute. Get certified via the International Virtual Assistants Association, which can also help you find jobs.

9. Drive a Taxi

If you own a car, you can actually make cool cash from it driving others in your city at your own schedule. You can work 20 hours or less each week. This can also help you to build clients that can call you to come and pick as well as drop them anytime they enter your city if they enjoy your driving. This will allow you make some extra cash on your free period.

10. Tourist Guide

Most retirees are aged with vast experience in culture and tradition. You can become a tourist guide at any tourist site you have enough information on. You can feed tourists with information on a particular center, cave, spring, or tradition in your locality.


Your current job (only on your terms).

Many employers now offer formal and informal programs allowing retirees to phase out of work, shedding responsibilities and hours while remaining a useful part of the team. Check-in with your former boss or human resources department to see whether this could be an option for you.

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