Tools To Automate Your Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important components for the success of any business. You need ideal leads and high-value customers to survive and grow in this competitive market. So, you need to come up with marketing strategies that will attract and engage your potential leads.

Finding the prospect’s information, sending them follow-ups, and responding to them manually is a time-consuming and tedious task. It can consume most of your valuable time and may yield no result. Since this is a highly competitive world; you need to be fast to find and connect with your ideal prospects. If you are slow, then your competitor will steal your potential leads. But how can you accelerate your lead generation and win over your potential clients? The answer is to invest in lead generation software.

Automated lead generation software will help you speed up your sales funnel by helping you to find ideal leads, build a relationship with them by sending automated follow-ups, and ensure that no potential lead is forgotten. If you are planning to automate your lead generation and do not know the right software to choose, you can read the article and find the software that is suitable for your business.

Tools to automate your lead generation

1. Kennected

If you are looking for an intuitive, user-friendly, and affordable lead generation tool Kennected lead generation software is one of the best tools out there in the market. Founded in 2018, Kennected grew to be one of the most reliable and trusted lead generation tools within three years. The myriads of features like the automated outreach programs, personalized follow-ups, the24/7 client support teams, and more, had made Kennected one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies. It offers various tools like cloud Kennect, Kennected videos, and Kennected Calendar that will help in building connections and making new customers, thus generating new revenue streams.

With Cloud Kennect offered by Kennected, you can find the ideal leads and send personalized messages with their name, company name, industry, and more. To gauge attention, stand out to the prospects, and give a hyper-personalized experience to the potential leads, using the Kennected video will be a good idea. With Kennected videos, you can make intriguing and impactful videos and send them to your clients. This video can also be used to accelerate your e-mail marketing campaign.

Compared to the usual text or emails, these videos are less likely to be ignored or marked as spam. Also, these videos can be sent through emails, text, or CRM and can also be shared through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. So, use this software to automate your lead generation process and gain more sales.


If e-mail marketing is part of your lead generation strategy, then this software can be highly beneficial to your campaign. One of the biggest issues with email marketing is that you may be sending out emails to accounts that are not active. So, you need to verify, if the address is active. But at the time, you may skip this verification process, resulting in collecting inactive addresses which will negatively impact the efficiency of your email marketing.

With, you do not have to worry about a bounced email as this software will automate your email address verification process and give you a confidence score for each account. This software will also let you find emails address, just by typing out the potential leads’ names and company names. Therefore, you can build a leads database filled with verified contacts.

3. Growbots

Growbots will automate your processes of finding leads and will help in generating more leads in a short period. This will help in streamlining the lead generation process, which will also help the sales and marketing team to focus on high-priority tasks. Along with having an enormous database that has over 100 million decision-makers, it also has an inbuilt A/B testing functionality.  It will automatically update the new database and will show you when a new opportunity comes.

4. LeadLander

LeadLander will help you to find the data of your website’s visitors. This website visitor tracking tool will fetch you all the information of your website’s visitors like the name of their company, job role, location, email address, and other contact information. This tool will notify you in real-time when your potential lead visits your website and their information will automatically be added to your sales and marketing list.

LeadLander will let you know the behavior of your potential leads, which will help you to understand their needs and interests. It will further tell your sales and marketing team which all campaigns are working.

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is an extremely useful tool to gather information about companies that visit your website, even if they do not fill out any form. It will then show you the details of the employees who are working in the company and will enable you to follow up. It will also give insight into the companies’ or visitors’ behavior and let you understand what they are doing on your website. It will help you understand what your prospects are interested in and you can use this information to grab the attention of the potential leads and turn them into sales.

6. Page Sales Automation

PSA is one such lead generation software that is made to speed up the sales process. With the help of AI, you can get insight into real-time data and understand customers’ needs. It will identify the leads, identify opportunities, and do personalized marketing based on the potential lead’s behaviors. It uses AI in different steps of the sales process and accelerates the process. With this software, you can find the data from various sources like LinkedIn and Outlook.

Try to incorporate these tools into your lead generation campaign to find ideal leads, connect with them, and build relationships with them quickly.

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