Why Should Your Pub Plan For An Emergency?

Developing an emergency plan is essential for any business. It ensures you create a safe working environment for employees and protect your customers too. There are many threats that a business can face at any one time. With that in mind, your staff must know what to do should an incident occur.

Why Should Your Pub Plan For An Emergency?

These dangers are a greater threat to pubs in particular due to the nature of the work. With intoxicated customers, the effects of alcohol may hinder the emergency protocols. This is why your staff must be well trained to ensure their safety and that of the customers.

Read on to understand why your pub must put a plan in place.

What can go wrong?

Pubs face many threats to their operations but some of the more severe ones include:

  • Workplace injuries – In 2020/21, 7 million employees were suffering from work-related ill-health. If your staff require time off for their injuries, you must have a plan in place to cover their shifts.
  • Over-intoxicated customers – When people drink too much, they run the risk of getting hurt. Your business must know what to do if this happens. This may involve calling for an ambulance, performing CPR or using a first aid kit.
  • Fires – This may threaten lives. The business must have a clear plan to get all staff and customers out safely.

Why is an emergency plan important?

Without a plan in place, your pub is vulnerable. Here’s why you need an emergency plan for your business:

  • Displaying a commitment to safety
  • Improving compliance
  • Increasing responsiveness in emergencies
  • Minimising risk

Benefits of an emergency plan

When you have a clear set of expectations and trained staff, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Reduced downtime – Emergencies may cause your operations to come to a standstill. However, with a plan in place, you’ll be able to respond effectively and minimise the damage.
  • Cost savings – Poorly managed incidents may result in fines. A plan means you can respond correctly and avoid repercussions.
  • Better relationships – Your commitment to safety will be appreciated by staff and customers. This may help retain more employees and bring in other paying members of the community.

There’s only so much your staff can do in an emergency. For full protection, you must have the correct pub insurance to cover your business.

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