How SEO and Effective Email Campaigning Can Generate Revenue

Today, there are many different marketing channels that you can use, like search marketing, database marketing, sales, telemarketing, online advertising, direct mail, and social media. Among these, email marketing is considered the oldest form of digital communication. While it may sound outdated, this type of marketing is considered one of the most powerful in connecting and engaging with potential customers and previous clients. According to in-house marketers, email marketing and SEO are considered the top channels, with the former taking lead of the ROI (Return on Interest), according to studies.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is considered the most cost-effective way to reach, promote, engage, retain, acquire, and build relationships with old and new customers—for marketers and business owners. In most cases, companies use marketing automation for sending emails like articles, guides, exclusive offers, promotions, and newsletters to old and new customers so that the targeted content is entertaining, useful, or compelling for the readers. As a result, your customers will look at you as an industry leader and help build credibility for your targeted market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are techniques that help your web portal achieve a better search rank on the search query. Several factors determine the ranking of a website on the search engine ranking, including the ability of the search engine to crawl a web page. Once every page gets crawled, they are indexed into a large database.

As search engines like Google crawl your web platform for new content and pages, the critical factor for SEO and email marketing is content. For each landing site, you will need engaging and good content. Additionally, you would also require content in the form of newsletters, articles, and email campaigns so that the reader keeps opening their emails and your content gets more visibility. Therefore, you must create crawlable content so that your website has a higher rank in the search engines via keyword searches. You can also use your content in the form of a whitepaper, social media, or blogs. If you manage to understand all these factors, you will be able to help your customers find what they are looking for.

How Do You Use Email Marketing And SEO To Boost Your Revenue?

Now that you know why email marketing is important let’s see how you can use this and SEO to boost your revenue and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

SEO and Effective Email Campaigning Can Generate Revenue

1. Lower Bounce Rates

With the help of email marketing services, you will get targeted traffic to your web portal. All you need to do is keep sharing your blog posts in your email list; ensure that you also have a call-to-action (CTA). Then, if the customers are genuinely interested in your content, they can simply click on the CTA button and get redirected to your website. Since these visitors are highly qualified, they will like the content you put up on the posts. This will minimize the chances of your customers bouncing away from your website and decrease the bounce rate.

2. Understand The Intent Behind The Query

Google always prioritizes improving the user experience of the customers. They do this by showing the most relevant results of their search query. If you want to provide the most pertinent content to your customers, you first need to understand the intent behind their query.

You can use the best email marketing service for this job. You can come up with a survey and forward it to your email list. In this survey, you can ask the customers about their fears, challenges, desires, etc.; in fact, you can ask anything related to the topic.

You will be able to understand what your customers are thinking based on their answers. Then, you can write down a blog with the answers to the questions faced by the majority of your subscribers. This tactic has been known to work because you will understand the state of the minds of the searchers. From this, you will be able to provide more tailored content that connects well with their intent. For added efficiency, simply send the blog post to the email list, reducing bounce rates.

Ways to Bring Your Email Marketing Campaign Back to Life, e-mail marketing online marketing

3. Repurpose Content For Newsletter

Newsletters have been quite useful in promoting the latest services, products, and blog posts. However, you can use the feature for so much more. For instance, you can use newsletters to provide exclusive content to your customers and subscribers. Ensure that you design these newsletters well; even if you cannot, you can use the available newsletter templates.

You can use the exclusive content for any other type of content in the future, like a blog post. When you repurpose your newsletter for a new audience with a new format, it may also improve the ranking in the search results. Of course, you also need to follow the proper SEO practices so that your content has a better rank in the search results. For instance, you can talk about William Hill existing customer promo code if your customers are looking for content related to casinos.

4. Generate Traffic By Using Automated Sequences

Email marketing offers automation if you use the right email marketing software. With the help of email marketing automation, you can easily create automated email sequences. This way, new subscribers will be able to see your most popular posts without you having to put in manual labour.

These email sequences will allow you to have an automated flow of traffic that will eventually grow as your list keeps growing. Once Google notices this growth in engaged traffic, your ranking on the search engine will get higher. This happens because when your customers are finding what they are looking for in your web portal.

5. Improve Engagement On Social Media

If you send emails with your social media handles, it will encourage your readers and potential customers to share your content on these social media platforms. However, you also need to ensure to include a CTA and ask them to do so. If done right, this will vastly improve the chances of your subscribers doing the same again in the future.

These shares on social media platforms will increase organic social engagement and also help drive more traffic to your web pages. If your engagement on social media is more than just decent, you will greatly improve the SEO as well. This happens because the rankings are positively impacted because of the engagements on your social media platforms.

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Final Thoughts

While your email marketing strategy may not affect your SEO directly, you can easily use them to drive more traffic to your web portal. If you get relevant traffic, it will also minimize bounce rates. For a better rank in the search results, you can also create blog posts and repurpose your newsletters.

Would you follow a different approach? Let us know in the comments!

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