Application Development Outsourcing In 2024: How The Challenges Match The Benefits

Businesswire suggested that software application development outsourcing will grow 70% in 2023. But the question is, why is everyone outsourcing app development, and why are firms planning to hire outsourced app developers? Let’s dive into how to outsource app development and see how the pros weigh the cons.

Application Development Outsourcing How The Challenges Match The Benefits

Software Outsourcing – What is it, Why is it important, and Why Should You Do It?

Back in the day, whenever you wanted someone to develop an app or website for you, the only option you had was to hire a software team in your own country. Well, the latest iteration of the internet has enabled such businesses to outsource their app development to developers from other countries.

There are a number of reasons why people do it. For instance, someone wants to save money on hardware and labor. At the same time, someone is looking to hire services that are not available in their own country. People also hire mobile application development outsourcing services if they are planning to release the app in that specific country.

In short, such services enable a business to flourish in the industry, allowing them to experience new ways to implement technology using the help of talented developers.

Outsourcing App Development Benefits

Mobile application development outsourcing is the latest strategy that companies are implementing in their workflow model, enabling them to target market competition and effectiveness seamlessly. Here are the benefits that you can receive if you hire mobile app development outsourcing companies.

Cost Savings

The most significant factor that plays in mobile app development is the costs involved. If you hire a local app development team, the costs will be different. The costs of outsourced app developers will be different also. For example, with outsourcing, there are no infrastructure costs or hiring costs. That leads to lower expenses, allowing businesses to gain more profits.

Access To Pool Of Talent

Let’s say you want an app that should be designed on Ionic. However, Ionic developers are not available in your country. What will you do? Well, that is what outsourcing companies offer. They provide you with access to talent that is not available in your country.


Mobile app development outsourcing companies provide businesses with flexibility. In simple words, businesses can scale their software needs according to the market demand. For instance, you can easily replace skills needed without the need to go through long hiring processes.

QA/QC services

What if we tell you that if you outsource app development, you will get a complete package? By complete package, we mean initial design, MVP, beta product, final product, manuals, and QA/QC reports. See, if you are hiring an outsourcing company, it is their responsibility to provide you with a stable app version. For that, they will also do the QA/QC testing. It is a win-win situation for businesses.

Improved Marketing

This point is not specifically related to outsourcing companies. It is more of an in-house thing. While your outsourcing company is developing the mobile app, you have time to work on other steps. Such steps include marketing, advertising, market awareness, and customer support.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Challenges

Obviously, if something has an upside, there are always downsides. The same is the case with mobile app development outsourcing. Let’s talk about the challenges you can face with mobile phone app development outsourcing.

Limited Control

You are giving complete control of your app development to a party that you don’t own. You will be utterly dependent on them. For instance, if they don’t deliver that specific module before the deadline, you cannot do anything about that.

Access To Sensitive Information

Obviously, a business will discuss the scope of the project with the outsourcing company. That means they will share confidential information such as app design, schematics, workflow, and more. Revealing such information can affect the company’s overall image in the future.

Communication Problems

The biggest risk that any business can face is the risk of communication. If you are not able to communicate the needs of the project, the output will not be up to the standard. An example is hiring a Chinese outsourcing team. They may have trouble speaking, listening or understanding English. If they are not able to understand you, that will have an effect later on in the development cycle.

Outsource App Developers- Whether Risks Weight The Benefits

Honestly, only a business itself can answer this question. That is because it all depends on the business needs and project scope. If the project is small, going for a single freelance mobile developer will be good. If you need a workforce, outsourcing firms are best. Then, if you can bear language barriers, then Chinese outsourcing is perfect. The bottom line is whenever you outsource app developers, make sure they are meeting project needs effectively.

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