Staff Shortages? How Your Restaurant Can Still Run Smoothly

Restaurant businesses usually suffer high employee turnover rates, and this has worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic. Your restaurant may even suffer a temporary worker shortage when a large number of employees need to take the day off. This would especially be troublesome on busy days.

If you have to deal with staff shortages frequently, read this guide to learn how your restaurant can keep running smoothly with few workers.

Staff Shortages? How Your Restaurant Can Still Run Smoothly

Cross-Train Your Staff

When you start your catering or restaurant business, you should plan for staff shortages by cross-training your employees. A cross-trained staff can even be essential in cases where many employees have to take time off unexpectedly.

This strategy involves developing skills that can be essential for tasks outside their regular roles. For example, you can train a waiter to mix drinks in case the bartender is unavailable. It is important to foster an environment of openness as this will motivate employees to work together in a more efficient way.

Improving the work environment and work conditions will also lower the staff turnover rate, and this will give customers a more consistent level of service.


Work with a Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens can also help you deal with staff shortages. These are simply professional food preparation and cooking facilities that are meant for deliveries. You can work with Ghost Kitchen Network to find a ghost kitchen near you.

It is important to remember that these kitchens are different from virtual restaurants in that they are not restaurant brands. They usually have facilities for more than one restaurant.


Use Modern POS or EPOS Systems

Modern POS or EPOS systems can take orders and payments and will generally work as the ecosystem of the restaurant’s operation. EPOS systems are also fast and accurate, which means the customers will not need to ask for any changes once the order is delivered.

You should note that modern EPOS systems are cloud-based, so the reports will be instantly available to local or regional management. This helps to reduce the need for administrative workers.


Purchase Digital Reservation Software

You should also consider purchasing digital reservation systems as they can allow customers to book tables without the help of waiters. The available staff will only need to offer guidance to the customers.

These tools can either be app-based or desktop. With them, the customers should be able to indicate the number of guests who will be attending, the time slot, the number of seats and tables needed, and their details.

An extra advantage of these systems is the fact that they can help you collect customer feedback more conveniently.



Staff shortages are normal in restaurants and other catering businesses. Fortunately, there are many ways of dealing with these shortages. You can start by cross-training your staff to ensure that they are able to take on different roles.

You should also consider working with a ghost kitchen. Finally, it is important to use technology as this will reduce the need for certain positions in the restaurant. For example, you can purchase modern EPOS systems and digital reservation software.

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