11 Benefits of Saas Management Platform for Data-Centric Enterprises

Most companies aren’t paying much attention to their data strategies. Nevertheless, few companies are trying to deliver on their data strategies. Most companies need to use the proper software applications to make the most out of their data. 

SaaS management software is an important part of data technologies, and if you don’t use the proper SaaS management platforms, you might fail in setting up the right data strategy. 

Well, let’s not waste any more time because, in this article, we will identify the top benefits of using a SaaS management platform for data-centric enterprises. 

11 Benefits of Saas Management Platform for Data-Centric Enterprises

11 Benefits of SaaS management platforms for data technologies

SaaS management platforms are becoming increasingly popular and no matter which one you choose to use, you’ll need to see if they fit your requirements or not. Moreover, it’s a better idea to identify if they comply with data policy regulators. Before you dive into the benefits of SaaS management platforms, here are some platforms we recommend you use: 

  • Zluri: Zluri can help manage your SaaS stack and secure SaaS applications. However, it’s best for larger businesses with more than 500 employees. 
  • Zylo: A SaaS management platform that focuses primarily on managing expenses and optimizing SaaS licensing, eliminating shadow IT and more. 
  • Productiv: Offers application engagement analytics and insights that helps companies understand how their employees engage with the SaaS platform and engage with it. 
  • Torii: Mostly designed for IT managers and used for controlling SaaS apps that are used within the organization. Moreover, Torii allows SaaS license optimization and promotes an automated workflow within repetitive processes. 
  • Blissfully: Grants companies all tools for SaaS operations, employee offboarding and onboarding, and more.
  • BetterCloud: Empowers an IT team to define and enforce SaaS apps management and security policies. It is able to take complete control of their environment with continuous event monitoring. 

1. Affordable

One of the most incredible benefits of SaaS management software systems is their affordability. Undoubtedly, whenever you invest in a SaaS management platform, you can know the truth that the costs of developing software can be split across many businesses. This is because many companies mainly use SaaS systems, which spreads over time, keeping costs low for your business and making things highly affordable for you and your business

2. SEO Advantages

SEO Advantages

You are provided with cloud access whenever you use SaaS tools, which removes the need to localize your software programs and reduces any management issues. In addition,  SaaS tools have many advanced functionalities that can fulfill business needs accurately. For example, if you use an SEO management tool, you can get a lot of help with your SEO rankings

3. A system of records

With a SaaS management tool, you have the opportunity to maintain a complete and well-polished record of who can access your applications and services, how they are being used, and more. 

You will be able to pinpoint and identify who has access to your tools, and your added benefits are the following: 

  • Being compliant 
  • Reducing security risks, such as data breaches
  • Continuously being cost-effective 
  • Employee offboarding automation and more 

Moreover, the SaaS management tool allows the IT department to see exactly who is using what and are allowed to delete all login credentials in case an employee leaves your company. Thus, this will enable employees who never gained unauthorized access to sensitive information stored within a SaaS app. 

This doesn’t only help the business prevent internal threats; it frees up space for employees who have just joined the company. 

4. Reduces costs

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According to statistics, companies are wasting more than $40 billion per year on SaaS. Organizations now have hundreds of cloud tools on their SaaS stack. Maybe you have SaaS platforms you have subscribed to and are not using, so you might lose thousands to millions per year without any practical reason. A SaaS management platform can help you identify what you aren’t using and thereby cut unnecessary expenses. 

5. Data consolidation

SaaS management platforms can consolidate data into one system, allowing the IT system to manage policies, track admin activities, and view all assets and users. Additionally, you can view all of your IT estate, such as shadow IT, to make smarter and data-driven decisions. 

Additionally, this positive outlook is that since the SaaS world is evolving so quickly, its value will grow over time as you use it and even include many more features, thanks to everything concentrated into one platform. 

6. Real-time reporting

All SaaS management platforms offer real-time reporting for your business. Real-time reporting is something that can be updated regarding your business team and something that can help us optimize our brand’s management policies and protocols. 

7. Transparency in contract and spend management

Would you consider it beneficial to manage all of your SaaS contracts and subscriptions in one single platform? Using the right SaaS management platform can allow you to do this. Not only will it make it easier to track how much your budget is spending on SaaS apps and services, but it’ll also show you ways to manage contracts and subscriptions, not allowing them to overlap in any way. 

When you have a central location where you can store vendor contracts, you can do the following: 

  • Assign different owners to different contracts 
  • Notify owners of renewable contracts 
  • Avoid missing cancelation or renewal dates 
  • Ensure that you aren’t stuck with contracts you don’t try to renew 

This may be even more useful when you discover that many business teams are adapting to SaaS management platforms, so your chance of overlooking licenses is higher than ever. Moreover, with the increased likelihood of renewal notices, you can ensure that you give notifications if you lose interest in renewing your license for a different term. 

8. Keeping your business secure

Business security should be considered a priority for every organization. But unfortunately, the number of SaaS security issues has also increased. In fact, according to a study sponsored by McAfee, over 80% of respondents claimed that they use SaaS applications that weren’t verified. 

You can’t secure your apps if you don’t know which ones to monitor and audit. Whenever there are new corporate SaaS applications, you’ll instantly get notified by the SaaS management platforms, and they’ll not allow access whenever these applications don’t pass security standards. 

9. Continuous updates

As a top benefit for you, most SaaS brands will update their solutions continuously with newer technologies from customers. Even more interesting is that SEO algorithms are constantly changing, and most SaaS tools will adapt to these changes. So, whenever you choose a SaaS tool, you can be well-informed that you are choosing one of the best on the market.

10. License management

Some of the top SaaS platforms can fully control who has access to which type of licenses. By following these rules, you comply with the regulations of not over-allocating licenses. Furthermore, it can also help underusing unused licenses for which you are paying. 

This enables you to:

  • Avoid fines that are associated with over-allocation in data usage
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs for unused seats 

Doing this helps ensure that the number of licenses is in correspondence with your business’s needs and helps save those seats if anyone within your business needs to access your SaaS tool. 

11. Data compliance 

Data compliance is valid whenever you are complying with the GDPR or CCPA. Both of these data regulators have strict policies that protect consumers’ data. All SaaS apps must comply with these data rules and ensure that even your employees are complying with these rules. 

Moreover, those companies that fail to comply with these data regulators will most likely suffer by paying hefty fines for violating these compliance rules. 

Above all, security control is never possible when you don’t know which apps to monitor. 

Wrapping it all up

That’s about it for this article. These are our top 11 benefits of SaaS management platforms for data-centric enterprises. It’s not time for you to read carefully through each benefit you receive from using SaaS management platforms. Now, it’s up to you to see which tool fits your business requirements and how you can fit it in your everyday life. 

However, before you choose to use a SaaS management tool, you need to ensure that it follows data compliance rules and is not violating any privacy laws when using the tool. After all, the whole goal of a SaaS tool is to make things easier for you and not harder.  

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