5 Tips For Staying Productive At Work

Everyone is busy, all the time, and when you’re an entrepreneur, you have the added pressure of working for yourself — so you need to stay productive and get things done.

So what happens when you can’t focus on the tasks you need to accomplish? Entrepreneur and author Cassandra Toroian speaks openly about having ADHD, and she uses this to her advantage. For others with ADHD, it can seem especially overwhelming to try and focus when they get distracted. If this is also you, don’t despair! There are hacks you can use to get your brain to focus, even when you don’t feel motivated.

5 Tips For Staying Productive At Work

  1. Window Of Opportunity

Scientists estimate that the average person can only focus their attention for about 4 to 5 hours each day — and those hours can vary from person to person. If you’re a morning person, for example, and you feel most energized in the a.m., then try to schedule important tasks and work items in your “peak” hours so you can take advantage of your brain’s focusing power.

  1. Break Up Big Tasks

You’ve probably heard of “chunking” or the Pomodoro method. Both are similar in principle. You take a big task, and break it up into smaller steps, or work on a task for a set period of time, then take a break. This helps your brain from feeling overwhelmed by the whole project.

If you need a little extra boost of motivation, look into gamification for your work projects. Setting up rewards for each portion accomplished helps motivate your brain and makes the task more fun to complete.

  1. Make Time To Move

Getting up and stretching if you work at a desk for long periods of time is essential to your overall health. Sitting in one position for hours can damage your muscles and bones, and restrict blood flow. Taking frequent breaks is good for your health — and also for your brain. Walking away from a work project, getting some fresh air outdoors, or otherwise doing something entirely different helps replenish your energy so when you do get back to work, you have a better chance of focusing again.

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  1. Snack Healthy

Cerebral work like thinking, or working on projects that take a lot of brainpower — or even just a little concentration — burns calories just like physical exercise does. So you need to replenish your energy supply when you use your brain. Eating healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, low-fat yogurt or cheese, or other protein-rich foods helps keep your brain energized so it can work. Don’t forget to hydrate, too!

  1. Sleep Is Your Friend

Everyone knows the importance of a good night’s rest, but don’t discount naps. Sometimes, you just need a short 20-minute power nap to revitalize your brain and help you focus again. However, naps can only take you so far. A good night’s sleep is vital for your overall health and your ability to concentrate during the day. Try closing down distracting, blue-light devices like your smartphone or laptop an hour or more before you go to sleep, to help your natural circadian rhythms prepare your body for rest.

Staying productive doesn’t have to be a chore. Trying these simple hacks can help improve your daily workflow so you can get things done.

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