The 9 Best SaaS Tools for Professionals in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector is composed of several fields within the service industry. Restaurants, bars, casinos, food trucks, resorts, hotels, cruises, amusement parks, tourism, and travel all form a part of the hospitality industry. 

The 9 Best SaaS Tools for Professionals in the Hospitality Industry

This industry is not just important for businesses or employees. It is also vital for economies, and the global hospitality market size is expected to grow to $4548.42 billion in 2022. As of December 2021, this multi-billion dollar industry supported and employed 15.11 million people in the US alone.

Although a major player in the service sector, the hospitality industry heavily relies on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. 

But in the age of the internet, how can businesses in the hospitality industry ensure that they provide their customers with an enjoyable experience while standing out from the competition?

By utilizing SaaS tools.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best SaaS Tools for Professionals in the Hospitality Industry

With around 84.41 thousand businesses active in the hospitality space, the competition is fierce. Devotion and dedication are paramount to the survival of a business in this sector, but is that enough for a business to thrive and stay relevant?

The answer is negative. 

Businesses in the hospitality industry need to adopt new technologies, take advantage of business automation, and utilize tools to make strenuous activities less challenging for their employees, manage accounts, cut unnecessary costs, automate repetitive manual tasks, and effectively communicate with customers.

This is where digital innovations such as software as a service (SaaS) tools come into the picture. The effective utilization of SaaS tools will help you save both time and money across the board. 

A cloud-based PMS (Property Management Software) empowers several functional areas of hospitality business to enhance the customer experience. 

This ultimate list of the best SaaS tools will help professionals find the right tools based on their needs. 

9 best SaaS tools for hospitality industry professionals

The potential for SaaS tools to simplify the lives of professionals in the hospitality industry is enormous. Let’s take a look at the best of them.

  • Agendrix

Agendrix’s hotel scheduling software is a modern HR toolkit for hospitality professionals to automate scheduling, timesheets, attendance records, and stay connected. 

Agendrix will help you create everyone’s work schedules since you’ll have access to centralized data, which takes into account constraints too. 

This SaaS tool lets you transform your existing device into a punch clock so that you can keep track of everyone’s attendance and breaks. This will enable you to keep an eye on labor costs and overtime. 

Agendrix utilizes this data to fill out timesheets automatically and highlights discrepancies if any.

With Agendrix’s instant messaging option, you can easily deal with last-minute restraints and update your staff instantaneously, keeping everyone in the loop. This will assist in keeping everyone connected and help you build better connections with your staff. 

Agendrix is simple to set up, available on App Store and Google Play, supports email notifications and will free your precious time so that you can take better care of your customers and staff.

  • Apaleo

Apaleo is an open hospitality platform to help you handle and run any property–hotel or apartment–efficiently. It’s an API-first hospitality platform, meaning that Apaleo creates the API, or the connectivity layer first, and then the PMS is modeled on top of it. 

Apaleo’s API-first approach makes all the data in the business’s old PMS easily accessible and available. With Apaleo, data can be migrated quickly and seamlessly, mundane tasks can be automated to accelerate business operations and cut down costs, and you can roll out your own software too.

This SaaS tool empowers your employees to focus on high-impact tasks and work on serving their guests to give them a remarkable and memorable experience. The best part is that there are no set up costs, no hidden charges, and it simplifies all your workflows.

  • Canary Technologies

Canary Technologies provides gush-worthy technological solutions for lodging properties such as resorts and hotels. This SaaS tool has been designed by industry veterans to help you generate more revenue, provide your guests with a delightful experience, and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your staff. 

With Canary Technologies, you can provide your guests with an impeccable suite of solutions to save their time and amplify their experience. For instance, your guests’ can check-in online, upload their ID, and fill out registration forms from a single unique link. 

This tool is also built to dynamically upsell your services and amenities, send notifications to your guests, offer digital tipping for your staff, and facilitate contactless checkouts.

  • Preno

Preno is a simple cloud-based PMS and is suitable for handling small teams. This software will automate tedious administrative tasks, saving you both time and effort. 

Preno can be used to simplify guest reservations and billings, and integrated with your existing or other hospitality systems. This SaaS tool is built to give you secure access to your operating systems from anywhere. 

It also aims to offer your guests an enjoyable experience by streamlining the reservation and check-in process.

  • EasyPMS

EasyPMS is a cloud and web-based hotel management software. This SaaS tool is appropriate for any type and size of property, and consists of a booking engine, rate manager, channel manager, SPA manager, and POS. 

EasyPMS runs on the latest technology and is quick, efficient, reliable, and works on any device or browser. It doesn’t need any servers, licenses, maintenance, or upgradation, making it an affordable solution for professionals in the hospitality industry.

  • Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality offers technology solutions to various sectors, including hotels and resorts, casino and gaming, hotel food and beverage, and cruise. 

Oracle Hospitality has over 40 years of experience in providing both hardware and software services to hospitality industry professionals. 

With this SaaS tool, you can build pleasant relationships between your guest and staff, offer customized marketing to attract new guests and keep your old guest rooster satisfied, personalize services as per your guest’s needs in real-time, capitalize on your human capital, i.e., your staff, and upsell your services and amenities to your guests based on their preference.

Oracle Hospitality is fit to handle your back-end tasks too. You can provide your guests with numerous options to view and pay their bills, improve your business’s financial planning, boost sales, and arm your IT employees with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • StayNTouch

StayNTouch is a cloud-based PMS that empowers your guests to take charge of their experience, your staff to provide extraordinary service, and you to manage and operate your hotel the way you want. 

Its intuitive UI will help increase productivity, decrease unnecessary costs, enhance your guest’s experience, and drive revenue. 

This SaaS tool comes with a horde of features, interfaces, and virtual check-in solutions to provide you, your guests, and staff with a secure, fast, and delightful experience.

With StayNTouch, you can run your hotel on or off the property, send automated upsell offers to your guests, and build long-lasting relationships with your staff and guests alike.

  • ChargeAutomation

ChargeAutomation is an online check-in, payment automation, security deposit collection, and upsell SaaS tool for the hospitality industry. 

Through ChargeAutomation, you can give your guests a portal where they can obtain check-in instructions, receipts, access codes, manuals, and customer support.

This SaaS tool comes with 120 payment gateways to give you and your guests a wide range of payment getaways to choose from. It can also integrate with any PMS, Channel Management System, and Web Booking Engines.

  • GuestRevu

Your business could provide the best-in-class customer experience but still not be on the proverbial map if it doesn’t have excellent reviews online. 

With the majority of consumers checking online reviews before making a reservation and only a minor percentage of customers willing to leave feedback unprompted, what do you do?

You take help from SaaS tools like GuestRevu to aid you in gathering feedback from your customers and managing your reputation online. 

You can understand your guest’s expectations and experiences better through GuestRevu’s surveys. You can view all your reviews online, collected from popular review sites, in a centralized dashboard to be on top of your online reputation management. 

GuestRevu’s analytics and reporting will let you make operational decisions to assist you in giving your customers a better experience, managing your online reviews, and boosting your revenue. It also lets you monitor your competitor’s online reputation and is free forever. 

SaaS tools are a hospitality industry professional’s best friend

Hospitality leaders and professionals need to be extremely agile and adapt to the changing customer preferences and evolving demand. 

The integration of SaaS tools will not only give you a leg over your competitors but also pivot as per consumer sentiments.

SaaS tools are necessary to improve your operations with technology, make data-informed decisions, automate tedious tasks, empower small businesses, reduce churn, and gift your guests with an experience to remember you by.

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