Best and Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore

Today, many companies use team-building activities to bring together personnel from multiple departments and promote harmony, stronger friendships, and teamwork. However, finding low-cost team-building activities in Singapore is usually challenging. The cost and benefit of team-building activities are employers’ primary considerations.

Regarding affordability, here is a list of activities that cost $35 or less.

Best and Affordable Team Building Activities in Singapore

Top 8 Affordable Team Building Activities

The 8 most affordable team building activities in Singapore according to Jambar Team Building are given below for your consideration while planning your next team-building training.

  1. Virtual Escape Room

Here is an award-winning escape room experience as the first reasonably priced team-building activity. It is  the first and only virtual escape room in Singapore, with prices starting at $20 per person. The virtual escape room game may support huge groups of hundreds of players up to tiny groups of 2 players.

  1. Virtual Food Quest

Test your culinary knowledge with Singapore’s unique Virtual Food Quest Experience for just $20 per person. An enormous gastronomic adventure awaits everyone in the Virtual Food Quest!

  1. Virtual Time Travel

By traveling into the past and future virtually, you can look for your missing uncle. You can participate in an exciting plot as you and your crew travel through time and space to solve issues in numerous eras and time zones. Hurry to complete your task because the clock is running out! For only $20 per person, you may experience virtual time travel!

  1. Virtual Nightfall

Virtual Nightfall, based on the classic game Werewolf/Murderer, is an excellent opportunity to test you and your team. The ability to communicate, interpret body language, and persuade are just a few required abilities to play this game. Each player will be given a character, a killer, a detective, a civilian, or a doctor. Who will win in the war between good and evil?

  1. Saber Tag

Saber Tag is an entertaining and action-packed game that features neon battle sabers and unique scoring vests and has a starting price of $15 per person. To complete various game objectives, participants get to use the combat sabers and fight with opposing team members.

  1. Bubble Bump

One of Singapore’s most thrilling corporate team-building activities is Bubble Bump, which costs $15 per person. Participants will play various tasks in team-building games like Bubble Soccer, Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie, and others while sporting enormous inflatable bubble bump suits.

  1. Pool ball

The cost of playing pool on a 7-meter-long pool table with pool balls the size of soccer balls starts at just $15 per person, making it one of Singapore’s hottest and most exciting corporate team-building activities. Participants can play various games, such as Pool ball Classic and Poolball Sabotage, on the most significant pool table in the world.

  1. Amazing Hybrid Race

The first hybrid team-building game in Singapore was created by a group of passionate young game designers from the Fun Empire, and it is called The Amazing Hybrid Race!

Players can explore Chinatown’s well-known Singapore sights while completing physical challenges and taking online quizzes to learn more about Singapore’s history and varied cuisines.


You and your colleagues may have fun without spending a fortune. The list of reasonably priced team-building activities is above the world’s most extraordinary and unique team-building games.

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