Essential Expat Services Including Virtual Mailboxes

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“Modern problems require modern solutions.”

You’ve probably heard of this line countless times before. But the fact that it is spoken so often just signifies how relevant it is today. It’s true that in these modern times, we are looking at more unique problems that probably did not exist several decades ago. However, the good news is that we have also developed technology that can provide creative solutions for these modern-day problems.

One such modern solution is virtual mailboxes, which we will be talking about today.

The Importance of Expat Services for a Smooth Transition

People migrating to another country are nothing new. It’s been done for hundreds of years, especially after sea and air travel were invented. As soon as people found a way to move or transport themselves to other parts of the world, migration became a possibility for those who are looking to start a new life outside their home country.

There are many reasons as to why people would choose to migrate. Some move to other countries for work reasons while others move away because they found their perfect match halfway across the globe. There are also those who migrate because they identify better with another country’s culture while there are those who simply want a do-over in life in a country that has zero ties with them.

Lastly, there are those who move for practical reasons – to lower their costs of living by migrating to a country where basic expenses are much cheaper like food, housing, and utilities. Read more about why people migrate in this article.

People who choose to migrate to another country are often referred to as “expats” which is an abbreviation of the word “expatriate,” meaning someone who is living or has chosen to live in another country outside of his own.

Expats don’t necessarily have to abandon or rescind their citizenship to their home country as long as they abide by a certain set of rules and regulations, such as coming back every few years or so to renew paperwork or extend their visas. There is also the option to apply for dual citizenship which makes them a legal citizen of both countries – the one they’re from and the one they’re currently living in – although the application process is not at all easy.

Given their living arrangements, expats are likely to encounter certain inconveniences as to be expected when someone lives far away from home. One such inconvenience is receiving physical mail and packages in their home country despite already living overseas.

After all, just because they decided to migrate doesn’t change the fact that they’ve lived a big chunk of their life in their home country so a lot of what they need like insurance, social benefits, legal documents, and senior’s pension are tied back to their country of origin.

This is why mailing companies have started to get creative and came up with ways to provide expat services and assistance to those who experience such mailing issues. Thus, the introduction of virtual mailboxes to the market.

Why Virtual Mailboxes are a Key Expat Service

1. It Provides Them With A Physical Address To Receive Mail & Packages In Their Home Country

One of the biggest challenges of being an expat is organizing their life away from home. After all, moving to another country doesn’t mean you’ve completely cut ties with the life you’ve lived up to the point you moved. You will still have matters to take care of, paperwork to deal with, and other social responsibilities to fulfill even when you live away from your country. Think of it as having one foot out the door with the other still inside. You have to learn how to juggle your responsibilities in both countries.

One such challenge is maintaining a receiving address for any important mail or packages coming in — especially when you don’t exactly have a family-owned home in the country you’re from.

One option is to keep up a rental but that is expensive, and you will still need external help organizing your letters and packages. With a virtual mailbox, this is instantly resolved as they can provide you with a physical address where you can forward all your mail to.

2. It Gives Them The Option To Scan, Forward, Or Discard The Mails They Receive

Apart from providing you with a physical mailing address, they also help organize your mail and packages for you. You get notified whenever something comes in your virtual mailbox, and you get to decide what you want them to do with them.

For letters and documents, you have the option to get them scanned and sent over for you. Of course, the confidentiality and security of these documents are always maintained throughout the process, and they handle all sensitive data professionally. You can also have them discard the mail for you and they will shred the paperwork to ensure security.

In the case of packages and other important documents that need to be in your personal possession, you can have them forward the mail to your overseas address. It’s like having a personal assistant help you with organizing your paperwork when you’re out of the country. This is especially helpful for expats who now reside in another country but continue to do business or work for a company in their home country. Here are other things you should consider as an expat.

3. It Helps Them Save On Overseas Delivery Costs

If you go with standard cargo fees to get your stuff delivered to your overseas address, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars just to get a small package over to you. By using a virtual mailbox service, you can minimize these costs as they have partners in the business that can help them with shipments for more reasonable costs.

Also, if you only need to view the contents of a letter or document, you can have them securely open and scan them for you on your behalf. This way, you don’t need to have them sent all the way over to another country.

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