Hi fellow Entrepreneurs, I want to share a business opportunity with you. I don’t know if you have heard of Merideans Life Support Foundation? If you haven’t, I suggest you visit the foundation’s website

Melifson for short is a foundation set up to empower people through free skill acquisition, free management training and free medical care. The good news about this is that you make good money in this foundation as a member by just telling people about the foundation and registering them. You get fat bonus for this plus other numerous cash, electronics, gadgets, car and all expense paid foreign trips.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for job” – Robert Kiyosaki

At TTE, we seek ways to empower one another. We have investigated, invested and benefited from the Melifson life support empowerment scheme.

All that is required to be a member is one time membership fee of just N4000 (Now N6000) and you can start making thousands of Naira daily. This is 100% REAL.

You can make as much as N20,000 to N880,000 MONTHLY as a member.

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Melifson foundation works as a network, that is why it is possible for people to make that much. The part that we love is that members don’t only make money straight to their bank account for referring others but they also get empowered with free basic entrepreneurial skills, management skills and free medical care.

The easiest Nigeria Home Based Business, Where everything is done for you.

Another sweet thing about Melifson is that even if you can’t talk to people about the business (you should to make even more money), you still make money from bonuses for moving to different stages as the scheme is structured in such a way that people empower people as no member can have more than two persons under them thereby helping there downlines that are not performing.

Just Register, then, activate Your membership by paying N6000 and You are In business.

You have nothing to loose “ZERO RISK” you MAKE MONEY and have UNLIMITED Benefits.

No other Payment – Only N6000 and you become a partner. And you are on your way to Make millions.

Meridians Skill Acquisition Trainees BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN NIGERIA

Meridians Skill Acquisition Trainees

This can’t be true?

Well, how can you say if you haven’t tried Melifson? I would have shared success stories/ images of payments but I don’t have to because some people will still say it’s photoshoped. At Melifson, you are not compelled to join neither are you asked to come for a business meeting without telling you what the meeting is all about till you are at the venue, no, Melifson is proud about their empowerment foundation and have many already benefiting from the program.

Don’t allow this recession get at you, join with 6000 NAIRA not DOLLARS or just stay back and keep watching others get empowered with cash and skills.

You can visit there Melifson’s Facebook Page for updates or some of the WhatsApp groups created by members to share success stories and network.

People keep making cool cash everyday with just one time payment of #6000.

So, if you are interested. Take action today. You can start making your money starting from today.

Do not Procrastinate, the earlier the better.


Please, note that The Total Entrepreneurs cannot suggest a Ponzi scheme to you. Melifson is NOT HYPE nor SCAM. We cannot risk our reputation on a scheme that does not work. It’s tried, tested and trusted.

All you need is to take action and put this to test and you will be glad you did.

What is melifson (merideans life support foundation) BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN NIGERIA

To know how to go about it or get more clarification about this great business opportunity in Nigeria, message us or drop your Whatsapp number and our chief editor (Francis) will contact you. Or you may wish to Whatsapp him, 08038767480.

He will guide you on how to go through it and how you can start making your money from today.

To your success.

This video explains it all

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Melifson Important Update (1st Novemeber 2016)

Please Note that registration fee is now N6000

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. STEPHEN AMOS says:

    i am tripping please is this program still working? I AM INTRESTED

  2. oko sunday o says:

    How can I join ? How is the money been paid is it by hand to hand or online transfer? If register how do I get downline ? I’m interested an I ll want to know more about it.

  3. Orji D says:

    Pleass how can I join? I love the way it works and hope I am not going to pay any other money after paying the 4000 when I move to next stage?

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