All You Need to Know about UBA Marketplace – How to add your Products on the Online Store

UBA Marketplace is a secure online marketplace that allows businesses (small and medium scale) have an online store where they can advertise and sell their products or services.

The UBA Marketplace is owned and managed by United Bank of Africa, one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria with over 12 million customers.

The Marketplace offer businesses personalized eCommerce site with their own unique store name to showcase their goods online thereby reaching potential customers outside their primary physical location.

UBA Marketplace

On UBA Marketplace, there are different ways to sell your products such as listing on the marketplace, offering deals or listing as an auction.  The E-commerce platform features categories such as electronics, fashion, jewelry, health and beauty, groceries, household goods, perfumes e.t.c.

Why Sell on UBA Marketplace

  1. Reach wider audience: Internet penetration continues to rise and also internet users and online shoppers. As at September 2018, there were 105.98 million internet users in Nigeria, this account to approximately 58.9% of the total population.
  2. Cost Effective: UBA Marketplace offers an effective, low cost channel for SMEs in Nigeria to drive sales online through new customer acquisition.
  3. Leverage on the support of a trusted bank with over 12 million customers.
  4. Create your store url to share with your customers (example: where “Francis” is the store name.
  5. Auto post your products on Facebook and sell them from your business page. There are over 16 million Nigerians on Facebook.
  6. Secure transaction using one of the highest Secure Socket Layer Encryption on the platform with a payment gateway which is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.
  7. Logistics managed by DHL

How to sign up as a Merchant on the UBA Marketplace

  • Visit the UBA Marketplace home page
  • Click on register as a seller
  • Fill all the details needed for your Merchant account
  • Click on created account

After Signing up for a Merchant Account

  • Admin will review your request.
  • Approve if the information provided is correct.
  • You now have access to your back-end and can upload products and submit for approval by the Marketplace Admin.

Merchant Pricing


  • Setting up a Merchant account is free.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Standard merchant service charge of 2% (Per sale).


  • Set up is free.
  • No annual fee.

Merchants receive weekly settlement.

How Orders are placed and settled on the UBA Marketplace

  • Buyers visits homepage or sellers web-store on UBA Marketplace.
  • Select products and add to the cart.
  • Checks out and pays with a valid card or account number.
  • Payment is made to holding account.
  • Sellers account is settled weekly.

Note: All completed transactions attract a transaction fee of 2%.

Payment Gateways

UBA Marketplace offers buyers the best payment gateways (VISA, MASTERCARD, VERVE) and also offers an ESCROW PAY (Seller receive payment after buyer confirm product.


Order fulfillment includes product pickup, packaging and delivery. Meaning, when a customer orders your product, the logistics company visit you, pickup the order, package and deliver to the customer. The UBA Marketplace logistics is powered by DHL, so you are assured of professionalism, efficiency and speed.

So what are you waiting for, visit the today and have your account setup.

Here is an App that can help eCommerce sites make more sales.

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