8 Business Roles You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

There are many pains that come with growing a business. In the process, you might need a role part-time because you don’t have the resources or the need to use them full-time. This can cause some serious tension inside your business. As you grow, this tension can become more intense and can start to limit your growth.

The staff inside your business may feel overworked and burnt out as a result. Instead, look to outsourcing where you can. This method can help you get all the critical needs met for your business while allowing for growth to continue. Here are some of the roles you may not know you could outsource.

Business Roles You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

Chief Information Security Officer

Using a virtual chief information security officer or getting vCISO services is another role you can outsource if needed. Businesses need a CISO to help them oversee their data security, systems, and technology. The expense of adding one in house can make this prohibitive for some emerging businesses, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefit of one. Using a virtual CISO instead can give you the proper oversight and guidance part-time as needed without all the commitment of someone full-time right away.

Digital Marketing

You may want an entire team to handle your digital marketing, but sometimes it makes sense to outsource. You can work with individuals and agencies that can provide you with the strategy you need to market your products and services and get them in front of the right people. Instead of leveraging a full-time team in-house, it’s possible to get the results you want and need with an external team. Look to outcomes to determine the best options for your business.

Data Center

Do you know what it costs to have an in-house data center? The price is pretty steep, not to mention the full-time staff you’d need to install and oversee it. Instead, outsource your data needs. There are plenty of companies that offer secure data services to ensure you have your own server or servers to store business data on. As a bonus, these companies offer backup services to ensure your critical data is always stored somewhere in case of data loss at a single location.

IT Help Desk

Most businesses believe that the only way to get adequate IT help is to hire in-house. And while having an in-house team is ideal, there is still a way you can get help desk support without having an entire team. You can do this through outsourcing. Companies offer entire teams to businesses to manage their help desk needs. When you have a smaller staff that may need occasional support, this is an effective and affordable way to provide it to them. Additionally, these IT help desk teams can be leveraged to help your company through big transitions. As your in-house people get up to speed on the new changes, the outsourced team can provide support for the old way.

Accounting and Financial Roles

There are many financial roles within organizations that can be easily outsourced. Anyone from the CFO to the bookkeeper can easily be brought in from external sources. Whether you simply need an accountant to manage taxes throughout the year or you could use help putting in all the financial data from your business, there is a multitude of ways to outsource financial roles. There are even firms that provide CFO services on a part-time basis. It’s important to strategically evaluate what your core business needs are and develop a plan and pursue people and companies that provide the services you need based on that.

Graphic Designers

There are countless freelance graphic designers and full-service graphic design firms that can provide you with the designs you need. Whether you’re looking for branding pieces including logos, you need someone to design elements for your social media, or you need someone to create an entire website, there are graphic designers out there who can help. Being an entrepreneur means looking for ways to best use your own skills and find others who can do the rest. It doesn’t mean you become a one-man or one-woman show. Graphic design is an easy role to outsource and can help your business get to the next level.

Content Creation

Content is still king, which means that whether you need a writer to produce content for your website, or you need videos to share with potential investors, outsourcing content creation is a powerful way to help you grow your business. Content creators leverage their skills to make content that speaks to your brand and your audience in powerful ways. They make create SEO content for a blog or develop e-books for you to sell or share with customers. Content is such a broad category, but it’s a powerful tool for your business and it’s easy to outsource once you know what outcome you want.

Event Planning

Creating stunning events takes a special talent and it is time-consuming. Coordinating all the little details to help pull off large corporate events can take staff away from their daily tasks and cause other projects to fall behind. Outsourcing event planning is a great strategy. You leverage the knowledge, skills, creativity, and connections of an outside company and gain all the benefits of getting an incredible event for your business. Whether you’re planning a large convention or a smaller shareholder meeting, using an outsourced event planner can ensure everything is handled professionally.

Is Outsourcing Always the Best?

While outsourcing can be a powerful tool for any business, it can also be the wrong tool at times. There are times when it’s best to leverage in-house talent, reimagine roles and responsibilities, and work to people’s strengths more carefully. Outsourcing can help businesses overcome hurdles to get to their goals more quickly, but it’s important not to outsource everything. While there are benefits to using outside firms and people for various services, you must be careful to maintain your unique brand identity when you outsource. 

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