5 Must-Haves For Workplace Security in the Hospitality Industry

No matter the hotel management stage you currently are at, whether you are a prospective or current owner, there are numerous aspects to having an establishment that’s successful. Depending on the market that you’re tapping into, there are always ways to ensure that your establishment stands out from the crowd.

You will likely have to do extensive research into the nearby businesses and properties to find out what’s working and what is not working. The key to success and profit maximization is knowing what your unique selling point is and knowing the audience to market your business to.

5 Must-Haves For Workplace Security in the Hospitality Industry

Safety, however, is one aspect that needs to always be a constant consideration for each establishment. The safety of your guests is paramount to your business. Here are the different ways you can safeguard your hotel:

  1. Using CCTV

You obviously would like your guests to feel safe while staying at your establishment and one logical way to achieve this is by installing security cameras. Still, simply having a surveillance system in place is not enough. 

You also need to be monitoring your setup constantly, even if that means that you hire a third-party to do it. Some systems even have a voice command option, that lets you quickly warn perpetrators to stop their actions if any wrongdoing is spotted.

You may even consider installing a cloud-based CCTV system that allows you to view your property from a smartphone, control room, or tablet 24/7.

  1. Emergency Response Plan

Your staff team needs to be fully briefed on what they need to do if there’s ever an emergency. You should also schedule regular meetings with emergency services and law enforcement so you have a good communication plan in place and are able to update it if and when needed. In doing so, you can prepare your staff so that everybody is calm and knowledgeable in a worst-case scenario.

  1. Electrical Installation Monitoring

Your electricity supply is a possible security issue, which is why regular electrical installation condition reports are necessary. Since your business is constantly in operation, the systems can be subject to corrosion, overloading, wear, and tear. Such a report, which has to be undertaken by a qualified electrician ensures that the electrical appliances in every room are fit for purpose.

Periodic checks should be scheduled in. If you do that, you will be limiting the risk of electrical shocks, accidents, and fires, thus reducing accidents in the workplace.

  1. Gas Safety

Gas safety is yet another key consideration. Your establishment’s gas supply and any associated appliances need to be checked periodically. It can be a good idea to arrange yearly gas safety checks for any appliances serving guest accommodation, even if it is sited away from the guests’ rooms.

Training staff in all aspects of your business is key to success, and this includes safety. Staff should have full training in the operation of any gas appliances, including spotting any obvious faults by using visual checks. This may include any damaged pipework or connections.

Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide alarms are must-have items. The alarms can alert you of any fault thus helping you avoid disasters. The alarms should give an audible warning whenever levels are dangerously high and should be capable of shutting off your gas system automatically.

  1. Staff Uniform

Obvious perhaps, but a staff uniform is an important security measure. It not only makes your business look smart and professional, but it also gives guests a clear view of who to approach about a query and who is actually allowed in certain areas of the business. A body worn camera can be worn by lone workers. 

Knowing who the members of staff are in guest areas is essential. This is because it shows that your company values the safety of your guests since staff are always patrolling the areas.

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