From Office to Customer: The Different Ways Businesses Use Data

In today’s highly digital world, the need for analytics, data science and a highly-refined understanding of consumer behavior is critical. Without a comprehensive strategy to inform workflow solutions, marketing, and data analysis in general, businesses and brands can easily fall short of their goals and metrics. As such, learning about what successful businesses and brands are doing to navigate this complex data-oriented environment is essential.


Data science and management ideally occurs at every stage of business operations. From manufacturing and production to office management and sales, the need for better understanding of these operations is universal.


What Data-Driven Marketing is, Different Ways Businesses Use Data


How are businesses using data to their advantage? Here are a few core examples.


Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

In the world of data and analysis, there are three main types of data science to consider. It is key for businesses to understand the value of each type of data and how it can be used to guide better decision-making processes across workflow and supply chains.


Descriptive analysis uses past performance and metrics as the baseline for comparisons. In order to learn from one’s mistakes, knowing when, where and how mistakes were made is critical. Often combined with diagnostic data science techniques, many businesses already embrace descriptive analysis of data in one or more facets – this simply pertains to understanding past metrics and identifying key trends relevant to said metrics.


Predictive analysis – as implied by the name – looks to the future and relates to predicting what possible outcomes may manifest in the short, medium and long-term. Predictive analysis is rooted in the premise of understanding every possible future outcome so that better decision-making can occur.


Prescriptive analysis is built upon the foundation of predictive analysis. With all possible outcomes and scenarios now known, prescriptive analysis of data revolves around choosing the best potential courses of action that deliver optimal results.


Customer Relationship Management

Every business has a vested interest in optimizing interactions with customers and clients for optimal success. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are common in the world of business and help bridge the gap between marketing and customer service.


The use of Salesforce – and by extension, Salesforce consulting – is popular among businesses seeking to maximize CRM potential. Helping clients via Salesforce consulting, entities such as Alternative Solutions not only provide data analysis, but help with system integration, industry solutions and improved outcomes for any and all Salesforce consulting recommendations. Specializing in financial services, manufacturing and logistics industries, Alternative Solutions aids clients in navigating the complex realities of data science and CRM understanding.


Project Management Workflow

To ensure offices and workplaces of all types are operating efficiently via the use and integration of data, project management solutions are often embraced. Data science solutions for project management workflow are varied depending on the industry and exact tasks required, with options such as Scrum and CRISP-DM being popular options for team collaboration and data mining.


Ultimately, the number of project management options give businesses flexibility for their specific needs, but the broader goals – more efficient day-to-day workplace operations, faster completion of projects and a better understand of where specific processes may have failed – are always similar.


Regardless of size or focus, data science provides innate value to businesses. Whether dealing with customers or managing employees, understanding analytics and using such data to better inform future processes is a shared goal for businesses that understand modern day-to-day industry demands.

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