15 Small Businesses You can Start with Less Than 200k

Through TTE social media channels, we have been receiving messages from our followers requesting information on any small business they can start with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000).

These requests from our analysis came from mainly undergraduates, Corp members and young Nigerians that are struggling through life to make ends meet.

I and my colleague have been giving feedback based on our little knowledge on starting a new business in Nigeria.

Today, I have decided to list 15 small businesses any interested startupper can venture into and if such an individual will give the listed businesses due diligence and commitment, s/he will smile to the bank every month.

This post will be as brief as possible but before I list these small businesses for young individuals in Nigeria, I want us to note that I don’t advice my readers to start any type of business simply because the funds are available. There are few things I will like you to consider before starting any business.

1. You must consider first what you love doing i.e. what you have passion for that come rain or sunshine you will stick to, nurture carefully and watch it grow. You know in business, there are ups time and downs time, passion will help you persevere. In other words, list you interest, skills and access you personality.

2. Your environment: Is that business going to sell in your planned location of establishment? This also matters a lot as what will sell in location A might not be a good choice for location B.

3. What will be your plan for the business? Do you have a goal to achieve?

Will you like it to be incorporated? Do you intend to sustain the business or just need a business that will be sustaining you until you get a pay job?

4. Ask yourself, can I sell? If you can’t, you need to learn how to because business is about selling (Be it a product or service).

5. Now, you should also determine how much risk you can take.

Until you answer these questions, you will be closer to knowing what business you can do.

Listed below are profitable small businesses you can start with 200k that are thriving in Nigeria today.

  1. Open a Restaurant.
  2. Start a Fumigation Business.
  3. Laundry and dry cleaning services.
  4. Starting your own home services.
  5. Importation of wears.
  6. Livestock farming.
  7. Car wash center.
  8. Corporate cleaning services.
  9. Event planning.
  10. Barbing salon.
  11. Web design Services, graphics design and social media branding (If you are IT inclined).
  12. Fashion, cosmetics and fragrance business. (You can own a shop and distribute for companies like FM or Oriflame).
  13. Online affiliate marketing.
  14. Daycare center.
  15. Retailing business (like Rice or Indomie whole-selling).

Now I do not know what you love but I know it may not go beyond these few listed business opportunities.

If you need further explanation on any of the above listed small businesses, advice on how to start or a business plan, kindly message us.

I have also included below this post an Infographic of the 15 Small Businesses you can Start with Less Than 200k. You can download for easy access to this article anytime using your mobile.

Have a great day and remember, you can set up any of these businesses and employ other  experienced individual to do the work while you manage and supervise CLOSELY.

Infographic on small businesses you can start with less than 200k

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Francis Nwokike

Francis is a Passionate Social Entrepreneur. Love discussing new trends in Business and Marketing. A Startup consultant. A good listener. Love to help that your business grow.

17 Responses

  1. Abbahmosesadoyi says:

    Please how much do I need to have before starting raw grain food business, like bags of rice, beans, garri, maize groundnut etc?

  2. Aina Emmanuel says:

    Please Uncle Francis I want to start a kerosene business in Ogun state and I don’t know what to do I need some advice please sir I will be happy if I hear from you this is my contact number My Whatsapp number 09025439251

  3. Bright Saviour says:

    Please I want to go in retailing business like rice and indomie. Please I really need ur advice on this.

  4. Emmanuel Elame says:

    I want to go into retailing business like indomie and rice supply. Please I need expert advice and coaching. Thanks!

  5. ADENOLA says:

    I have interest in online affiliate marketing and importation of wears. Please how do I go about it?

  6. Berry says:

    I want to start a Fashion boutique how can I start it

    • Hello Berry, fashion is a good idea. If you need proper consultation on how to start a boutique business, kindly message us. You may also wish to visit a boutique in your neighborhood, meet the owner and request face to face counseling.

  7. segun says:

    I am planning of opening mini restaurant for eating… especially take away food… any enlightenment

    • Hello Segun, good to hear that. Assimilate this content very well, when you’re done, kindly shoot us a message for proper consultation. You may also wish to visit mini restaurants in your neighborhood, meet the owners and request counseling.

  8. Great piece once again. Mini importation business is what I’m planning to go into.


  9. Amao olusheye says:

    I have interest in food stuff whole sales.

  10. Mr vector says:

    I can help you through

  11. UDOH NANCY says:


    • Hi Nancy, all you need is a guide on mini importation. Secondly, decide which area or line of products you wish to be marketing and how you intend to get sales (strongly recommend social media). You can buy these guides from mini importation experts, they’re available on Facebook. I could also recommend for you but the guide is being sold.

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