15 Small Businesses You can Start with Less Than 200k

Through TTE social media channel, we were receiving messages from our followers requesting information on any small business they can start with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000).

These requests from our analysis came from mainly undergraduates, Corp members, and young Nigerians that are struggling through life to make ends meet.

I and my colleague have been giving feedback based on our vast knowledge of starting a new business in Nigeria.

Today, I have decided to list 15 small businesses any interested startupper can venture into and if such an individual will give the listed businesses due diligence and commitment, s/he will smile to the bank every month.

This post will be as brief as possible but before I list these small businesses, I want us to note that I don’t advise my readers to start any type of business simply because the funds are available. There are a few things I will like you to consider before starting any business.

1. You must consider first what you love doing i.e. what you have passion for that come rain or sunshine you will stick to, nurture carefully, and watch it grow. You know in business, there are ups time and downs time, passion will help you persevere. In other words, list your interests and skill, and access your personality.

2. Your environment: Is that business going to sell in your planned location of establishment? This also matters a lot as what will sell in location A might not be a good choice for location B.

3. What will be your plan for the business? Do you have a goal to achieve?

Will you like it to be incorporated? Do you intend to sustain the business or just need a business that will be sustaining you until you get a paid job?

4. Ask yourself, can I sell? If you can’t, you need to learn how to because business is about selling (Be it a product or service).

5. Now, you should also determine how much risk you can take.

Until you answer these questions, you will be closer to knowing what business you can do.

Listed below are profitable small businesses you can start with 200k that are thriving in Nigeria today.

  1. Open a Restaurant.
  2. Start a Fumigation Business.
  3. Laundry and dry cleaning services.
  4. Starting your own home services.
  5. Importation of wears.
  6. Livestock farming.
  7. Car wash center.
  8. Corporate cleaning services.
  9. Event planning.
  10. Barbing salon.
  11. Web design Services, graphics design, and social media branding (If you are IT inclined).
  12. Fashion, cosmetics, and fragrance business. (You can own a shop and distribute for companies like FM or Oriflame).
  13. Online affiliate marketing.
  14. Daycare center.
  15. Retailing business (like Rice or Indomie whole-selling).

Now I do not know what you love but I know it may not go beyond these few listed business opportunities.

If you need further explanation on any of the above-listed small businesses, advice on how to start or a business plan, kindly message us.

I have also included below this post an Infographic of the 15 Small Businesses you can Start with Less Than 200k. You can download for easy access to this article anytime using your mobile.

Remember, you can set up any of these businesses and employ other experienced individuals to do the work while you manage and supervise CLOSELY.

If you’re looking for small business grants, check out this article for some funding options available for you. Here is also small businesses to start with 100K.

Here are some tips on how to raise startup capital for your small business.

As a small business owner, the best way to scale your business is by saving and re-investing your profit. I have carefully selected some top online savings platforms that pay you high interest better than the banks and you can access your money in a short period for your business.

Infographic on small businesses you can start with less than 200k


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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

154 Responses

  1. Emeka says:

    Sir, I have 240,000 to start a business which am trained at, and that’s foodstuffs, but I don’t know how to start it pls help

  2. Amaka says:

    Pls what business can I start with 150k?

    • Hi Amaka, kindly read our article on businesses to start with 100k. You can find the link in the blogpost.

      If you need counseling on how to start, kindly send a message to us. Note that consulting fee apply.

  3. Ike says:

    I need some one in Abia state who can manage a drycleaning business
    Contact 08104228769

  4. ani grace says:

    I’m a student,looking for something to start up so I can be sustaining myself. I don’t know what I should start with 300k cos this my school side provision store is too much….please I need ur advice

    • Hello Grace, the article already provided some profitable businesses you can start with that budget.

      If you’re looking for direct counselling on how to choose the best business for your environment considering your school timing, you may wish to consult me for that.

      You can reach me using the contact us button on this page and we’ll fix an appointment.


  5. Olasheu Jamiu says:

    I want to go into livestock farming, how do I start?

  6. Purity says:

    Hi Mr Francis… I must applaud you for your good guidance so far. God bless you. Please I want to start a small neat business (e.g) furniture but I have 300k.. can you link me with importers that can give me goods on credit after I might have exhaust my capital with them

  7. Naomi Titus says:

    Please sir I need further explanation on all the business listed

  8. Oluchi says:

    I’m Oluchi
    I want to venture into event and party planning business
    But I don’t have enough capital
    How do i start?

  9. Kingsley says:

    I need a guideline on how to start a good business with 200k

  10. Leah says:

    Please sir can you put me through on Retailing business like rice and indomie in wholeseling?

    • It’s not everything you learn online, you have put in some work. Go out there, make some research about the business you wish to start. Ask people already in the business some questions. If you guys expect me to do all these for you, what then do you do? If you want some private consultation, you may reach me through the contact us button for further discusions.

      But as for the items mentioned, both are fast moving and very lucrative.

  11. Deby says:

    I want to go into stock/oil storage business but don’t know which one will pay better

  12. Adebayo opeyemi seun says:

    I have a business i am doing currently, which is hair extensions, but with the rate naira is, is hardly for someone to sustain. Thinking of what kind of business i can do again cos i av a child to take care of. Thanks

  13. Judith says:

    Good day Mr Francis, thanks for your words of encouragement. Pls sir let me tell you a short story abt my self. From on-set I used to be a very good theatre dance, which I knew it will take me places but my parent stopped me, that was where I lost focus, later God helped then I developed interest in hair making but wasn’t good at it, I started practicing and learning from my friend, but recently I’m trying to invest in a business, then I went to seek the face of God, but something else was revealed to me, I saw myself holding a scissors, tap rule and material, (although I have idea because my sister sells clothes and I’ve assisted my aunt in her tailoring when I was much younger). I told my spiritual director and he said to me “that is what God wants you to do”, but I’m a bit confused because I DNT know the exact place to stay and start it here in ibadan. It’s a different ball game. I don’t know if I should start learning tailoring or go meet my sister to help me purchase material from her customers, and how will the business be for a beginner like me here in ibadan, because I’ve invested in a boutique business but I had to close it down because sales wasn’t coming forth due to the environment and people buying on credit

  14. Chizoba says:

    I need guide lines on how to start a home services



  16. Igoh Livinus says:

    Hi Please i want to start a palm oil and natural honey business and i dont know if it’s a suitable one please kindly advise.

  17. Akinsanya oluwaseun says:

    I have 200k I don’t know wat biz I can go into

  18. Palistic says:

    Hi, starting up a Fumigation Business with 100k-200k, how long will it take to recover such capital?

  19. Fidelis Amadi says:

    Please how lucrative is grass cutter rearing?

  20. Opeyemi says:

    I will like to start a fragrance/ perfume business pls advise on how to start and the names of the ones that are selling fast.

  21. Judith says:

    Good morning sir. i never regret going through this article.
    pls, sir i want to known how much will it cost me to start up rice, indomie, groundnut oil, and maggi business.

  22. Mrs Kareem says:

    Can I become a company distributor with 250,000naira

  23. Utibe says:

    I’m a fashion designer and I can deliver any style at all
    I want to take my job to another level but don’t know if 300k will be enough to start up the business including laundry and dry cleaning

    • Your budget may not be enough to buy good sewing machines and still start a laundry business. I advise you take it one step at a time. Start with a good knitting machine, fix up your space to attract high paying customers. Try to always meet up targets and deliver quality, I assure you, it won’t be long before you have enough to venture into laundry and dry cleaning.

      All the best

      • Love says:

        Hello Mr Francis! Can 900k be enough for me to buy a tricycle (keke na pepe);and also open a hair extension shop? I am very confused and I don’t know if I should start one or both, Please I need your help.

        • Hi Love, to find out the current rate of a tricycle (including government registration), you will have to visit a dealer. Draw a list of all you need to open a hair extension shop, including rent and furnishing, you’ll come to a reasonable approximation of what it will cost you to set up the business.

  24. Alice says:

    Can i start block making with 150k or 200k

  25. Samson mene says:

    I want to start up something small here in warri but with the pandemic situations i’m confused on what to go into right now. I probably had interest on merrybet and selling of clothes pls I need some advice

  26. Sanni Adebayo says:

    Hello Mr. Fracncis. I just stumbled on your page and after going through, I never regretted spending time reading. Straight to my burden. I started life through rough and thick way while growing up. This pushed me into acquiring deep knowledge and experience in bakery. I am a trained baker with UAC Foods before resigning to further my education. I have worked as an accountant for years after obtaining my first degree in Banking and Finance but with low salary that is barely enough to offset bills and look after my family. Recently my passion for bakery rose up again when I visited a friend in Abuja. Even as I went there to hunt for a better job. What would you advise me now sir? Am a bit apprehensive.

    • Hello Sanni, what an emotional comment.

      I sincerely understand your predicament, many are in the same shoes.

      I will advise you to follow your passion.

      While this is not easy, it’s your best bet.

      One source of income, especially one that is low cannot sustain one and one’s family.

      And hunting for a better job (if you’re able to find) will not solve your financial problem.

      It might not be easy in the beginning, it might take a while for you to stand, but starting your own baking business could be your gateway to financial freedom, especially if that is what God destined for you to excel in – You may wish to read How to Discover your Purpose and Simple Ways to Discover your Talent.

      So, take the bold step, make more research on the area of baking you are very good at and wish to venture into, ascertain the market demand in the area you wish your business to be located, start building your social profile and sharing some of your work on social media.

      If you don’t have enough resources to start, you may choose to be working for a bakery in the meantime till you’re able to raise enough funds.

      Remember, your business location matters. And the way you relate with your customers goes a long way.

      You may wish to go through some of my articles on starting a business and customer relationship management (CRM) – just type the keyword in the search button above to proceed.

      All the best.

  27. Akinlabi olaitan says:

    I will like to do the importation of wears. Please, I need the explanation on this

  28. Faith says:

    I have 200k..I want to start with selling ladies Wear…I need your advice sir

  29. JEPHTHAH says:

    Thank you for the intellectual knowledge you shared, the list and brief explanation are helpful…. Allah continue to strengthen and bless you…. please I sent you message via contact-us log

  30. Newton Onukwusi says:

    Nice list, so many options to choose from.

  31. Ojobor Emmanuel Chukwbuka says:

    Please sir I really need your help to start thing sir please sir

  32. Chinwe says:

    Retailing of rice and indomie

  33. Imma says:

    please i intend going into a business but don’t know which is profitable and more sustainable in the long run between;
    1) drinks at whole sales
    2) making creams and soap and branding it.
    please kindly advice me sincerely on which to dive into.

  34. Sylvia says:

    Pls is setting up a pure water business lucrative?…I mean selling in bags

    • Yes, it obviously is because that’s what most low and middle-class citizens drink now. However, expect competition. Your location is also a determinant of how successful you’ll be with the business.

      • Nkem says:

        Please sir, i want to startup a rice business and i need some products to complement it…..please help…thanks

        • From a personal survey I conducted for one of my clients, Tomato pastes, spices and groundnut oil will do irrespective of the scale (quantity) you intend to be selling. Large/wholesale is a very good option if you are known for not tampering the product size (what they call rebagging), you’ll build a good customer base in a very short time. Be trustworthy and you will excel in this business. Goodluck.

  35. chizy says:

    Is pos business good and profitable sir

  36. Vanessa says:

    Pls I have 200k
    I am planning on going into selling of baby food
    All types of baby food
    Pls is this a great idea?

  37. peter says:

    I need a business propesal for lundray and dry cleaning services with #250000

  38. Tijani says:

    What can I do with 200k.

  39. Ologuntoye adeola omolade says:

    Good evening house am adeola what can i start with 250k and employ employee someone to manage for me while am working

  40. Chidozie Ezeibe says:

    How to get the mini-importation ebook and the cost.

  41. Engr Bandele Precious Lawson Audifferen says:

    Please, put me in touch with some manufacturers that wants distributors.

  42. Izzy says:

    How much will it cost me to open a good standard restaurant? Will it cost above 200k in Edo state please?

    • Hi Izzy, you cannot start a good standard restaurant with 200k. However, you may wish to start small if that is your budget and scale over time. That amount can get you the basic materials to start a small restaurant business. If you need further advice on how to do this, you may wish to reach us for further consultation. Best

  43. Olawale blessings says:

    Sorry I want to start import of wear

  44. Abigail says:

    Please can 300k start a restaurant business including renting a shop in Lagos? Ojodu berger.

  45. Stanley says:

    Hello good day please I’ve got 300k and I really don’t know what business I should go into….
    Please advise me

  46. Tony says:

    How do I buy the e-book and guide for mini Importation?

  47. Chris says:

    How can one get the eBook on mini importation business.How can you be contacted personally?

  48. Enahoro Joy says:

    Hi, Pls what kind of biz can I start with 200k

  49. Prosper says:

    Please i want to start Mimi importation i have just 200k

    • Hi Prosper, mini importation is a viable business opportunity if you understand the secrets of the business. You can contact us if you’re looking for advise on how to start or how to select products. We can link you up with mini importation gurus but note they charge for that service.


  50. Chioma says:

    Please make una help am out am still confused,i don’t know wat type of business to start wit 50k pls i need advice 0810538**** my WhatsApp number

    • Hello Chioma, your number was blocked for security reasons. If you seek business counselling, kindly use the contact link to reach us for further action. Regards

    • Tochi Nelson says:

      Pls am also confused I have 200k by don’t know what to start with

      • We offer counselling service to individuals seeking to identify businesses that will suit their personality and how they can go about it. You can contact us through the contact button or send a WhatsApp message to 2348155672112 if interested.


  51. Gift says:

    Good day…. Pls am interested in the mini importation of wears… How do I get started

  52. Kingsley says:

    I have read all of your guide and counselling. I think mine will also be given attention. I am in Ghana and have been for thinking alot on wat business to go into. Though to come back to naija is not in mind for now. Although i went into transportation business in Lagos but it collapsed because of poor management by my family. Although I studied IT/laptop repairs, graphics design and have thought to open a computer training center with training,typesetting and photocopying. but the problem., I do not want to stay in a particular place and want to engage in other business in the future (poultry). Does it mean every business you are to establish you must be there to watch over it. From the experience about my past business I write you. I need your guide. All the best

    • Hello Kingsley, it is always advised to be around to nurture a new business. There are many factors to this, the main one being human behaviour towards other people’s business especially when there is no eye.

      If you set up a business and manage it for a while and in different season, you should be able to deduce what materials is needed for a period, revenue that should be expected and so on. That way, you will not be easily cheated.

      It is also very wise to have multiple streams of income.

      All the best.

  53. Kate Samson says:

    Hello. Please how can I start up a day care with #200,000 thousand naira. Give me some ideas. Thanks

  54. Olagoke Bimbo says:

    Good day sir,I have a clothing business in Ibadan but is no moving at all. But currently am looking for a shop to rent in my area where I stays to make it another alternative way to make money but there are lots of people selling daily needs and foodstuffs around there do I’m confused I don’t know what to sell

  55. Beauty says:

    I want to start a shallow business but don’t know how to go about it

  56. Franky says:

    how much will it cost me to start the production of nylon for selling and tying of goods?

  57. Henrietta says:

    I will like the whole sale of rice and income. Can you explain further.

  58. Pius says:

    Please can you say more about this two;
    1. Online affiliate marketing and
    2. Retailing business.
    I have interest in this two business.

  59. Nwanne says:

    please how do i start a distributorship business though i have indomie in mind but i don’t mind suggestions from you on other products

  60. Opeyemi says:

    I want to go into mini importation and I don’t know how to go about it

  61. Udoh Enobong Christopher says:

    Hi..want to go into office supply business…need ur advice

  62. Rev Ellis Agulefo says:

    I presently have a Shop along Idimu Ikotun road by Governor’s road junction in shopping mall. I importation and distributorship whole sale guides

  63. Bliss says:

    Am already in the fashion business, but needs invitation on how to get a trusted agent to help ship products from China, am sourcing goods from alibaba

  64. Adeshina says:

    I would advice people who don’t get discourage easily to go into mini importation business, It’s a very lucrative business if you know the right products to import and how to market your product. That is what I do and I’m enjoying it, although I failed when I started but I don’t give up, now I smiled to the bank.

  65. John Ben says:

    I love that importation of wears but don’t have any connection or anyone that does it to let me know how it’s done

  66. Hello Ayomide, thanks for the compliment. If you have the budget, kindly contact us using the contact us button for more details.

  67. Eleanol victor uwa says:

    I’m 23. What kind of business can I start with 500k? Please I need guidance too.

  68. Olatunde says:

    Hello, m glad to be here, pls I need information on distributorship business and food stuff business., pls its very urgent

  69. Ruky says:

    Am glad to reach here today

  70. Golden son says:

    Please i’m from Nigeria Benin city but currently in Ghana, I’m planing to open up a business in Benin city employ a worker to run for me while i return back to Ghana can anybody help me on a business i can put in someones hand without panicking

    • Hi Golden son, if you have enough funds, I advice you enter into distributorship business. This kinds of business are easier to manage.

      For example, if you’re a distributor for a noodle company, when you make payment for 1000 cartons, you are supplied the goods and it’s stocked in your shop, the sales person cannot tell you stories on why they can’t account for the 1000 cartons except it expires.

      You can also be controlling this kind of business from wherever you are.

      All the best.

    • Adesuwa says:

      Hey bro, I know you have a good dream, but trust me, it’s too difficult to hand over your business in some1’s hand, pls don’t try it, your presence is the key bro

  71. Amanda says:

    I’m totally confused as to what to do but I want to definitely do something

  72. Paul says:

    Pls sir I ve plan of going into foodstuff bussiness or into wears but I felt people can’t do without food daily but some can stay for some period of time without buying wears pls sir I need your advice on each of the two sir.

    • The two options are great, people also wear clothes everyday, but to be honest with you, foodstuff business is more profitable if you can be serious, have the right source for the items and enough customers. You can also go into home delivery for big buyers, that way, you reduce their stress as well as keep them from shopping elsewhere. All the best.

  73. moses says:

    Francis how much is 30 or 25ltrs of palm oil at enugu or imo. I’m in Lagos.

  74. David says:

    And again. I have interest in importation of wears…how can I get the source.

  75. David says:

    I have want to start palm oil business. Buying from South and selling in the north.
    I reside in Kano state.

  76. Jany View says:

    What biz can I do with 500k that wil yield a good profit?

  77. Abbahmosesadoyi says:

    Please how much do I need to have before starting raw grain food business, like bags of rice, beans, garri, maize groundnut etc?

  78. Aina Emmanuel says:

    Please Uncle Francis I want to start a kerosene business in Ogun state and I don’t know what to do I need some advice please sir I will be happy if I hear from you this is my contact number My Whatsapp number 09025439251

  79. Bright Saviour says:

    Please I want to go in retailing business like rice and indomie. Please I really need ur advice on this.

  80. Emmanuel Elame says:

    I want to go into retailing business like indomie and rice supply. Please I need expert advice and coaching. Thanks!

  81. ADENOLA says:

    I have interest in online affiliate marketing and importation of wears. Please how do I go about it?

  82. Berry says:

    I want to start a Fashion boutique how can I start it

    • Hello Berry, fashion is a good idea. If you need proper consultation on how to start a boutique business, kindly message us. You may also wish to visit a boutique in your neighborhood, meet the owner and request face to face counseling.

  83. segun says:

    I am planning of opening mini restaurant for eating… especially take away food… any enlightenment

    • Hello Segun, good to hear that. Assimilate this content very well, when you’re done, kindly shoot us a message for proper consultation. You may also wish to visit mini restaurants in your neighborhood, meet the owners and request counseling.

  84. Agbaeze Johnysky says:

    Great piece once again. Mini importation business is what I’m planning to go into.


  85. Amao olusheye says:

    I have interest in food stuff whole sales.

  86. Mr vector says:

    I can help you through

  87. UDOH NANCY says:


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