Tips to Reduce Packaging Hassle for Your Delivery Business

In the era of the e-commerce world, a huge number of growing business opportunities are knocking at our door. But, unfortunately, many unwanted by-product problems occur that can’t be ignored. As an online business provider, you have a lot on your plate. But when it comes to product delivery, a tiny bit creates serious problems in the future, that is, product packaging.

So in this article, I’ve compiled some tips on how you can reduce the hassle of product packaging and concentrate only on your business growth.

Tips to Reduce Packaging Hassle for Your Delivery Business

Size of Packaging Box

Your product will be damaged if shipped in a small or large packaging box. Therefore, choosing the right size box for your order is important. This will help reduce the amount of material and the time required to pack it. In addition, this allows you to ship more items at once.

These measures can be used to reduce the size of the boxes while maintaining product safety.

  • Avoid packing peanuts or air cushions as fillers.
  • For extra protection, use bubble wraps and polystyrene foams.
  • You can opt for custom boxes if you need packaging that is scaled.

Use Custom Branded Tape

  • Printing tape can help you stand out among your competitors. Printed tape is one of the best ways to benefit your business. Customers will be more likely to return to your company if they are familiar with your brand and logo.
  • Your brand can be exposed with custom branded tape at a low cost. These tapes can also be used when stock is not too high. You only need plain cartons to stick the custom tape for branding. This is a cost-effective way to communicate your brand to consumers.
  • It makes it much easier to identify products by using recognizable tape.
  • You can display handling instructions on the custom tape to make it easier for your warehouse staff. For example, clear instructions on the tape can be printed to let your warehouse team know that the contents are fragile and need to remain upright.

Don’t Purchase Additional Shipping Boxes

A box in a box is better than the actual item, except for fun gifts. As a result, many sellers working with manufacturers are creating packaging that doesn’t require a container to ship. DELL, for example, is moving to this approach even when shipping delicate gadgets.

Additionally, these reduced tactics can save a lot of extra money for your business.

Save Material, Assembly, and Shipping Costs

If you pay attention to decreasing the use of material and other things, you can reduce the package size to lower the material, assembly, and shipping costs. Set a way to save outer packaging material, fillers, and tapes. This can reduce the cost of packaging materials, especially for scale packaging.

Assembly – The smaller the package, the fewer logistics and effort involved.

Shipping – The shipping industry uses the dimensional weight to determine the shipping cost. To determine the shipping cost, the dimensional weight system considers the package’s weight and volume. Because compact packages are smaller in volume, the dimensional weight is lower.

Set an Easy-to-open Packaging

Ever wonder why e-commerce has become so popular in such a short period? Because it is so easy to access. The same concept applies to retail packaging: the ease and comfort of unpacking the item. The packaging is simple to open and protects the product during transit. Upon receiving the product, you will not be exposed to spillage or open packages.

Easy-to-open packaging has the following key features:

  • Packaging that does not contain blister packs is avoided.
  • There is less or no filler material such as packing peanuts, shredded paper, etc.
  • It is not recommended to use a sealed clamshell.
  • Wire-ties should not be used unless necessary (e.g., to pack headphones, data cables or parts of assembly toys).

Set a Smart Packing and Unpacking System

Set a Smart Packing and Unpacking System

Try to set the right shape of the box for packaging. The rectangular box with square corners is the preferred shape. This makes the packaging easy to stack. The box’s basic shape does not need to be packaged professionally. Assembling the parts is easy and fast. The simpler shape allows one to stack and move boxes along the assembly line. This allows for mass production to save a lot on packaging time. Use lesser gums and tapes. This allows retailers and consumers to open the packages with ease.

Frustration-Free Packaging System

There is a new packaging system called Frustration-Free Packaging. This way, the packaging must be in a simple structure. Simple packaging will make it easy to pack and remove. Let’s start with the basics.

  • Durable: Packaging must be strong enough to withstand shipping turbulence and storage.
  • Product safety: The packaging shouldn’t interact with the product. The packaging container, such as corrugated boxes, mailers, and polyethylene packages, should protect the item from external and internal damages.
  • Cost-effective: Not all manufacturers can afford to spend much money on packaging. Even low-cost packaging must ensure product safety and durability.
  • It’s easy to open and handle: The receiver should be able to unpack the package without assistance from other people or heavy-tool users.
  • Labeling: Labeling is an important parameter of packaging. Packaging should be printed or have the ability to stick labels. In addition, important information such as product instructions, shipping address, and expiry should be included on the label.


Online business is a growing fast business model nowadays. Business always needs unnecessary expense cuts for more profit margin. That’s how a business can sustain itself for a long time. A good packaging cycle can reduce your delivery business costs. With that saved money, you can easily reinvest for scaling up your business.

Big businesses use these reduced packaging systems for their business growth. So why not implement those systems and secure your position in the future?

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