Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Social Media

Facebook, an immensely popular social media platform with billions of users, is one of the best options for affiliate marketers to make money. From pages to groups to posts, one can use the various user-friendly features of Facebook to promote their services hassle-free. That said, it is not as easy as it appears to be to get noticed easily on such giant social media platforms. People who start early on these applications tend to have more advantages as compared to others, but they are hard to maintain over time. Isn’t it amazing how easy it has become to advertise your services these days? All you need is an internet connection and know-how of the social media applications. However, without any robust strategy, one may lose all the reach and clout to the ever-changing algorithm.

Perks of Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Social Media

One may have a few doubts regarding whether the promotion of affiliate links can be done on Facebook or not, while you can post affiliate links on Facebook, it is advisable to be transparent in doing so. For instance, it is well within the service policies for anyone to promote affiliate links but when you disclose if it is for an ad or otherwise, that creates trust among customers.

You can attach affiliate links in either a direct or indirect way. Direct affiliate links can be added in Facebook posts, such as if you buy a product and you make a post about it and attach an affiliate link from the website the product is from. When any user clicks on this link, they will be directed to the website.

On the other hand, in an indirect way of attaching affiliate links, one directs traffic to a site having affiliate links. For example, you decide to promote your blog which contains the affiliated links. Both the methods are useful, however, it is better to decide according to your requirements. You can always post according to your target audience. Make it a point to first assess what your audience or followers expect from you. That way you can have their attention and sell your services better than usual.

Strategy and Revenue

One just starting out in this field may be clueless as to how to start the journey and what strategy to follow. Trust and consistency are some of the key factors which guarantee success in the affiliate marketing industry. Posting frequency on Facebook depends from person to person. One may create a post every day or alternate days and it would be sufficient to beat the algorithm that results in the inactivity of the account- if consistency is not maintained. Tracking your daily performance is to assess your activities and how better you are doing as compared to others in the market.

The most preferred tool is Google Analytics which lets you monitor the traffic. You can track the traffic coming from Facebook to your own site. This way, you can assess your performance seamlessly and understand the shortcomings and improve them accordingly. Additionally, Facebook itself provides insights into what you post and share in groups or pages. One can use Facebook social media analytics to track their overall performance as well. And there are other third-party tools available to improve your affiliate marketing experience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be used to automate your posts on Facebook. However, it does not work for everyone as it majorly depends on an individual how they want their content to be posted. Some like to manually post and schedule their timings, while others find it better to automate their posts to save time. Either way, both serve the same purpose in meeting your desired goals.


hash tags facebook

Hashtags serve as an important medium to gain traction on your promotional posts or otherwise. Not only do they increase impressions on your media, but they also improve engagement manyfold. It is recommended to add at least three hashtags to boost your reach. Needless to say, that excess of anything can be counter-productive, so make sure you do not go overboard with hashtags as that may lead to hindering your reach and also seem distracting.

You can use certain apps to find relevant hashtags that go with your content.

Key Points to Remember

There are a few things that one should keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing on Facebook and they are as follows:

  • Do not resort to spamming affiliate links or hashtags for that matter.
  • Do not attach affiliate links that may be from inauthentic sources. Only reliable and trusted companies should be promoted on affiliate networks.
  • Do not restrict yourself. Think out of the box for why to choose one box when you can choose as many as you want. Promote the already trusted brands while also exploring new ones.
  • Do not stay restricted to just Facebook. Affiliate marketers can make good money through blogs and YouTube as well. A blog is beneficial for you to control how you work there, whereas, on popular technology platforms, one has to adhere to their rules and regulations.
  • Try to maintain consistency with posting on the platform. Make sure to post quality content daily or every other day. Irregularity reflects badly on your profile.

How to Earn via Affiliate Links on Facebook

Users on Facebook can promote affiliate links and earn money in five easy ways. These five ways include promotion on profiles, groups, direct messages, pages, and ads. Creating a Facebook account is the first thing you need to be able to use Facebook. Set up an account and complete your profile. It shows who you are and everything about you. You can share how you feel and what are the recent updates in your life. Having a complete profile will help you in creating trust amongst people that follow you. It highly increases your credibility and improves your brand recognition. And when you have a good amount of people engaging with your content, you can use the reach to promote affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing becomes easy when you have an active profile. That being said, to track your performance on your profile you can use third-party apps as Facebook provides analytics with Facebook groups and pages. You can use either direct or indirect affiliate marketing methods on your profile. Along with a complete and active profile, the content on your account matters as well. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be able to write as professional writers do. So, if you must, reach out to professional writing services for help.

Use Facebook page

Facebook page is a great way for an individual, community, business to connect with their followers better. It helps them to have an authentic presence on social media and engage with their consumers. When it comes to a Facebook page, it serves the promotion purpose better and is more dynamic and helpful for affiliate marketers than what a profile is. Owners of a Facebook page get many exclusive features, including but not limited to, Facebook page insights that make it easy to assess the likes, reach, and engagement on the page. Apart from that, you can also track followers on the page, views, and statistics of a video.

The best way to utilize a Facebook page for affiliate marketing is to choose a topic and related products. For example, if you have a page dedicated to posting about food and traveling then you could post affiliate links to hotel accommodation, cafes, vehicle rentals, etc. If one has a blog on the same topic, they can display content from there too. You could also create a page related to your own work experiences and interests.

Promote on Facebook groups

Facebook groups can unite people across countries on shared interests. People can discuss issues and share things with everyone at once. Successful affiliates emphasize having an active group on Facebook. You can use the group to promote your services, make related announcements and perform engaging group activities. A Facebook page is an easier thing to manage, grow and make money from. There are several ways in which you can make money using Facebook groups. One just needs to get a hang of it and then they are good to go. You can focus on a theme of the group and promote things along the same lines. And occasionally promote things that could be interesting for all.

Experts advise on not promoting things that are not relevant to the objective of the group. To give an example, it is completely relevant to post about food blogs and related deals in a group aimed at tech things. Also, it can be a waste of time to spam affiliate links again and again on Facebook groups. There is so much content shared in such groups that it is very likely that your shared links can be ignored and on top of that no one really appreciates spamming. So, the better option is to pin posts that have affiliate links for better visibility.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads let organizations or individuals advertise their services. It is important that you have a look at the Facebook ads policy before running a paid ad on Facebook. Unfortunately, promoting affiliate links and/or suspicious pages can get people banned from using Facebook ads and even lead to a complete ban on Facebook itself. Facebook reviews any ad before allowing it to display for everyone to see. It will eventually decline if it does not meet the set criteria. Ads can be extremely helpful if you know how to use them to your benefit. One needs to be well versed in advertising in order to reap the maximum benefits of Facebook ads.

Case in point, use an eye-catching headline, relevant images and set up the advertisement to start conversations and generate revenue. Remember that you need money to post ads, so it is always better to start with a small amount and see what works for you. You can also take a look at other advertisements present and analyze them thoroughly to get an idea of everything.

Your strategy should include directing traffic to your landing site as well.

Market through Facebook Messenger

Market through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best features of Facebook to further communication with its users. With billions of users and an active base of millions using it every day, the messenger can be a great tool for affiliate marketing and promoting your services. However, it is not a good idea to message random people on Facebook and promote affiliate links for it may seem as irrelevant and may result in people blocking you or for that matter Facebook placing a ban on your profile.

A better approach is to use a bot to automate your actions and have email autoresponders to save time and energy. But do keep in mind that Facebook has certain rules regarding Facebook Messenger, and any kind of suspicious activity or spamming will make it disable features on your account. Facebook allows for affiliate marketing on its website, but it makes sure the activities are done as per its policies. It will alert you about spamming and suspicious sites.


With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily make money using social media. All in all, Facebook has proven itself to be a great place for affiliate marketing, providing hassle-free operations. Facebook, due to its massive reach, is a reliable and trustworthy platform to start your affiliate marketing journey with. With today’s technology, one can buy or sell anything online with just a click. Buying and selling of services was never this easy but thanks to the social media apps, now you can advertise or buy whatever you want to at the comfort of your home.

Affiliate marketing has emerged to be a new and useful marketing strategy with the rise in e-commerce services. It is all about directing potential buyers to an online site and being paid money in return when someone makes a payment on the said website. Therefore, one just needs a social media account to get into the world of affiliate marketing and earn money.

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