A Guide to Investing in Commercial Lighting for your Business

If you are looking to buy lights for your company but don’t know how to go about it, we’ve got you covered!

Commercial lighting fixtures have been on the market for a long time. They enable employees to better focus on their work while also helping the business look professional. 

Many new business owners are usually not aware of the precautions they need to take when investing in lights. To avoid distracting your employees, it is crucial to select the right lighting fixtures from a reputable company such as Astro Lighting.

Keep reading this article from commercial and industrial lighting experts, CDM2, and understand how to invest in commercial lighting for your business the right way without wasting time and money. 

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You’ll need to choose a brightness that will enable your employees to focus on their work, depending on the type of workplace environment. It goes without saying that dim lights will reduce the employees’ ability to see properly and stay focused. 

For instance, if you have a big warehouse, you’ll need to invest in lights that are bright enough to light up large areas. Considering that warehouses typically have high ceilings, a tiny recessed light won’t be enough to light up the area. 

Equally important, you need to ensure that the lights aren’t bright enough to strain the eyes of your employees. Fluorescent bulbs are perhaps the most popular option since they are comfortable and closely resemble natural lighting. 


Once you’ve decided on the appropriate brightness, the next important thing to consider is the right color for the workplace. Since what you need is commercial recessed lighting, consider going with neutral colors. 

In addition to choosing a neutral color, it is also important that you avoid lights that don’t flash in any way. The problem with having something that shows excessive color is that it easily distracts employees. 

A neutral color helps to reinforce the atmosphere of a working environment encouraging workers to focus on their work. Though you can choose to furnish different sections with colors such as blue or red, you’ll definitely want to maintain a sense of professionalism. Such colors should be left to the break room and hangout areas. 

Do Your Research

When it comes to the workplace, commercial recessed lighting offers some of the most appropriate lighting fixtures. They help avoid the need for line lights up with the ceiling and hanging lights. When you step into an office and look at the ceiling, you will notice that the lights resemble panels. 

Some businesses choose to go for lighting fixtures that help showcase the mood of the business. So, it will help to research how different fixtures will affect your business. Skylight technologies offer a wide range of fixture options of different sizes.

There are many different types of LED bulbs for recessed lights for those who’d love to add color to their workplace. However, one may also go for fluorescent bulbs. Recessed lights help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workplace while still improving productivity. 

Take Measurements

Before heading out shopping, it will be important that you take measurements of every room that you’ll be installing them. In case you are not entirely sure about what lights to install, taking measurements will significantly help narrow your choices. 

Without taking proper measurements, you can end up with fixtures that are too big or too small leading to money wastage. When taking measurements, consider the ceiling and height of each room. Often, areas like the front desk room will have a different height than the main area. 

If you are looking to install a chandelier, a high ceiling would make this fixture unappealing. When it comes to ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your business, these seemingly minor factors are what make the biggest difference. 

Create a Balance

Choosing the right light fixture goes beyond color and measurements. You will also need to make sure that the work area uses layered lighting. 

With proper measurements, you will be able to make sure that the fixtures you get will distribute light throughout the area the staff is working. Gaps tend to create shadowy areas that cause distractions and reduce consistent light. 

In case your business uses natural light, you will want to put this into consideration when applying the fixtures. Also, think about the areas where your employees are most productive

For areas where employees will be working at a table, consider a fixture that directs light towards the table. Similarly, ensure that the light is bright enough for employees to focus on their work but not bright enough that it is blinding. This is especially important if they are dealing with small parts. 

You may also consider investing in table lamps and other forms of lighting for those working at tables. Working in a dim room with a light focused on the table can help employees to better focus on their work.

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