How Insurance Agents Can Use Social Media to Get More Clients

Social media marketing is one of the hottest topics that many people are trying to get into these days. But wait…should insurance agents invest their time in social media marketing to get more clients?

The answer is Yes!

Real estate agents are now using social media to get massive leads and are closing deals fast with the aid of social media. Why shouldn’t insurance agents do the same?

Insurance agents can use social media as a marketing tool to get more clients. They can use it to communicate with existing clients and also generate new leads with good reviews.

How Insurance Agents Can Use Social Media to Get More Clients

Which Social Media Platform Should Insurance Agents Use to Get More Clients?

There is nothing like the best social media platform for insurance agents. As an insurance agent, you just need to choose a platform you know your target audience is present in large numbers.

And as a salesperson, you must have already created an avatar of who your ideal clients are. With your avatar, you should be able to know which social media platform you can find them.

If you are targeting people between the age of 45-60 years, jumping on TikTok would be the wrong move. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be the ideal platform for that age bracket.

Facebook is a must for an insurance agent as you can find any age bracket there. But the bottomline is that there is no best social media platform insurance agents can use to get more clients. Because at the end of the day, it is not the platform that does the magic, but the user (the insurance agent).

So, if you’re an insurance agent and you’re looking for how you can use social media to help you get more clients, then read this post to the end.

You will be learning some social media marketing strategies that you can use alongside your offline marketing strategies to get more leads and clients.

Ready? Let’s get started…

  1. Content is Key

Content is how you start creating awareness on social media. Without content, no one will pay attention to your profile. Your content is your message.

You have to be putting out good content to get your message heard and to entice your target audience. Your content must be about your target audience. They should be able to read your content and find value in it.

The fact that you are using social media to get clients or get leads doesn’t mean you will only be posting promotional content. If you do that, no one will give you their attention.

So, what kind of content should you be posting?

More educational content and less promotional content. You should be educating your target audience on why they should buy the type of insurance you are selling. How buying insurance can help them save money, and many other tips.

If you post twice a day, your first post can be educational while the second one can be a promotional post. You should have a mix of entertaining posts. Remember to keep it social.

To see results, you must be consistent. You don’t want to post today and the next time another post is coming is a week later. Being consistent is essential to establishing a strong relationship with your target audience.

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  1. Have a Lead Magnet

This is essential for lead generation. Most real estate agents are using this strategy to generate leads for their offers. You can also use this strategy to generate leads for your offer.

The best way to do this is through a webinar. For example, suppose you sell life insurance, you can record a webinar where you share why people should buy life insurance, the benefit, stories of people who purchased life insurance, and how the family they left behind is benefiting from it right now.

At the end of the webinar, you then drop your sales pitch and tell people how they can reach you if they are interested.

This won’t be a live webinar. It will be something you just record and drop the link on your social media account for people to click and watch.

You will put your energy to make sure more people get to watch the webinar. This is because the more people who watch your webinar, the more chances of converting more clients.

  1. Run Social Media Ads

Organic promotion may not be enough to give you your desired result. So, you must set aside a budget no matter how small to run social media ads. Running ads helps you get your message to a wider audience on that same platform.

Whether you are using Facebook or not for selling your insurance, run Facebook ads. You can also run Twitter and LinkedIn ads since you sell insurance. Business people are on these platforms and they are a good target audience for your offer.

Do not see the running of ads as expensive. See it as an investment to get leads for your offer.

What should you be promoting with your ads?

Your lead magnet (your webinar).

If your webinar is converting more clients for you organically, then that is what you should use for ad promotion. If your lead magnet is getting 10 leads organically every week, with ads, you should be getting that exact figure or more daily.

  1. Make Use of Reviews

Reviews are very powerful when it comes to getting people interested in whatever you are selling. As an insurance agent, you need reviews to get potential clients interested in your offer. People will buy when they see that other people are happy with the offer you are trying to sell to them.

You can politely request reviews from happy clients. But make sure you seek their permission to share it on social media as some may not welcome the idea of showing their names online.

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If some clients don’t know how to construct a good review you can use, you can guide them towards it by asking them questions, but don’t tell them what to say. Many will be happy to provide reviews especially when they are happy with the offer they bought.

So, collect as many reviews as you can and post them on your page to entice potential clients to show interest in your offer.

Leverage Live Streaming on Social Media to Interact with your audience

  1. Leverage Live Streaming

Lastly, if you can go Live on the social media platform you are using to sell your insurance, do this weekly. Do a Question and Answer live stream. This is one way to get people’s attention and get them talking.

Tell viewers that they can ask you any questions related to insurance, and try as much as possible to provide answers to every question asked. To really pull a great momentum with this, make it a weekly show.

By going Live and answering questions, you don’t only get to attract more clients to your offer, but you also end up building a strong relationship with your audience.

So, there you have it!

Create awareness and build trust with quality clients with the help of social media. A strong social media presence can help you generate massive leads that would take you months to generate offline or using another medium.

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