How Live Chat Software Is Used in Specific Industries

Live chat systems give people the chance to converse with a company’s representatives online. There is a growing need for these systems in several industries. Check out how live chat software is utilized in certain industries.

How Live Chat Software Is Used in Specific Industries


People who travel by plane often have questions that need to be answered and may prefer to speak with airline representatives via live chat support. They may want to know how individuals with disabilities are assisted when checking in, going through security, or when boarding a flight. They may also want to know how they can use their airline mileage points to pay for a prospective trip. Sometimes flyers lose their bags during transit and need a representative to help them recover their property. Airline companies benefit tremendously from using live chat systems.



Mobile banking usage has increased exponentially over the past few years. This means that many people are engaging in bank-related activities on their phones. Such activities include transferring funds, cashing checks, paying bills, analyzing monthly statements, and managing debit card information. Many financial institutions, after taking into account this rise in the use of mobile banking, have decided to provide support through virtual chat systems. Online agents can help bank users check their balance, ascertain that certain transactions went through, set up direct deposits, and establish account alerts. Oftentimes, people have to wait a long time when trying to reach bank representatives by phone, so speaking to them via chat is, for many, a more attractive option.



There has been, in this century, an increase in the number of e-commerce sites as well as a rise in the number of online shoppers. Those who shop regularly or exclusively online require customer support from time to time. They may need help tracking the shipment status of an item they purchased or getting a refund for a package that was damaged during delivery. By chatting with a representative live, e-commerce users can have their issues resolved in a quick and efficient manner. This is because many live chat systems allow representatives to view the items that customers are having problems with and obtain information about those items instantly.



A multitude of online universities and eLearning platforms use their live chat software as virtual help desks. Students usually run into technical problems when they try to enroll in a class, view a video lecture, complete a virtual laboratory, or submit an assignment. They often need immediate assistance as they attempt to troubleshoot and resolve those problems. Live chat agents can help students address the technical issues they face in a matter of minutes. Note that some online education programs allow students to use live chat systems to deal with their financial aid and billing concerns.



Television and movie streaming services are becoming more and more popular. Over half of all households in the U.S. use multiple streaming services. Many streaming platforms feature live chat software. Instead of calling up a streaming company and asking them about how parental controls work, customers can chat with representatives online and request that they modify their parental controls for them. Customers can also use virtual chat systems to obtain information about their platform’s plans, prices, billing schedules, and download capabilities.


Food Delivery

Millions of people use food delivery applications. The companies that generate these applications use live chat software to assist customers with their orders. Maybe a customer wants to cancel an item or increase the quantity of a particular purchase. Sometimes, customers need help applying discount codes or using the credits they have accumulated on their accounts. It is much easier for food delivery users to chat with representatives online than it is for them to speak with someone over the phone because they can click buttons that give representatives the opportunity to understand what their problems are right away.



The virtual agents that work in the hospitality industry assist clients in a multitude of ways. They help them change or cancel their hotel or vacation bookings. They also offer them information about hotel locations, amenities, sizes, and layouts. Sometimes clients need details about vacation bundles and other kinds of package deals and discounts. They can get such information by speaking with virtual agents during a live chat session.


Business owners and leaders in a vast array of industries have saved time and money by investing in live chat software. This type of software will be around for years to come.

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