Jumia Affiliate Program

Step by Step Guide to Joining Jumia Affiliate Program

jumia affiliate imageDo you want to make some free money from other people’s products?

I mean, making money showing/telling people products that do not belong to you.

JUMIA affiliate program is one of the best platforms to utilize.

I did a little survey and discovered that this program is one of the best for Nigerians, especially those without a website.

You can be an affiliate for JUMIA even if you don’t own a website/blog.

Want to know how? Read on

I will go straight to the point so you can start making some money.

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program

First, you need to register with JUMIA AFFILIATE. Just click on account, then register as a new customer. Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation email from JUMIA. Now sign in to your account and scroll down towards the end of Jumia site, under the category “About Jumia Nigeria” click on “Become an Affiliate“. You will be directed to the JUMIA AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM page. Click on Sign up for free now and you will be redirected to the Jumia affiliate signup page.

You can also be directed straight to the affiliate signup page from here kol.jumia.com then follow these three simple steps;

  1. Sign up by filling the form below the page.
  2. Recommend Jumia’s products by placing Ads on your Website/blogs or Social Media account with the unique link that you will be giving.
  3. Get commission up to 9% + welcome bonus of 500 NGN on each sale for the first month!

Note: Jumia Affiliate Program have upgraded to Jumia Key Opinion Leader Program.

Read more about Jumia KOL Program here and how to join.


  • The latest design in banners
  • A professional team is always ready to assist you
  • A product feed with more than 50,000 products
  • The possibility to publish everywhere: Website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even in a message/mail to a friend you know that has need of a particular product that Jumia sells.
  • Premium commission for premium publishers.
  • Bank transfer as a way of payment (i.e. your commission will be sent to you directly into your Nigeria bank account)

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Note that if you want to make it big time as an affiliate marketer, you need to advertise your link either on social sites or Google, the conversion rate has been very high.

Now, go make some money with Jumia affiliate program.

Jumia also has what they call JForce Program.

The JForce Program allows you earn money ordering products for people.

Just show your friends some good products on Jumia, if they love it, ask them if you can order for them and deliver to them.

If they agree, then you’re in business.

Read more about Jumia Key Opinion Leader Program and how to join.

To learn more, visit Jumia JForce.

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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

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  1. Uwagbokwu Assumpta says:

    Sir pls what do I do, I have filled my social media handle several times as (Facebook. Com/Assumpta uwagbokwu ) and they are still telling me that the social media/ website format is incorrect, I am confused pls help me

  2. weblihost says:

    Nice and interesting content. Love to contribute on Your site

  3. Buhari says:

    Good afternoon sir, how do I go about the spaces for me to provide sub affiliate link, channel and tracking tags.

  4. Precious says:

    Please i have downloaded the app but i dont know how to register as an affillate please help me out

  5. Kendrick king says:

    Hello Mr Francis… A little help here. Am done with registration buh am finding it hard to promote my affiliate link. I tried using Facebook account to promote buh started losing likes and comment. Nobody ever clicks on ma link. Are there other ways and site to promote my link!?

  6. albert kirui says:

    register me to be one of staffs

  7. micheal akpabli says:

    hello sir i appreciate your time been spent to help others,i have a challenge which is i am done with the stage of the request of email address which is the first stage where i used my facebook url and it worked successfully but the second stage which requires email and password, now the question, is it my personal email and password required or the company would send me that and moreover they have sent me a mail to get back to me in three working days.How do i go about it please.

    • You will register with your personal email and your choice of password. It is those details you require to log in to your dashboard where you can find your unique link and banners for promotion. Once you’re approved, you’ll get an email from Jumia. All the best.

  8. daniel says:

    how do i copy my link to my social media page

  9. Lily says:

    Please sir… I’m not allowed to ignore the website column and I don’t have a website

  10. Lydia says:

    For the Jumia JForce it request ID number which I don’t possess what do I do

  11. Toyin says:

    Pls very hard for me register on jumia I dont understand the website they required

  12. Mick ey says:

    Pls i hav signed up but I can’t login bcos I don’t hav a password . Pls help

  13. Michael Adesanya says:

    It still the same thing as i use my Twitter Facebook and Instagram is not going

  14. Michael Adesanya says:

    There was a problem, please try again, and have try several times it repeating the same thing

  15. Michael Adesanya says:

    I use facebook.com/my name is not going

  16. Micheal Adesanya says:

    They are still asking for website in jumia affiliate

  17. Johnson says:

    Thanks for making available your wealth of knowledge on Jumia affiliate. I had signed up. The challenge I have now is how do I generate my affiliate id?

    • Hi Johnson,

      Here are the steps for generating your Jumia Affiliate ID and banners.

      To get banner/link you can paste on your website or social,
      1. Login to your Jumia affiliate dashboard.
      2. Click on advertising on the left side of the page.
      3. Select banner generator and choose your country.
      4. Click any banner of your choice, choose banner size and select the unique identifier or select the url according to where you wish to promote it.

      Hope it helps

  18. Sirfocus says:

    Nice post…. Pls how should i go about with the 3 options (download, copy to social and website) displayed.

  19. Obinna Mbanu says:

    Good afternoon sir.
    Am Mr. Obinna.
    Tried registering for the jumia affiliate program but it’s requesting for website and I don’t have one yet.
    How do I go about it?

  20. Gifty Adusei says:

    Is it only for Nigerians

  21. Ejovwo Lemuel says:

    Please can you throw more light on this “Note that if you want to make it big time as an affiliate marketer, you need to advertise your link either in social sites or Google, the conversion rate has been very high”.

  22. Comfort okafor says:

    Good to read your blog this afternoon about jumia affiliate, i want to know how to copy the link I generated to my Facebook account.Thanks

  23. flexible says:

    Nice information.

  24. flexible says:

    Nice one, i love this.

  25. Victor says:

    Tried to register for jumia affiliate program but it requires a website which I don’t have. How can I go about it

    • Hello Victor, sorry for getting back to you this late. You must not own a website/blog to be a Jumia Affiliate. Just fill out the form on the registration page and ignore the website line. You will be sent an email on password reset and then you are good to go.

      After signing up, go to your dashboard and choose the country your wish to promote in and then generate your unique product link and promote your link on social media and whatsapp/telegram groups.

      Let me know if this helps.

  26. Becks Clifford says:

    Good to read from your blog , jumia affiliate ve been on my mind , I ve sign up but waiting for their responses.

    • Hi Becks, thanks for the complement. Jumia Affiliate support will respond to you once they have finished verifying the information you gave and ascertain that you are capable of promoting their products to a good number of traffic.

      All the best. Francis

      • John Karachu says:

        Hae, I am John karachu. Mine is that I am trying to register for jumia affiliate but ones am through filling the gaps am told to duplicate my contacts please how can I duplicate

  27. nwachukwu mike says:

    Good information keep it up

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