Fresh Ideas on How to Make Business Packaging Prettier

What do you look out for when you go shopping? There are multiple options for every product out there. Guess what? How your product is packaged is almost as important as what’s inside. You need to stand out in a crowded market and making your packaging more attractive is the key.

It’s all about finding something to help you stand out in the consumer world. Having a prettier package can make all the difference. Your business deserves to be noticed, so try your best to doll up your shipments. Then, you can expect your orders to grow because loyal customers love that extra attention.

Standard cardboard packaging is fine for wholesale shipments. However, for a consumer to pick up your items off the shelves, they need to look good. The same goes for shipping directly to customers. So, how can you make your business packaging prettier? Below are some ideas.

How to Make Business Packaging Prettier


Stickers serve many purposes. They allow you to seal a package and secure its contents. They can list contents or ingredients inside the packaging and give you real estate to advertise on. This is where you should put your mission statement and branding in full view.

Use stickers for labelling different items as well as an all-around logo and business ad. They are easy to produce or order and come in almost any colour and design. It will make your packaging more personal and pretty for your clients and customers.

Custom Tape

Most commercial boxes and packaging come in bulk. They need to be taped to stay together, so why not beautify the box with custom tape?

You can have your logo and tagline printed on tape, so every package that goes out is a travelling billboard for your business. People will notice this because it stands out. You could get some custom tape made up with sentimental sayings and pretty graphics if you like. The options are only limited by you. It is affordable and attractive, so any chance to make your packaging shine is a smart business decision.

Get Printed Boxes

Having a plain cardboard box is boring and you don’t want to fall into that category. Why not jazz up your image with printed boxes. They look fancy and show the consumer that you are willing to spend more for their benefit. Use pretty colours that stand out and get your message across.

There are companies that can easily print your logo on packaging that you use, and it is worth the extra touch. If you don’t want the expense of a printed box, then use a custom stamp. These look charming and can showcase your branding on all sides of the package. You can also stamp the inside of the box and any tissue that wraps items inside.

Use Colour

The right colour speaks to the mind of the consumer. You want to draw people in as soon as they see your packaging, so choose an alluring colour for your products. Make sure it is on brand and consistent throughout your line and SKU’s. It doesn’t have to be identical but keep the theme.

Continue the colour inside the box and with any interior wrapping. An insert cart or label can carry this hue as well. If you have a consistent palette in your products, people will recognize your line better, which can lead to more sales.


There is nothing more special than opening up your package and finding an insert with a special note. This is where you can get personal with your customers and make a connection. They are not costly to get made up and can be easily included in all your packaging going out.

A little inspirational note to your consumers can touch their hearts and remind them why they chose your products over your competitors. They can look handwritten as well and even have frilly edges to match the pretty contents of the box. People love this extra touch and it’s an opportunity to put more information in their hands. Take the time to include inserts in your packaging.

Unique Materials

Why do you have to stick to the standard packaging material that everyone uses? As long as it can handle the rough and tumble of shipping, go for something different and unique. It could be clever outside wrappings like wallpaper or antiqued wrap. Inside, you could use paper straw or foil to wrap the contents. Printed tissue is lovely as well.

Your inside packaging can be tied up with twine for a vintage touch and adding some subtle fragrance makes you special. You could even buy some cheap, bulk candy and toss in a few pieces for them to find. All these little extras go a long way to building lifelong customers.

Francis Nwokike

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