How to Express Your Creative Streak at Work

One reason many people feel bored and dissatisfied with their jobs is that too much conformity stifles creativity. Creativity is discouraged in the workplace for logical reasons: Since organizations need established business processes to run predictably, too much creativity is disruptive.

If you are a creative person, fascinated by how to do things better and faster, then you are unlikely to be happy at a regular job. Your best option is to start your own company because you will never be happy working for someone.

Many entrepreneurs quit their well-paying corporate jobs for a chance to be innovative. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a famous example. When you’re the boss, you get to do things your own way.

How to Express Your Creative Streak at Work

After you’ve created your business, here are some ways to find fulfillment at work:

Improve Your Sales Volume

The success of your business depends on your sales volume. If it is low, then you cannot cover your overheads; if it is high, your company will flourish.

If your new sales force does not have enough expertise to close numerous sales, consider using a platform that will automate routine but necessary sales processes, such as finding and nurturing leads. If, for instance, your company is offering medical devices, then choose a healthcare sales automation platform, like, that can magnify the efficacy of your existing sales team with a cost-effective way to increase your sales volume.

Protect Your Online Reputation

Since much of your business will involve Internet-based assets, such as a website and social media presence, it’s important that you manage your online reputation proactively. Since a few bad reviews on a consumer awareness website could derail your online marketing efforts, always try to amicably resolve customer disputes as early as possible.

Keep Your Business Organized

A company is sometimes referred to as an organization for a good reason: A good company comprises well-run departments and streamlined business processes. Both you, as the head of your company, and your company itself needs to stay as organized as possible. Recognizing that organization is not an intuitive process, study management techniques to create a realistic personal work schedule and various strategies for improving business operations.

Evaluate Your Competition

Your business does not operate in a vacuum but as part of a larger structure, an industry. If you are not doing things as well as your competitors, perhaps because you’re not even aware of what they’re doing in the first place, then you will lose market share. Sam Walton would spy on other retailers to figure out how to improve Walmart.

If you are aware of what your competition is doing and do things even better, then your business will prosper. An interesting side effect of being competitive is that it will improve your level of motivation and the productivity of your business.

Cultivate Courage and Creativity

It takes courage to start your own business rather than simply working for a business, stifling your own creativity and innovative ideas, and following their predetermined rules of engagement and task-completion.

It also takes creativity because you will start from scratch. In the beginning, you will have to make a greater effort, work longer hours, and be far more resourceful than if you were to work for someone else — but, in the end, it will all be worth it.

When you start your own business, you will get to do the things that you are most interested in doing, which will keep you happy, motivated, and productive. As your business flourishes, you will improve the world by contributing your creativity to the marketplace.

Francis Nwokike

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