How to Sell More Properties as a Real Estate Agent

Presently, the competition with real estate agents trying to sell more properties to hit their sales target is very high. To successfully sell a property, one needs to be very prepared.

In real estate marketing, it takes many eyes to see a property before one out of the many eyes finally buys. So, to increase the chances of getting more people to buy, estate agents need to get as many eyes as possible to see their listing.

The key to selling more properties as a real estate agent is lead generation. The more leads you can generate, the more the chances of converting prospects to clients.

As a real estate agent, you need to learn how to generate leads, nurture your leads and convert them into buyers. Top real estate agents convert their leads into buyers even before inviting them to come and see the property. Coming to see the property is just to confirm and close the deal.

How to Sell More Properties as a Real Estate Agent

So, here are 7 ways to generate leads as a real estate agent to help you sell more properties;

  1. Have a Website

Most times, home buyers go online to find properties for sale. As a real estate agent, you need to have a professional website optimized for search engines if you want to get more leads.

On your website, you get to list properties you have for sale and their locations. A professional website is supposed to tell visitors to your site who you are, your track records, testimonials from past buyers, and your contacts.

Make sure you use keywords that searchers are inputting on search engines to search for properties. And your website must be responsive to both desktop and mobile devices, easy to navigate, have different views of photos of the properties for sale.

The website should also have a blog where you will be posting articles weekly relating to happenings in the real estate market, and new properties for sale.

You can install Google Analytics so you can track visitors’ activities on your site and be able to tell which content is driving people to your website.

  1. Have a Business Card

Are business cards still effective? Yes, they are. Having a business card allows you to hand them out to potential buyers. Housing is a basic need; everyone needs a roof over their heads.

They may not be shopping for properties now, but when the time comes, you will be the first person they are going to call. Aside from that, if people trust you, they will refer you to their family members and friends who may be looking for a real estate agent.

  1. Email Newsletter

You can launch an email newsletter to stay in touch with your leads. To achieve this, you need to insert a plugin on your website which tells people to submit their email addresses if they want to stay updated with new properties for sale in a particular location.

Not everyone will remember to visit your website to read your new post. So, having an email list is another way to build your brand and establish a strong relationship with prospects.

Most people check their email first thing in the morning when they wake up. So, you can always get to inform your subscribers about new listings.

  1. Utilize Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best methods of marketing. It is the trend right now and very effective. Our brains process and retain video content better than text because it is engaging and memorable. Viewers can become emotionally invested in your video content if done correctly.

Your video content can be a tour around properties listed for sale or any latest news in the real estate market. You can upload the video on YouTube and share the link with your email subscribers and on your website.

  1. Get Active and Social on Social Media

Social media platforms are also another medium that real estate agents can also use to get leads and sell more properties. Facebook and Instagram are two powerful social media platforms you can use to drive leads to your website.

If you know your way around using hashtags on Instagram, you can search for popular hashtags and use them on your posts to reach your target audience.

If you can handle more than one social media platform, it would help you reach more people. But if you can’t, you should stay with one platform and dominate it.

Have a mix of educative, entertaining, and promotional content. Your posts shouldn’t be too promotional. Remember, it is social media. Some of your content should be for fun.

You can be posting periodic updates on properties under renovation and new listings coming to the market.

  1. Facebook Retargeting Ads

Have you heard of Facebook retargeting? It is one effective way to get people who visit your site but didn’t take action to come back.

Most real estate agents only run Facebook ads but don’t go further to run retargeting ads. And it is normal that when people are shopping for a new home or office space, they tend to check the market for different kinds of options before they make a decision. And this is where you can take advantage of this behavior to get your listing sold or rented out.

Now, if you have a property you want to sell or rent out, you need to create a post about it and upload it on your website. The next thing you are to do is install a Facebook pixel on that page and run an ad to the page. The purpose of this pixel is to attach itself to any visitor who visits the page.

So, when the people who visited your page are browsing any website or scrolling through their Facebook feeds, they will be seeing your ad because they have been pixeled. You can use this to get them to click the ad and return to your website again.

This marketing strategy is very effective. You should give it a try to see for yourself.

  1. Make a Publication

You shouldn’t skip your local papers because you feel everyone has turned to the internet for information. Publishing an article or ad on any of your local papers is another effective way to reach a different set of audiences who depend on the dailies for their information.

It must not be a real estate magazine as most local publications have pages dedicated to real estate properties. Most times, the people who are in the market to buy properties are the people reading local publications. Don’t overlook this audience.

Hope these tips have opened your eyes to many ways you can generate leads and be able to sell more properties? Which of these marketing ideas are you giving a try?

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