Most Popular Home Design Styles Explained: Don’t Just Go with the Flow, Get something Trendy

Your home is the dream place that you might have searched for years. And, you can’t take chances with the beauty and elegance of your home. When you have paid a hefty price for making your dream home astonishingly stunning from the outside, the same should apply to the interiors too. On the other hand, if you’re looking for renovation to your interiors, then you must be looking for competent home design styles.


If you’re looking for the best home design styles for your new home? Trust us, the list is handy when it comes to the interiors of your home. Be it modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, or anything else, there are tonnes of perfect choices for your dream home. Well, it might take some time to decide the ultimate home design style for you, but it’s worth your endeavours. We have collected some brilliant choices for your upcoming home renovation strategies.


1. Modern Design

Most Popular Home Design Styles

Modern living room design | Credit: Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside Interior Design 

This specific approach has been holding its position in the trending interior designs for the last few decades. When you are stuck with tonnes of choices to start with you can generally switch to the modern outlook for your interiors. And, modern aspects can go well with combining other home design style palettes too. However, when you are looking for a clean and simplistic colour theme along with a perfect combination of glass and metal work-frame, then modern design is for you.


Well, the modern design introduces the same simplicity to your furniture sets of the house. Additionally, you can celebrate the perfect match of technology, efficiency, transparency, and material with modern interior design. The designer takes care of the crisp lines and required geometry for creating the modern touch for the desired functionality of the house. Born in the 20th century, modern interior design is still one of the most trending interior designs in 2021 and beyond.


2. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian living room design | Credit: Lundin

In case you want to escape those strict lines of modern interiors and convert them into a cosy space, then you can have an eye over Scandinavian. You can deploy some simple but comfortable enough atmosphere within your home with this dedicated home design style. Welcome amiability at your home with a functional collection of furniture, along with the perfect mix of natural materials.


With Scandinavian style, you can create a traditional home with white walls, clutter-free surfaces, and irresistible designer intervention. You can add wooden floors to make them look more ethical and unique. No doubt, Scandinavian is the new smart choice for those homeowners who are thinking about a retouch or new construction.


3. Contemporary Design

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary living room design | Credit: Zack de Vito

Most of the homeowners might confuse between the modern and contemporary home design styles. But, the fact is that there are thin lines of difference between these two famous interior design options. The modern style would never deflect from its statement style and that’s the crisp line. On the other hand, contemporary style has its own set of definitions. And, it can go very fluid and can evolve according to the circumstances and palette. And, it slightly diverges from the strict modern aspires of interior designs.


Additionally, you can notice rounded approaches in contemporary design and it also doesn’t miss out on gentle colour palettes. Achieve the aesthetic interior design with a contemporary stylus with not too cold or formal colours. Create your own warm and comfortable space in your home with such an appealing characteristic interior design approach.


4. Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Mid-century modern living room design | Credit: Maisons du Monde

It was mid 19th century since this particular approach came into the play of interior design. After the Second World War just wore off, this design started accelerating, it got more popular with the International movement. What it adds to the modern interior design are crispier lines, energetic use of colours along with convertible means of indoors with outdoors and nature.


Actually, the style emerged from the ideology of mankind to strengthen the communication and bonds aftermath of World War II. That’s why you can observe shared spaces, broad areas, and generous-planned interiors in this specific approach. Your home would reflect the natural elements with a light after-effect of modern aesthetics. And, you can expect the colour palettes to range from brown, orange, yellow to green. However, you or the interior designer can add on the exceptions.


5. French Provincial Design

French Provincial Interior Design

French Provincial living room design | Credit: Gayle Lee

Are you into something classical? Then, French Provincial statements won’t disappoint you with its faded and pale colour palette. In addition to this, you would definitely notice rustic textures and refined details. Designers might include soft linens, curved furniture, and embroidered upholstery to complete the neutral look of your interior design prospects. Whether you have planned a heritage or modern home, the French Provincial can suit literally any surroundings.


With this specific interior design option, you can introduce a cosy and warm ambient to your home. And still, the sophistication never leaves your home. To attend the perfect colour touches with French Provincial, you can go with washed-out colours and especially white colour for walls. Additionally, you can add a touch of mid-tone timbers for furniture and flooring purposes.


6. Minimalist Design

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist living room design | Credit: YOMAdesign

In case you like to keep everything organized and space-optimized, then minimalist interior design is for you. Originated in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the minimalist approach was influenced by Zen philosophy and relevant Japanese authenticity. The interior design simply reflects the moralistic palette and it includes modern aspects, too.


The prime objective of the minimalist approach is to welcome clutter-free broad areas that you can utilize with full functionality. You can showcase the interior design with bold and streamlined visual impacts. Storage spaces are planned minutely and hidden behind the sincere detailing and design of the minimalist approach. Additionally, the lighting aspects are never overlooked in this approach. The right movement and recurrence of lines make way for natural lights. No doubt, it makes your interiors look more vibrant and dynamic.


7. Industrial Design

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Style Kitchen Design | Credit: Marchi Group

As the name suggests, you can expect incomplete rustic and rawness in the indoor elements. Yes, you can keep the construction unfinished such as exposed ductwork, brick, and woodwork. You can bring on this interior design to your urban home without any doubt. And, it’s one of the out-of-the-box ideas for homes and studios as of current trends in home design styles.


Imagine high ceilings metal light fixtures along with that old timber flooring. That’s all you get in industrial interior design. Place sparse furniture to add the right tone to your surroundings. On the other hand, this interior design delivers you the opportunity to try on any kind of abstract art. Additionally, you can keep the colour palette neutral such as wood and metal shades. Well, this doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt any derivation.


8. Traditional Design

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional living room Design | Credit: Brownhouse Design

Are you missing the classic European style statements and want to get a comfortable interior design, then hold on, because we are not yet done with the trending home design styles for you. Toast to the time-tested motifs and elements of classical lifestyle with traditional interior design. The primary characteristic of the traditional approach is the silhouettes with elaborated furniture specs.


In addition to this, claw-footed tables, wingback chairs are perfect to throw back the ornate details. The fabrics can differ from silk, velvet to brocade. And, patterns and textures can vary from place to place. Moreover, you can expect dimensionality, layers, and depth in traditional interior design.


That’s not the End…

Well, the list of popular home design styles can go broader than you can imagine. So, play with your imagination and also lookup transitional, Bohemian, shabby chic, and much more interior designs. Bring on the comfort, luxury, functionality, and inspiration with the unique interior design style with the right choice among such home design styles.

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