How To Start A Money Making Blog – Easy Guide

Do you want to Start a Money Making Blog?

Then read this.

For you to have landed on this page, I assume you either own a blog but not making money out of it or you wish to start a blog and earn from it.

I also assume you know what a blog is.


The name BLOG was coined from WEBLOG and is according to Wikipedia a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consists of discrete entries (posts) typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

Don’t be confused; simply put a BLOG is a type of website that is updated frequently with the latest news or information. Anyone can own a blog site and start posting the same day. You can update your blog by the minute, hour, daily, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly.

3 Quick Strategies to Effectively Promote Your New Business and How To Start A Money Making Blog - Easy Guide

(Image) My student showing me how much she just made from her new blog (Smiles)

Funny, but it could be true for you if I help you set up your blog. Contact me using the contact us button.

Many bloggers are monetizing their blogs for profit.

Before we continue, I would like to explain something, which is, that the platform you blog with will determine how easily you’ll make money from your blog.

There are free platforms like Blogspot (, (, Wix (, etc.

The above-listed platforms are free, meaning you do not pay for a domain or hosting.

But of course, this free method of blogging is not easily monetized as you have limits to what you can do from your back-end. As a matter of fact, some of the developers of this platform will monetize on your blog, placing ads on it and taking the profit for offering you a free platform to share your view. Other times, they can take down your blog at any time without informing you or giving you any concrete reason.

Read the story of a blogger who lost all his work online from one of those free platforms.

I will advise you to blog with platforms that do not limit you. Examples;, Blogger, etc.

Now, going on, I will be sharing with us how to start a money-making blog i.e. how to create a blog and position it for profit.


If you must be successful as a blogger, you must have expansive knowledge on what you are blogging about, you must be skilled in the area you are writing about, be consistent in posting new articles, be ready to give out quality and unique information and finally, you must be ready to engage your audience and win their trust.



There are a whole lot of platforms one can run a blog on but the most popular are and Blogger. WordPress to me is the best in terms of profitability, design, and SEO. You can download and install the latest WordPress platform directly from your host. My host will help you set up your WordPress blog without extra cost.

Some popular and affordable hosts to consider include;

  1. Bluehost (Offer free domain for the first year)
  2. Inmotion
  3. A2hosting

The above-listed hosts are cheap, reliable, and customer-friendly web hosting and domain companies. They also offer you a free domain for the first year.

To start a money-making blog that is for professional purposes, you must have your own unique domain, for example, (, and a host for it.

You can get a domain name for less than $10 per year and a good host per your budget. I register all my domains with Namecheap and use Inmotion and Bluehost hosts for all my blogs and they have never failed and have good customer care that will attend to you 24/7.

PLEASE NOTE: When choosing a domain, it is advised to choose something related to what you are writing about. For example, if you want to write about HIV treatment, your domain should look like this (* or This is so that when people see your domain in a search report, they will have an idea of the content of your blog. It will also help your site ranking in SERP when people search for keywords related to that.

Also Note: You can contact me (fr*****@th*******************.com) to help you set up your blog, I promise you won’t break the bank but I would love and will prefer teaching you how to fish than giving you a fish.


A website theme is a template and stylesheet used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress-powered website. You must install a theme to give your WordPress-powered blog shape. Only a theme can do that for you.

There are different types of themes available both free and paid ones. Choosing a good theme well built for SEO (so your blog will rank well on search engines), very responsive (convert automatically to fit in mobile and computer view), fast (so your blog loads fast), clean and smart (built with clean codes) and light, is key when choosing a theme.

Not all themes will offer you this.

To get well-built themes, I recommend Elegant Theme.

Elegant Theme is a collection of themes that offers you high-quality, responsive, well-built themes for any kind of blog be it a fashion blog or magazine site.


When I was in university, there was this saying I and my friends use a lot when we approach the school gate; “WHERE PEOPLE ARE, THERE IS MONEY”.

We say that because my school is located in a remote area with little population but business people will troop in during school days selling one thing or the order in front of the school gate. Now, what are they capitalizing on, STUDENT TRAFFIC. So what am I saying? For you to make good money from your site, you need GOOD QUALITY TARGETED TRAFFIC. Traffic generates sales and you get traffic when your blog is filled with quality and original content.

Remember the saying, Content is King. It still is.

Now how will you monetize your traffic?

There are lots of ways to monetize a blog; this also depends on what your blog is all about. I will share with you the top 7 best and simple ways you can make money from your blog.

Best and simple ways you can make money from your blog


When your blog starts garnering a lot of readers; celebrities, companies, businesses, schools, government, TV shows, entertainers, music stars, fellow bloggers, etc will like to partner with you in terms of displaying their brands on your site. This brings a lot of money. Online advertising is taking over conventional ways (radio and television) of advertising.

You can leverage AI ad optimization technology with the help of dedicated ad management experts to assist you with creating, implementing, and managing a customized ad stack and strategy. AI-driven platforms, like Ezoic vs. Monumetric, help website owners optimize their ad placements through automated testing. They provide monetization tools, including header bidding, to maximize ad revenue.


You can make a steady cash flow through paid ads from advertisement companies like Google Adsense and They also pay weekly and even have a very small minimum withdrawal limit. Other PPC/CPA companies include Infolinks and Revenue hits.

You just need to sign up with them and if you are accepted, you are given a unique link/code which you will strategically position in your blog. When their code is placed on your site, and you generate traffic to those advertisers, you are paid a small amount of money depending on the number of clicks, actions, or impressions.

Most do not require your audience to buy anything for you to get paid; once they click on the links you are getting paid. This is called PPC (Pay-per-click). Others may require your audience to not only click but perform an action either by signing up/registering/buying something, completing a survey, or making a purchase. This is called CPA (Cost Per Action) and always pays more.

PPC options include Adsense, Propeller Ads,, and Infolinks.
CPA options include AdBrite and ValueClickMedia.


Selling useful information is very profitable. A lot of people seek one solution or the other on the internet. You can sell your own e-books, audio, and videos. When your readers trust you, they can buy products you recommend but make sure what you sell on your site is worth paying for else you will lose the trust of your loyal readers and fans. Remember, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. When you provide the solution people need, you are rewarded.

For example, it is obvious that PayPal limits the kind of transactions allowed for some countries, they can only send money through PayPal but cannot receive it. This pushed some bloggers and information marketers to seek ways to genuinely accept PayPal payments without breaking any PayPal law. We were able to find a way and today, some of us can now accept payment from our international clients.

We then decided to carry other marketers along, I created a short e-book on how Nigerians can create a PayPal account that can send and receive funds from Nigeria. You can contact me if you need this information.


This is another big way of building an online income. Some bloggers believe this is, in fact, the best way to make money from your blog. Here, you offer other people’s products to your readers and get paid an agreed percentage when they purchase the product. But as I mentioned earlier, make sure the products you are marketing are worth buying and of quality. So anytime you buy any material that you feel is very resourceful and can be resold with the permission of the owner for a percentage, why not, you will be making steady streams of income when you recommend it. You can also join affiliate networks that have a lot of products available for marketing. Place the unique banner bearing your affiliate ID in your blog and once a purchase is made through your link or banner you are paid.

Popular affiliate networks you can try include Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, ShareASale.

Also, if you are using any product, theme, or WebHost and you feel they offer good service, you can recommend their product to your readers and make a cut once they purchase the product.

Read more about Affiliate Marketing


When you have built a good reputation online some of your readers will like to know your secret, others may want to follow your steps; you can teach them online or guide them through achieving success even without seeing them.

I have consulted for a good number of followers and clients without even meeting them. At most, we spoke on the phone. They’re convinced, they pay you for your time and you, in turn, give them valuable information.

You can also offer to build a site for them to start like you. These kinds of services do not come for free.

Additionally, consulting services focusing on overall digital marketing strategy can be valuable to businesses looking to improve their online presence. You can help clients develop comprehensive digital marketing plans, identify target audiences, evaluate marketing channels, and provide recommendations for improving their online marketing efforts.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers seek guidance and support when starting or growing online businesses. You can help clients develop business plans, set goals, overcome challenges, and provide accountability and guidance.

If you have experience in SEO, you can help online entrepreneurs optimize their websites, conduct keyword research, and develop effective SEO strategies. You can also assist them in creating and implementing social media tactics to grow their online presence and bolster their other digital marketing efforts. Just clearly define the scope of your services, set pricing that reflects your expertise, and effectively communicate the value you can provide them.


Most bloggers are not aware of certain publisher opportunities where they can create an account and sell ad space directly to advertisers.

Yes, you deal directly with advertisers.

A few of such ad marketplaces like

At, publishers are allowed to sell different ad sizes on their sites to advertisers on the network. You fix your price per CPM or monthly.


I reserve this for the last but that doesn’t mean it is the least way to monetize a blog, in fact, it is one of the best for information bloggers that know what they’re doing.

Content promoters and businesses share content related to my niche on my blog and I get paid for this.

The good thing about this method is that you decide what your pay is. Many companies sponsor content on TTE. So you should also consider allowing sponsored posts to earn revenue from your blog.

These and other ways can bloggers monetize their blogs.

If you are a blogger and making good money from your blog using a method not listed above please do share with us and leave a link to your blog.


Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn a commission for my endorsement, recommendation, and/or link to any products or services from this website.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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    • That’s the spirit. Value before monetization. That was how I started too. The money aspect will come so long your readers find value in your content. Thanks for stopping by.

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