What Is SEO?

What SEO simply means.

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO

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Search Engine Optimization are different methods or techniques, web masters can use to improve their site’s ranking in search engines so that they represent closest matches and most reliable resource for users search result.

For any webmaster that need his or her site appear in the top ranking of a Search Engine Result Page – SERP, search engine optimization is very important.


It is always very tough especially for newbie sites to get noticed on the web even when the sites have unique, genuine important content in it.

Let us assume a blogger wrote an article on an important topic like entrepreneurship. And in this article you broke down this topic that even a dullard will understand this topic after reading. You posted this article in your site and your intent is to get people to read your article, give their opinion or generally to build traffic.

Now it is assumed that your article is the best when the keyword “entrepreneurship” is concerned but when users type in the word in a search engine, the search engine result page shows a lot of sites that have written on the same topic but not yours.


This is because your site;

  1. Site might not have been indexed on any search engine.
  2. Site still new with low domain authority
  3. Site poorly ranked

So the first step is to submit your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask so it can be indexed.

A Must Read for Beginner Webmasters: HOW TO SUMMIT YOUR SITE TO SEARCH ENGINE

The web page on your entrepreneurship site which includes genuine useful information, exciting info-graphics or photographs should also have helpful links that can guide your visitors to other needful resources. Like the link above on how to submit your site to search engines.

You should note that if your site is the best resource for entrepreneurship on the web, it benefit search engines to list it high on their SERPs.

So all you have to do is look for a way to show these search engines that your site belongs to the top.

Your site in an ideal World Wide Web should rise to the top of search engines result page, SERP based on the content it has alone, but this will take a big time before it can achieve this height without SEO and there is no guarantee of this.

For most bloggers who wishes to monetize their blog, SEO is very important. You can get quality traffic through this technique. Blog for cash bloggers should note that, traffic translates into prospects and more prospects more money. It doesn’t matter if you are selling directly from your blog, hosting web advertisement or affiliate marketing.


Search engines categorize web pages based on keywords example entrepreneurship which is an important term that your content or article is based. These keywords are relevant when they are just one word.

Search engines providers do not search out this term themselves as millions of topics are posted and discussed on the World Wide Web daily.

Computer Programs like crawlers and spiders are used to search the web and analyze these individual pages based on major keywords (i.e. terms that show up more often in a page).

For your keyword to be easily identified by this programs it should be well placed at some particular positions. It matters a lot, if not well placed at the right places the program might not be able to identify it, placing your keywords at the under listed position will help its ranking.

Title: This is one place that should be a must to place a keyword in your web page. You can use a title like “What is entrepreneurship” or “Social Entrepreneurship“. This helps SEO a great deal.

Header: This is another right place to position your key word. Most search engine will position your title and header together when ranking your web page, it will also help users to easily identify what they are looking for and a header can have definition of the key word.

These two positions are the best place to position your key word while you still use them randomly in your page.

Most search engines programs also consider greatly how many web pages are linked to your page. This is called link analysis.

The programs rank pages according to the most pages that have more links from other sites discussing the same key word. If your page is linked to high ranking pages, it is ranked high.

This is because the program assumes it should be at par with the linked page. Meaning, search engines place importance on your ranking based on the ranking of the pages linked to your sites. This is another SEO secret.

You can also choose to exchange link with other pages discussing the same topic with you. This is called link exchange method.

Link building is vital in SEO.

These methods stated above are the clean ways {White hat approach} to get your page optimized.

There are other ways to optimized your web page but they are back door method and we do not discuss such methods in our blog. These other methods are the black hat approach of SEO and Google and most other search engines frown at thiose methods. But they can still draw traffic to your site.

You can get your blog ranked faster by doing SEO.

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