How to Use OLX to Showcase Your Business and Get Leads

Hello my readers, once again, I am about to show you another way to get leads to your business using the OLX Free platforms.

My name remains Francis Nwokike. I have been using the OLX platform to generate income through buying and selling of new and used goods but while trying to understand how best to leverage the platform as an entrepreneur, I found the service-showcasing category long time ago where users can actually showcase what they do and fix a price for their service.

Why am I telling you about this service category?

Over the years, skilled workers such as bakers, fashion designers, artists, graphic designers, POP makers, furniture makers and so on are limited to how they can showcase their service to the world or at least in their area.

Most times, it’s either through word of mouth or referrals that bring about new customers for these set of people. But I am about to share with you how you can leverage the OLX free platform to market and grow your business online.

Now you do not need to pay any dime for this free promotion.

I know few entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of this opportunity but many are still ignorant of this prompting this post.

You see, the OLX platform is not just for buying and selling of goods, you can as well showcase your talent, business or services therein.

Few years ago, I started a Janitorial Service Company that offer cleaning services to homes and offices alike. I struggled to get clients (frankly, still struggling as there are many competitors in the niche). I stumbled on the service category of OLX and decided to check it out. That same day, the first chat I received was from a job seeker that was willing to work for my company. I did not actually reply immediately as I was still seeking for jobs to execute before contacting those that will execute the same. (I pay my freelance workers daily)

To cut the whole story short, few days later, I started receiving calls to come and check out some offers of which some did not work out but a few did and I have built a little clientele through this free platform. I would have just relied on friends/family/happy customers to refer me to new customers as I do not have any special branded office location for this business but use my work address in my flyers.

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I also use the same platform to showcase my blog creation service business.

Adding your service in OLX is very easy, if you don’t have an account, just visit and choose your country of residence. Then register for an account using your email and phone number and a code will be sent to you. You will be immediately approved but remember to store the code somewhere as they will act as your password anytime you wish to buy/sell or showcase a service as well as for updates.

Very Important: The location you choose matters a lot as that is where most likely your prospects will call from and if you are not readily available, you will miss such opportunity, so it is advised to use your immediate location.

Tips to Get Even More Leads from OLX.

OLX offer paid promotion services for her serious users and marketers.

What do I mean?

When you add your service in OLX for example, it is at the top thereby very visible to users online but as the day goes by and as members keeps on showcasing their services, yours goes down thereby less visibility.

But with OLX Promote-Your-Service offer, you can make your service remain on top, showing as an ad for weeks, months and even years as the case may be.

This promotional service is pocket friendly but the ROI could be very massive if you offer a great and sort after service.

In Conclusion

As an entrepreneur, your visibility is paramount. If people don’t know about your products/services, you cannot make money. You should therefore leverage opportunities such as this and many others to showcase what you do and without relenting, you will meet those customers that will change your life. Also note that you can replicate the same for other free platforms like JIJI etc.

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