10 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online Today

Making money online is not something new for most of us. There are many businesses operating online and raking in thousands on a monthly basis. You should not be surprise when you hear that someone can work just 5 hours every day and still come out with a 6 figure income every month.

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It is happening and you too can do it only if you know the sure ways it can be done.

Now, don’t get confuse. There are many ways to make money online these days. All you need to do is to find the one that is suitable for you and focus on it like I am doing.

I am aware of the 101 ways to make money online legally but I chose to major on freelance writing, blogging and few others as those are what I find suitable for me.

Here are 10 realistic ways to make money online today so you can choose and get started immediately.

  1. Blogging

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online that everyone is craving for. Bloggers are raking in thousands (not all though) every month from their blogs. Blogging is a long-term investment as you don’t start seeing income immediately.

It takes months of hard work before you start seeing results from your blog. If you have passion in a particular subject and would love to share it, you can start a blog and pave your way into becoming a successful blogger in the long term.

Blogging is something you can start as a side business and still be making huge amount of income every month. With blogging, you can make money by accepting sponsored posts, running Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, paid reviews, selling your own products or services etc.

All you will need to get started is to decide on;

After you must have decided on these things, you will learn the rest as you proceed. With blogging, you learn new things every day.

So, don’t wait until you know everything before you get started. Time is ticking!

Here is an easy guide on how to start a money-making blog.

  1. Freelance Writing

This is another popular and realistic ways to make money online these days. It is one best way to make money online for those that love writing. There are many webmasters looking for freelance writers who can help them create high-quality content for their blogs.

If this is something you are really passionate about, you can give it a try. All you will need to get started is to find someone already successful in the business and learn from the person.

The reason I said this is because there are two ways you can launch a freelance writing career. You can choose to sign up on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and the others and start pitching for gigs or wait for a client to give you one. Or, you can choose to be independent by not relying on freelancing sites as I do.

But, irrespective of which way you want to follow, you will still need a coach to put you through as each path requires certain things you must learn in which how to market yourself to land clients is inclusive.

  1. Website Designing

If you are a skilled computer programmer who would love to make money from it, you can make money online by building websites for businesses and individuals. If you are really good, clients will be ready to pay you what you ask for.

An easy way to get started is by working for free for your first and up to third clients. This way they can be able to refer you when anyone they know needs the service of a website designer. And secondly, you will end up building a portfolio for yourself that you can confidently show to new clients.

Another way to get started is to search online for companies looking for website designers by signing up on sites like eLance, Fiverr, freelancer.com so as to pitch and land a gig.

  1. Selling eBooks

Do you know you can make money online selling eBooks? It is one big online business opportunity. If freelance writing is not your thing but you love being an author, you can start this business with little to nothing.

What you need is to decide on which topic or story you want to write on, create the content, convert it into a pdf, and upload the eBook on multiple online eBook stores for free. The good thing about this online business is that you can write and upload as many eBooks as you want.

This business can be run alongside other online businesses.

Learn how to start a book review blog in few steps

  1. Forex Trading

So many people are afraid of forex trade because they know they can lose heavily if things do not go well. But, to be frank with you, if you are ready to learn about the trade, you can end up becoming a millionaire within 12 months of starting.

There are thousands of people making it online with forex trading. You just need to learn the rules and trade wisely.

  1. Website Flipping

Have you heard of website flipping before? This business involves creating websites, running them for some time, and sell for profit. If you have the skills in building websites, you can run this business and make money building and selling websites.

Your job is to build a niche website, run it for some months, and put it up for sale on a bidding marketplace like Sedo. If you cannot build sites, at least you can purchase domains with good potential and sell for profit. This is called Domain Flipping.

Learn more about Domain Flipping – A huge online business opportunity.  Ebola.com was sold for $200,000, few years after the owners bought it for $13,500.

  1. Coaching and Consultation

This is where you make money online by sharing your knowledge and experience for free and fee. Assuming you have good knowledge of blogging, you can then create an email list for interested and aspiring bloggers where you will be teaching them how they can become a successful blogger.

With your list, you will be sharing free content and be organizing paid class for advanced content. You don’t need an office or website to run this business. Your email list is your office.

  1. Selling Information Products

This is one way to make money online starting with nothing. Information products that you can sell online include eBooks, video courses, paid webinars, audio courses, etc.

This is the business of the 21st century. It does not fade away as we are in the information age. All you should do to get started is to decide on the niche you want to become an authority in, start a blog, create good content around your niche, build a good amount of following, create a product your readers/subscribers must have been asking for and sell to them.

  1. Software Developing

With the rise in the demand for mobile apps, software developers are in high demand in companies around the world. If you are very good at developing software, you can try your hand in it and start making money where you either develop and sell your software to companies or you get hired to develop software for companies.

  1. Sell Items on Free Classified Sites

It is very easy to make money selling items on classified websites like eBay classified, OLX, JiJi, Geebo, Craigslist, etc. These are online marketplaces where buyers meet sellers online, then connect offline to transact while the seller keeps all the profit without paying a royalty to anyone. At first, you will need to do some research and put in some effort. Once you have done research on items that are selling most, you can work on how you can get the products ready to sell too. And try to make your customers happy so they can refer you to other people.

If you have items in your house that you are not using again or you know where you can find good items at a very cheap price, you can sign up on any or both platforms for free and start making money selling your items.


There are many realistic ways to make money online today that you can leverage to support yourself financially. Stop wasting your time waiting to land a job when you can do something online that can fetch you the income that you want.

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