Why Your Jeans Have Tiny Front Pocket – The History

Why is this Tiny Front Pocket in my Jeans?

Have you ever wondered why there is a tiny front pocket inside the front right pocket of your jean?

Here is why your jeans have that tiny front pocket

Every pair of jeans has a tiny pocket in the front right pocket. Why?

What’s with that pocket?

Where does it originate?

What purpose does it serve?


It used to be a watch pocket.

Cowboy Watch for the tiny front pocket


It was originally for cow boys who needed a safe place to store the pocket watch, that will keep it protected (the tiny pocket is tight and can firmly hold the watch) and stay easily accessible.

A cow boy in action

Although pocket watch are a thing of the past and most of us are no longer cow boys, the pocket has adopted other uses.

Here is why your jeans have that tiny front pocket 4

According to LEVISTRAUSS.COM, not only is the pocket extremely useful for holding tiny trinkets, it’s also loved by denimheads for the faded and worn nature it takes over time.

Today, fellow deninheads could celebrate the memory of Levi Strauss by applying new use of his classic mini pocket including the storages of a guitar pick, single iron or electronic keys, winning bottle cap, USB dongle or thumb drive, coins, loose floss, iPad mini, iPod shuffle, tiny iPod image viewer, kindle surprise egg toy, AAA battery, a dice, 3 skittles or perhaps a Memorex minidisc.

Here is why your jeans have that tiny front pocket 5 Image of a tiny iPod Image

Are you a deninhead? Do you wear jeans? Please share with us what you use your tiny front pockets for and what it has saved you from losing because of its firm nature.

Image/Source – BusinessInsider

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