How To Discover Your Purpose – The Purpose System

Before I share with you how to discover your purpose, I would like you to first understand what purpose is.

What is Purpose?

Simply put, PURPOSE is the quality of being determined to do or achieve something, living with an assignment, living to achieve a goal, the feeling of determination to achieve things in life, having a plan, and working towards achieving such a plan.

Living without an assignment is living without a goal. When one does not know the purpose one was created abuse is inevitable. Lack of identification of purpose is killing many, reducing them to just a “MATTER” on earth.

Every man is obligated to determine his purpose on earth. Your creator has already destined you for something; it is now left for you to determine your destiny. He did not create you to increase the earth’s population.

“If a man has not found something worth dying for, such a man is not fit to live” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

God gave you a brain so you can give Him rest. He also gave you a head so you can think ahead.

God created you for a purpose. A manufacturer does not make a product for naught but to serve a purpose, so it is with your creator. He made you to accomplish things.

Today, I will be putting you through on how to discover your purpose, the purpose system, and virtues of purpose as thought by a powerful mentor of mine. This blog will be as brief as possible; all you have to do is read inbetween the lines and apply accordingly.

How to Discover Your Purpose

  1. For you to discover your purpose, you need to, first of all, GET AT GOD who is your maker. God created you for a purpose and He alone knows that purpose. You need to ask Him to reveal this purpose to you. You can ask Him through prayer and fasting. Then you should bring out time to meditate and listen so you can hear Him. He can reveal your purpose in life through any means that best suits Him, so all you need to do is meditate and concentrate. “Until purpose is discovered, your best is not yet out”.
  2. What is your MAKE UP? Everybody has a gift or talent. You need to ask/check yourself and know that thing you love doing. Things that family or friends do not force you to do. Things you do voluntarily. Those things you are willing to skip other things for notwithstanding the consequences. Sometimes in some people’s lives, they have skipped classes because of these personal passions. This is what you need to discover yourself. I do not need to list people in this category as they are so famous everyone knows them.
  3. YOUR CHOICE: What are your choices in life? For example, when you are given options to choose between careers; a paid job, or business, which will you prefer not minding the benefits? If you were to write or counsel, play or coach, which will you prefer? Your choice channel also matters in identifying your purpose.

NOTE: It is possible to “succeed” without knowing your purpose but there is no joy in it and you might lose focus at some point.

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” – Roy T. Bennett

The Purpose System

For one to know what one is made of or where one is going, one must note the following;

  • PLANNING: You must plan.
  • PROGRAM: You must have a time action.
  • PURSUIT: You must give it all it takes until your aim is achieved.
  • PERSEVERE: You must strive to overcome all hurdles.
  • PRAISE: You must be thankful to God at all times and appreciate your mentors or fathers who are guiding you appropriately.
  • POSSESS: You must possess your possession.

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discover your purpose

Virtues of Purpose

CHOICE: Though you did not create yourself, you can define your purpose. Remember the saying, “Your destiny is in your hands“.

DESIRE: This is the craving of the heart. You have to crave your heart desires and work towards achieving them. “Through desire a man separated himself, seeking and inter-meddling with all wisdom.” Pro 18:1

EXPECTATION: You have to be expectant always. What you don’t expect, you don’t experience.

IMAGINATION: This is an act of mental image formation. There is power in our imagination. Gen 11:6-15. Your imagination is as real as done. It is what you think that determines what you take.

DETERMINATION: There is power in your zeal. This gives you the energy to thrive.

CONCENTRATION: You must concentrate on whatever you are doing per time. When you give room to side attractions you will be distracted. This is what is killing many people including me of the past. I know a lot of us entrepreneurs or online businessmen experience this a lot. For example, whenever you want to read online or do a little research online, you can easily be distracted by different adverts or topics related to what you are researching on or breaking news of a sort. I learnt something from one of my mentors, he said “Always know the reason why you are going online per time, write down what you wish to achieve after a specific time and work towards achieving those things. Make notes of your findings and if possible, go offline and ponder on your findings individually or as a team as it applies.”

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  1. James wakili says:

    This is best site I have ever come across,sir I really want u to be my mentor plz.

  2. Kendrick king says:

    I don’t think anyone can be an entrepreneur and not enjoy talking at some point or at least find themselves dishing out good talks & uplifting people spirit. My names “KEN” am 23yrs and I became an entrepreneur early January, had to quit my job. Coz it felt more like a real life rat race. Buh yoooo! You know I thought being an entrepreneur was fun 😸😸. Till my small business started driving me crazy, sleepless night, mood swings, anxiety and lot more… In the toilet in the bathtub, with my frnds, I don’t know I just find myself thinking about my business abut money, abut what to do to increase my sales and double my income. And at some point I just love it coz its making me feel more like a man and it has really exposed my mind to a lot. Am still learning. I know 6mothn is pretty small, buh am just happy I found something I actually love doing and would be proud of in my imminent outlook. All I need is a coach and someone to talk to

  3. Okere Wisdom says:

    I am speechless. Wonderful !

  4. Queen says:

    Sir, your thoughts are powerful..very inspiring.
    Please I really need you to help me out.. I am in a state of total confusion which gives me sleepless night.. I studied computer science, I love to buy and sell I enjoy that a lot without complains no matter anything up to the extent that I had to register a fashion school to extend my knowledge.. I always find myself sharing ideas and making sense each time I talk with people, in fact some of my good friends today is as a result of my good thoughts with them.. so i noticed i have this possibility of motivating people… which one do u actually think I should focus on?

  5. Ephraim says:

    Thanks greatly sir,for your insightful teaching. l discovered my passions to be entrepreneurship and motivational writing over a decade now but about 5 yrs into this discovery l saw myself sharing the idea with someone in the dream that ‘l am a writer’. However, my special choice is engineering (computer). Which of them should l focus on? Which of them is my life purpose? Am EPHRAIM.

    • Hello Ephraim, thanks for the compliment.

      Coming to your question, I would like you to note that what we study in school might not necessarily be our calling.

      However, it is also possible to be passionate about engineering and still love writing/business.

      That is why you need to look inwardly and see how you can combine the both skills.

      But to easily ascertain which you should focus on, I will advise you focus on the one that truly makes you fulfilled after you must have completed any task therein.

      How do I mean?

      If you are always very happy anytime you are giving a job related to computer engineering and you focus all your energy towards the completion of that job and sometimes forgetting you have not eaten, while you are still on it, and extra happy when you deliver the completed job and see a huge smile in your clients face, then you should consider majoring in computer engineering but if you feel highly elated teaching or writing about entrepreneurship or inspiring people than you feel with the engineering job, then you should consider the latter.

      Be that as it may, it is important you note that if you love speaking, writing or motivating people more than engineering but this skill is yet to be footing your bills while you earn reasonable amount working as a computer engineer, it is highly advisable you keep doing your engineer job while you build your audience base as a writer/speaker.

      Meanwhile, who says you can’t combine the two?

      Who says you can’t be a writer in computer engineering?

      Think about that.

      In the meantime, you can shoot me up with a nice motivational article and if we find it interesting, will feature it in our blog.

      All the best.


  6. Ania says:

    What if you can’t answer “what is my make up?” question? What if you have not been able to answer it whole your life due to no fault of your own. Then panic impairs your concentration and you end up being two vital elements down? Even if meditation helps a little and you seem to get that taste of feeling something different or being in the moment, it’s very brief and you lose it quite quickly. Is more meditation the answer? Overall the article is very smart, your insight and talent to verbalise intangible deserves recognition. Many thanks

  7. Ahmed says:

    Wow,This is the best self-improvement message I ever read. I love it . Keep on sharing as sharing means caring. May God care for all your needs.

  8. Hassan says:

    so educative, thanks for your spiritual motivation

    • You are welcome Hassan. It’s my pleasure. Do subscribe to our blog using your email so you can be getting stuffs like this direct to your mail box thereby having first hand access to our articles they drop.


  9. Oge says:

    You’re an inspirator Francis.

  10. Ifeoma says:

    Nice article. Thanks

  11. Grace says:

    Thanks for this lovely information Franis

  12. Frank says:

    Wow. I think I get it now. Thank you very much to whom ever wrote this. I can’t express my joy. I have to read and read and read all over again. I have started applying and will get back to you when the result starts coming. Thanks again.

  13. paul says:

    Man,this article is God sent.I am presently in the dilemma of discovery.I want to do a lot of things.I have prayed,read bible,yoga,meditate,read motivationals yet I seem not to know my purpose.Do you mentor people Francis,I want to beg you here publicly for the previledge of your mentorship.Do not refuse please.How do I contact you on fone.

    • Thank you Paul for appreciating this piece. I will be glad to put you through on issues pertaining discovering your purpose. You can use the contact us link to send messages or questions and you will sure here from me. Francis

  14. Ada says:

    If only discovering our purpose on earth by going to God is dat easy, dat means no one on earth will ever deviate frm his or her destiny. U shld hav elaborated more on hw God reavels our purpose in life to us. The MAKEUP and CHOICE option is perfectly understood

    • Thank you for your comment Ada. Yes, One can easily know what one is called for when one is closer to one’s maker. On the elaboration; No one can help you discover your purpose. It is you and you alone that can get that information. God reveals your purpose through your make ups. Through those things you love doing, through those things you love discussing about, researching about etc. That thing that gives you joy in the inside when you do them even without being motivated either in form of cash payment or mere appreciation. Look towards that direction and I bet. Your answer will not be far from it. All the best. Francis

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