How to Link Personal Domain email to Gmail – Easy Guide with Images

Link Personal Domain Email to Gmail

Are you finding it difficult to link your personal domain email account (e.g. to your Gmail App so you can easily receive business mails from your domain direct to your mobile phone?

Don’t feel bad about it, I was once like you but cos you arrived to my blog today, your case is going to be 100% solved.

You know, before now, I use to wonder if it was even possible to link my personal hosted domain email account to my Gmail App on my Android/iOS mobile phones.

I tried looking this up on Google search but because I was not so tech savvy, the information I bump into looked vague to me.

I tried then but always got stuck at some point. So I felt I needed to do something special which at the time I was not ready to stress myself while I have other things keeping me busy.

Not until I traveled without my laptop sometime and by the time I got back and checked my business mail, I received tons of mails of which 2 where to pay for a service but had limited delivery time while most of the others are sponsored/guest post requests.

Well, I responded to the 2 emails first but only one replied with a “too late” tag and the other never replied. I lost money of course and it was painful.

So I decided it was time to sort the email linking thing so I had to take a third look at Google Email App. This time around, I was not ready to give up and I succeeded.

When I did, at first I was not happy, why, because it was a very simple task and the thought of loosing that money made me unhappy but then, I was glad I won’t miss such opportunity in the future even if I travel for weeks.

Sorry for the long intro, I just had to share this so you understand the importance of having your business domain email account linked to your Gmail mobile App because sometimes we do not value some features added to special Apps like Gmail App until we lose something.

So in the simple guide, I will share with you how to link personal domain email to Gmail or any other Email App and receive business emails very fast with your mobile phone as well as reply your potential clients.

I will also share with you how to delete your personal email account from your mobile phone. This is important especially when you are giving out the phone or selling it on online classified marketplaces.

How to Set Up Gmail to Send and Receive Emails using your Domain Name – Step-by-Step Guide with Image Description

 1. Open the Gmail app, tap the Menu by the left upper side

how to access domain email through gmail

2. Tap Settings

how do I access work email on gmail

3. Tap add account

how do I access work email on gmail

4. Set up new email by tapping “Other” (for hosted domain email account, e.g.

how to log in to company email from gmail

5. Add your personal/company email address

How to Set Up Gmail to Send and Receive Emails using your Domain Name

6. Select account type: Choose Personal (POP3) 

7. Type in your personal/company email account password

8. Setting Incoming Server, tap Next


9. Setting Outgoing Server, tap Next

10. Account setting options (Interval at which you want Gmail app to sync your personal email account for new email) and notification option. 

11. Choose the name that will appear when you send mails to your clients and you’re done.

12. When you tap Next, the account is automatically set up and your emails synced and all the emails in your desktop account inbox will appear in your Gmail account.

This is the simplest way to access domain email through gmail.

Note: You can use this method to also add your yahoo or hotmail email account to Gmail App. Yes, it’s that simple.


How to Delete Personal/Company Email Account from Gmail App

This is straight forward but that is because I am showing you.


1. Go to settings from the Menu

2. Tap the icon by the top right side and click manage accounts

3. Choose Personal (POP3)

4. Select the account you wish to delete/remove by tapping it

How to Delete Personal/Company Email Account from Gmail App

5. Tap More at the bottom page

6. Select remove account

7. Finish. 

Now you know how to add and remove your personal/company hosted domain email account to and from your Gmail app and receive as well as send emails to your business clients.

If this article helped you, please let me know through the comment box. You can also share any problem you encounter setting your email account up and I will be glad to assist you.

Wish you the best.


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