Looking after your customers and how to do it

You can have the most experienced and efficient team in the industry, but if your customers don’t feel appreciated then they won’t stay loyal and come back to use your service. You need to show them that you care and appreciate their time. Spending a little bit of time can help you achieve a rapport with your customers. Developing soft skills like signs of caring, empathy, listening, and concern is extremely important. Having repeat customers keeps your business turning a profit and can be a great way to encourage new customers. Here are a few tips to help you care for your customers.

Looking after your customers and how to do it


What is CRM? CRM simply means customer relationship management. It is software for organizing, maintaining, and retrieving customer information. It allows marketers and sales professions to gain holistic views of their customers on an individual basis. This helps you generate sales as you can track customer interactions which will lead you to new leads and opportunities.

You can use CRM for sales and marketing gives companies a single customer view. They can offer a unique dashboard for each customer detailing specifics related to the relationship between the customer and the business. Knowing what a customer is looking at will help you promote your business to their needs.


Be Present With Your Customers

As businesses become more reliant on technology, the customer can often feel detached from the business. All it takes is simple gestures to make customers feel better than ever about your company and for them to use you for repeat customs. You need to give customers your full attention when you are interacting with them. Turn off all the distractions around you when they talk. Make them the focus of your time.

Avoid sending emails and answering the phone when you are interacting with your customer. As a leader in your business, you need to set an example. Put aside your distractions when you communicate with employees.


Make It Personal

One of the key skills that front-line employees have learned is to address customers by name to make the experience more personal. Many companies now will offer their own names as well as enquiring about yours to make the experience more personal. You should attempt to take notice of any past experience or personal information they have revealed to you so that you can show that you are taking notice and you care about the person, not just the transaction.

Most databases leave the room so that you can add notes. You should get into the habit of leaving notes on returning customers so that you have a reference to past conversations. Equally, you can take notes of things not to mention. This will keep you and your employees on the right side of your customers.


Customer Service

Depending on your business, it can be easy to forget those individual customers are important. It takes only one bad experience for people to discount businesses and hold lifelong grudges against them. However, showing a couple of acts of goodwill can ensure that your customers always return even if they aren’t necessarily happy with the interaction at the time.

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