5 Types Of Geared Motors And Their Application In Business

A geared motor is an electric motor that uses a gear system on the output of that motor. Combining an electric motor with a gearbox saves costs and design complexity, particularly for high-torque and low-speed applications.

Types Of Geared Motors And Their Application In Business

This article will highlight five types of geared motors, and give you a better understanding of their advantages within the business world.

  1. Right-Angle Gear Motors

This type of geared motor can use a variety of gear systems that employ spur gears or planetary gears as the most common form of gear motor. These gear motors are offered with a choice of AC or DC motors and are used to accommodate a wide range of applications such as door automation, vending machines, and intricate robotics.

That type of gear motor is the preferred option for automated equipment where space is limited, and torque requirements are high.

  1. Spur Gear Motor

The best benefit to using a spur gear motor is sheer simplicity. Spur gear motors will produce a lot of noise if adequate lubrication is not used. These motors can handle higher loads if multiple stages get added, and high gear reduction ratios are included in the plans for the machine for its intended use.

They are also one of the safest kinds to use in the workplace, and we all know how important safety in the workplace is.

Spur gears offer a simple design that doesn’t take up much room, which makes them perfect for installing in restricted spaces.

  1. Parallel Shaft Geared Motor

The parallel shaft DC gearmotors can use three different types of gears to achieve transmission: spur, helical, and double helical.

Many industries prefer this motor, including sugar, paper, and pharmaceutical companies. Various material handling equipment will benefit from this type of geared motor – particularly conveyor systems and carriage drives.

  1. Hypoid Gear Motors

Expect efficiency with Hypoid gear motors. The advantage of this type of system is that the bevel pinion can be realized with a far greater spiral angle. That is due to the axis offset which increases the overall coverage of the gear teeth.

Hypoid gearboxes are capable of transmitting more torque than a standard single helical tooth and they are symmetrical along their centreline. The Hypoid gear systems have a mechanical advantage over the plain worm versions.

  1. Worm Gear Motors

Worm gear sets are made up of worm wheels and worms. The worm wheel is typically a cylindrical gear, and the worm is usually a screw-shaped gear. They then get used for transferring power and motion across shafts that do not intersect.

These systems have massive gear ratios, and can easily reduce speed while remaining smooth and quiet. The advantages of a system like this one include high precision abilities, low maintenance, and practically zero noise levels.

To End

The only way to know what geared motor system to use in your business is to do in-depth research on the machines you need to run your company. Business applications for motored systems are hugely varying in nature, which means that this is a more complex process than you might realize.

Do your research and consult the experts for their opinion – their experience will prove to be significantly valuable to you.

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