Market Your Healthcare Mission as a Cutting-Edge Entrepreneur

The healthcare field has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. The internet has opened up myriad possibilities for physicians, medical practices, medical innovators, and other health-field entrepreneurs for reaching the broader world in order to meet essential ends: bring products to market and get their messages to the general population; and yet, no health-centric shift is more critical than the way in which physicians and patients interact. As a doctor seeking to thrive in the health marketplace, you must think as an entrepreneur does. These marketing tips will work as patient strategies you can use to promote your vision.

Market Your Healthcare Mission as a Cutting-Edge Entrepreneur

Social Media

Whatever you do to gain recognition, your ground zero should involve generating content on mobile-media platforms. One wonderful aspect of using this platform is that as a medical professional, you are creating an archive of reliable, trusted information. Ideally, you will look at social media as a two-pronged strategy. First, provide open health information to the world-at-large. Second, use social media platforms to communicate privately with your own patients. These feeds can be as simple as your providing office information updates.


Your healthcare website can also serve more than one role. For one thing, as is the case with home pages across the spectrum, you will want to market various aspects of your practice: Outline biographical information about your talented staff and partners; highlight medical procedures and methods you subscribe to; or demonstrate welcoming patient policies. Additionally, you can provide medical education. Most importantly, you should use your website as a means to access your patient portal in a way that builds upon these other features.


Compared with newer forms of online patient strategies, email may seem old school. However, because email users number in the billions, you should realize you are missing an opportunity if you do not engage in email strategies. Patients will reliably check their emails daily, so by using this format you can communicate appointment confirmations, wellness reminders, general health strategies, and any other medical information. Best of all, email provides the opportunity for two-way communication, a critical component in effective patient care. You can start your email campaign by first building a list of potential clients.

Target Audience

To reach your patients or whatever community is your focus, make sure to understand that audience. You have to decide which outreach method would be most effective. For example, consider an elderly core group; while you can throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, your multifaceted approach would likely overwhelm and confuse. You also have to be careful that your various strategies are in harmony with one another. For example, if your patient portal provides an appointment check-in time that differs from that of an automated text, elderly patients will not know which feature to trust both at the moment and long term.

In the world of medical professionals, phone-only communication has gone the way of house calls. Just as any entrepreneur practices, as a healthcare specialist, you can ensure you stay relevant by tapping into cutting-edge media strategies.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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