How to Make Money with Freelance Jobs: Be a Top Freelancer

How to Make Money with Freelance Jobs: Be a top freelancer

The number of freelancers in the US is on the rise. Over 57 million Americans now work as freelancers, constituting over one-third of the total US workforce. This is almost the same with most European and African countries. Trends indicate that an increasing number of Americans will join the gig economy over the coming years, says a 2018 survey by Upwork.

Reasons for Freelancing

Understandably, there would be strong drivers for an increasing number of Americans leaving regular, stable office jobs and opting to freelance. Before we learn how to make money as a freelancer, it’s vital to understand these reasons.

Eliminating Daily Commutes

On average, an American worker commutes 4.35 hours a week between home and work. This adds up to over 200 hours per year. Commutes are a known cause of stress among office-going workers. It leads to a drop in productivity. Not to mention the cost of commute such as gasoline for own vehicle or fares on public transport systems.

If we calculate the number of hours the entire American workforce spends on commutes, the figure is astounding. In fact, time spent on commutes is a waste of productive man-hours. Freelancing enables workers to overcome this colossal loss of productivity.

Flexible Work Hours

Freelancers enjoy flexible work hours. Since freelancers are independent contractors, they aren’t bound by any office hours. Hence, it’s possible to work whenever they wish. Consequently, as a freelancer, you can provide services to more than one employer or organization.

Furthermore, you also have ample time for rest and recreation. This leads to a better, stress-free lifestyle that has apparent health benefits. Studies reveal, freelancers also enjoy better family life and are overall happier people, in direct comparison with office goers.

Work from Anywhere

Freelancers can work from anywhere. Especially those whose work depends upon computers and the Internet.  Hence, a freelancer isn’t limited by location or distance from an employer. They can work even while visiting a foreign country.

Understandably, this luxury isn’t available to freelancers that work on jobs that require their physical presence at a location. However, such persons can also offer their skills anywhere, if they relocate. They aren’t dependent upon a single employer or source of income.

Advances in Technology

Technological advances have made freelancing very easy. Whether you join Uber or Lyft as freelance cabbie or opt for a high-caliber profession, freelancing depends upon technology. For example, a freelance delivery agent working under the Amazon Flex program can select work hours through an app.

For others, there are websites including Upwork, Fiverr, and that enable freelancers to bid for specific projects that match their skills. Additionally, freelancers can also take prestigious projects available from various crowd-sourcing websites.

Should these features attract you to work as freelancer, here’s how to make money with freelance jobs.

Best Freelance Jobs to Make Money

There are countless ways to make money by freelancing. Some are online, others are offline but do involve the use of some Internet-based technologies. Here we’ll explore some such ideas on how to make money with freelance jobs.

1. Drive for Uber, Lyft or Others

Taxi aggregators such as Uber and Lyft among others always require freelance cabbies. And you can work from any location in the US with Uber, Lyft, or others. These companies have certain criteria for working as a freelance or part-time cabbie. If you own a vehicle and are willing to freelance as a taxi driver, this is an excellent way to make money.

2. Deliver with Amazon Flex

Global online retail giant, Amazon has this amazing program known as Amazon Flex. You’ll have to register online and download the Amazon Flex app to make money from this freelance job. As Amazon Flex member, you’ll be delivering packages to customers on behalf of Amazon. It’s also possible to select your delivery slots to suit your specific timings. The program currently covers only a few parts of USA. However, Amazon is rolling it out nationwide in phases.

3. Content Writing

This is my favorite and possibly the world’s single largest freelance profession. As the term suggests, a content writer creates articles for websites and blogs. This is largely an online freelance profession.

Because freelance content writing contracts are available through specific websites only. Unless of course you know someone that’s going to give you several writing assignments that would net you enough money throughout the year. If you have excellent writing skills and are adept at research, content writing is the best freelancing job to get.

Learn how to get freelance writing clients to pay you what you are worth.

4. Freelance Journalists

Freelancing and journalism are inseparable. As newspapers, radio, and TV channels as well as news websites compete with one another for the largest chunk of readers and audience, they look for excellent news stories. No media organization, however large, can afford to have full-time journalists at various locations across the country or the world. Hence, they depend upon freelancers. To work as a freelance journalist, you’ll need a nose for news and a flair for writing. And of course, a computer with a reliable Internet connection.

5. Visiting Chefs

Do you have amazing skills for a specific cuisine? If so, you can work as a freelance visiting chef. Generally, freelance chefs are called by hotels or restaurants for a short duration to present a specific cuisine for their guests.

Additionally, you’ll get invitations from the rich and famous to prepare fantastic meals for their parties and other celebrations.

Visiting chefs are also in high demand among international hotel chains: they can take you to distant countries to showcase a specific cuisine that’s unknown to locals. A freelance, visiting chef is a very prestigious job and you can make a lot of money with this profession.

These five freelance jobs rank as my favorite because they pay well and don’t involve much hassle. Of course, some freelance jobs require special skills.

However, it’s possible to find freelance work to make money if you look around on the Internet. Or you can also find freelance jobs on classifieds pages of local newspapers.

Regardless of what job you choose, it’s always possible to make a lot of money if you know some tips and tweaks.

Here’re some tips and tweaks to make money with freelance jobs.

Tips to Make Money by Freelancing

With over 57 million Americans in the freelance market followed by some 15 million in India and high numbers of freelancers in other parts of the world, it’s fairly tough to get work. However, some of these tips and tweaks on how to make money with freelance jobs could help you.

Take Skills Inventory

Meaning, take some time to find out where are your best skills. It needn’t be in some profession or have any connection with your educational qualifications.

While qualifications and experience do matter, passion to do something matters the most in freelancing. Hence, identify skills that you can offer in the freelance market.

Furthermore, ensure you have more than one marketable skill as a freelancer. Because work in a specific field might not be available round the year or when you need it. Hence, some diverse skills are a must if you are serious about making money as a freelancer.

Spread Yourself Online

There are several websites where you can bid for freelance jobs to make money. is the most popular with ranking at No-2 on my top list. Then we have too. Additionally, you can find freelance jobs on,, and as well.

A great way to ensure you’ll never run out of freelance work is by spreading yourself online on more than one of these websites. That way, you’ll somewhat ensure that you keep getting updates on freelance work that matches your skills set is available. As I mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of freelance opportunities. What’s necessary is to identify these and bid on time. This is possible when you register on the highest possible number of websites. An excellent LinkedIn profile is also very useful to make money as a freelancer.

Get References

References from people you’ve done freelance assignments work wonders. It helps you improve your chances to make money with freelance jobs. Usually, a fresh employer will look at your references. And if you can provide strong references, there are high chances you’ll bag that freelance assignment.

Additionally, excellent references also help you to make more money as a freelancer. Your experience with top employers enables you to bid a bit higher than other freelancers that are competing for the same assignment. Each time you complete an assignment, ask your employer to issue a certificate of appreciation that speaks highly about your skills, method of executing the project, and meeting deadlines.

Know the Market

Most freelancers don’t realize the value of their work and hence, end up offering services for cheap. This can prove disastrous if you wish to make money with freelance jobs. Because an employer may falsely believe your skills aren’t up to their mark and may consider others for the work.

Therefore, it’s very essential to know in advance how much money your skills and work are worth. Find the exact rate per hour and on a project or assignment basis. Never bid low just to bag a contract: it may indicate desperation and lack of skills. Knowing the market and prevailing rates will help you make extra money as a freelancer.


Now that you’re aware of how to make money with freelance jobs, here’s some advice. Don’t depend on market conditions or other factors to launch yourself in the gig economy or freelance market. Anytime is the right time. And the time is now. As freelancing gets popular worldwide, the competition will only get hotter. Therefore, starting now is best. There’s no such thing as ‘ideal conditions.’ Anytime is ideal to enter freelancing and make money.

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