What to do When You Have Nothing to Blog About

What to do When You Have Nothing to Blog About

Are you a blogger that have been in a situation where you don’t know what to blog about? You have brainstormed and brainstormed yet nothing seems to be coming out. Maybe you are a blogger with more than one blog and it seems you are out of ideas on what to blog about on your blogs.

I do feel your pain!

It looks like you have written everything you want to write in this life and there is no more topic for you to write again. You even try visiting other sites to read their post and see if something will spark up in your head, but nothing seems to come forth like Lazarus from the tomb.

Yeah, it is one experience that every blogger goes through. I think it is called writer’s block. I have been there myself and it took me months before I could find the solution to it. As a result of this writer’s block, my blog was abandoned for months.

The solution I am able to share with you will WOW you that you will ask yourself why you haven’t noticed it and solve this problem for long.

Without too much talk, I want to share with you what you should do when you have nothing to blog about.

5 Things to do When You Have Nothing to Blog About

  1. Use the Comment Box

Whenever you experience this problem, just visit any of your blog post with lots of comments. Sometimes, there are some questions asked by readers through the comment box but you overlooked those comments and see it irrelevant to the topic discussed.

Now, those questions are what you will be answering as your next blog post. If you discover that most of the questions asked will require short answers, you can combine all (like 5) into one post and give it an attractive title.

It is certain that as you give answers to these questions, it will lead to more questions from your readers which in return leads to more blog posts.

Since I discovered this new technique of overcoming writer’s block, it does not take me time to clear it. Whenever I am out of topic to write, I just visit my blog’s comments and many blog topics start developing in my head.

  1. Look into your Archives

If you have written posts on many topics, you should be able to look into your archives to see if any post need to be updated. If you are really lazy you don’t even need to update them.Just look for an old topic, change the date and bring the post to the front page.  Don’t be afraid, the chance that anyone will notice it is very slim.

People rarely check dates these days when reading post unless it is a post that is instructing readers how to get something fix when others are not getting the required result, or a post making an announcement about a new development on a particular niche.

Let’s take for example you have more than 100 posts on your blog, how will a reader that started reading your blog two weeks ago notice? Or if you are a reader, are you going to start reading every single post from the beginning?

However, the better way is to do a new updated post and link it to the old post. This way you have added new content to your blog and still help bring traffic to the old post as well. You can call it a blast from the past series. Don’t thank me, you are a bad person!

  1. Check Out Other Blogs Outside Your Niche

Are you surprised I said outside your niche? I am sure you are.

There was a blog post I wrote on my blog titled, “A letter to freelance writers”. I got that topic from a blog I landed on that was talking about fat ladies. The title of the post was, ‘A letter to fat ladies.’

So, as a freelance writer, I thought about doing my own ‘A letter to freelance writers.’ And guess what? After writing the post, I decided to do a few check on Google search and I discovered that my post appear on the second page on Google search engine while the one I submitted to Google plus platform was number 3 on the first page.

Update: It is now ranking at first page on Google search engine. You can check it out.

I was so happy with myself because I got the topic after 2 months of silence in my blog.

So, when you are out of what to write, try and visit blogs outside your niche and look for a topic you can change to something in your niche. It can work for you too if it can work for me.

  1. Look at YouTube

You should know this I guess. But, in case you don’t, YouTube is like a directory on its own. YouTube is filled with videos that can be turned into blog posts for any niche.YouTube is a very good place to find blog topics when you are out of one. If you know of other video sharing sites, you can use them. Find a thoughtful explanatory video about topic you like and turn it into words.

I remember doing this when a friend of mine (a blogger) approached me to become a guest blogger on his blog for free. At that moment, I was out of topics.I was thinking he would give me topic but he didn’t.

So, I went to YouTube to just feed myself with educative and inspirational videos and I landed on one that caught my attention.

I saved the video, looked for a pen and paper and started jotting. After that, I sat down with my laptop and created a nice blog post that got a lot of traffic.

  1. Check your Email

While most readers interact with you via your comment box, some do it with emails. Sometimes I do come across a question asked by someone via email that I know many would like me to answer to. Instead of replying the person that asked me the question, I will answer it as a blog post and give the person the link to the post.

With this, I have written a new content, answered the person’s question, and will still get people to comment and share with me the next topic to write.

These are the techniques I use when I am out of topics to write about. I hope it helps in your blogging ministry! Your comments are welcome.

Okon Joseph

Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s finest and successful freelance writer and Instagram page manager. He shares his thoughts and experiences on www.okonjoseph.com

5 Responses

  1. Aadarsh Roy says:


    Great post with helpful tips. I really like the list of things that you mentioned. Using the comment box and doing some commenting is really a good idea. Checking the emails and Youtube are really a great way to identify blog topics, whereas in today’s time Youtube have become a good source to get entertained. Your tips are effective and helpful. Doing these things will not only save you time but will also keep focus on other things.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  2. Daniel E says:

    Lovely, I think I love the YouTube idea more and also using search console to see queries that triggers my site on Google search.

  3. Nice contribution Joseph. I also get new blog ideas by checking through my inbound keyword query from search engines. Most times, visitors to TTE type in different keywords in search engine that are similar to our posts but not completely the same with the post and post most times does not answer there search query, I pick the very frequent keywords and write about it, answering the question with the visitor in mind.

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