Revamp Your Job Recruitment Campaign With These 8 Ideas

NPR cited that a record of more than 4.3 million workers in America had quit their jobs in August this year. This is marked by the widespread trend of a significant number of workers leaving their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic called “The Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit”. Stemming from the pandemic, more and more workers opt to work for outsourcing companies instead, after reevaluating the benefits and advantages their current company only provides. Because of this phenomenon, many companies have upped their recruitment game to be able to keep up with the pace. Here are ideas you can start with today:

Revamp Your Job Recruitment Campaign With These 8 Ideas

  1. Brag about your company culture

Job seekers nowadays are very selective with the company they wish to apply for. For them, it is not just about money but also the culture that is important. Having a strategy on social media that can display organizational values and culture can help attract applicants who think they can blend well in. Displaying such traits can show your aspirants what it is like working in your company so they can immediately do a self-assessment. Do not misconstrue this tip as an encouragement to post your company’s every move. Focus on posting fun, light, and inspiring content so that people from outside will be motivated to submit their resumé.


  1. Highlight your employees

Ask your employees to record themselves and make responses to simple questions like “What do you like best in your work now?”, “what made you stay in our company?” or “What do you look forward to at work?”. Then, post-process these videos by adding a layout and sharing them on your social media, and website. You want these employee testimonials to appear spontaneous, not scripted or mechanical. These videos forge a feel-good mood on the part of the company as well as the potential job applicants. Employees sharing positive feedback and achievement towards the company they work for can boost company morale which in turn will spike your roster of applicants.


  1. Make a recruitment video

Glassdoor (2018) stated that ​​job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than those without videos. Additionally, companies receive a 34% greater application rate when they add a video to their job listings. These findings could be because videos tend to display the real thing rather than just verbally saying what your company is all about. Recruitment videos prove to be much more effective, engaging, and attracting more candidates. Hire freelancers who can shoot and edit your videos. They are experienced in creating hiring stories and ads for a compelling recruitment campaign.


  1. Organize virtual career fairs

Virtual job fairs provide half-hearted applicants, “just-looking” or passive candidates the information they need to make a sound decision. This type of recruitment according to Brazen (2020) receives higher participation rates than in-person recruiting events—often around 70% compared with a 50% average for in-person events. With that much appreciation, it is nonetheless possible to attract higher-quality candidates through such a method. Host your virtual job fair by creating a team that can organize it and make sure it is also live on your social media to gain more traction. Most applicants have their CVs and resumés uploaded online. By requiring only these, you can provide a more convenient way of application.


  1. Recall former employees

Revisit your employee history and work on wild-card recruitment. Invite former employees for an interview, if they would like to rejoin the workforce and make a comeback. At some point, they might have leveled up their skills and have taken steps to further improve. Wild-card or “boomerang” employees have the advantage of getting acquainted with your organizational structure, culture and values in the past. This can help speed up the entire recruitment process and immediately address your hiring objectives.


  1. Capitalize on and reward employee referrals

Referrals improve employee retention. Since the new hire is already familiar with at least one person from inside the organization, he or she already knows what to expect and already has an immediate buddy. Moreover, current employees who are rewarded for their successful cherrypicks also tend to proactively train or assist the new hire. Both also intend to stay longer.


  1. Open your doors for a career open-house day

Create this event for selected applicants to try on a job for a day. Job simulations like such allow hirees to be immersed with the role, duties and responsibilities and experience it from within the organization where they will potentially be working. These simulations can take place in a day or within a limited number of hours. The objective of a career open house day is also to pinpoint candidates who display acceptable character, attitude, and utilizes their abilities to get the job done. Candidates like that can find onboarding relatively easy for them.


  1. Reword your job titles and descriptions

A little rewording is all it takes to strip off the pressure and difficulty in job titles and descriptions. A communication rockstar is lighter and more appealing to the ear than the conventional communication specialist. The reworded job title also reflects a work environment that is playful and fun. Companies that are not too rigid and strict with these things will definitely have more interested candidates lined up for them.


From these ideas, you can ensure that your recruitment or hiring campaigns are at their maximum potential and reach. These may require toilsome work and cannot be done overnight, especially with the transition to new strategies. But, the payoff will definitely be substantial in the long run.

Bash Sarmiento

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