12 Businesses that Thrive During a Pandemic

What if I tell you that there are some businesses that can never be affected during a pandemic? Isn’t that a direction you should consider when starting a business? While so many businesses get hurt during a pandemic, some still go about doing business as usual.

Restaurants, fitness, and movie centers are examples of the various businesses that always get affected during a pandemic. The only way restaurants generate revenue during such a period is through home delivery services which don’t equal what they would generate on a normal business day.

Do you want a list of businesses that thrive during a pandemic? Here is a list of 12 businesses that thrive during a pandemic.




1. Delivery Service Business

Since it is always advised to stay at home during a pandemic, delivery companies see tremendous growth during this period. The demand for delivery services becomes high as people will be shopping from home instead of going out. And delivery companies will be called by businesses to deliver items.

So, if you want to run a business that won’t be affected by a pandemic, delivery company should be on your top list for consideration. This business will keep running both in good and bad times. This is because a lot of businesses need delivery services almost all the time.


2. Online Tutoring

During a pandemic, schools and other education centers are closed down. So what does this suggest? Many parents will be looking out for online tutors to help their wards.

If you are a popular teacher, you can start up your own online tutoring site and inform your students and their parents about the opportunity you’re offering to keep your students engaged during the lockdown.

There are many online tutoring sites that allow qualified teachers to sign up and students enrolled under them.

So don’t waste your time eating, sleeping, and playing games during a pandemic. You can make money from your passion for teaching while at home.


3. Grocery Stores

With most restaurants closing down during a pandemic, families start eating more at home. No more going out for dinner or a romantic date. And this means they will need to stock up their refrigerators with foodstuffs.

This is the period where grocery stores experience great sales without any competition at all. And since families stay more at home during this period, they will need more food and household supplies than normal. This also means the rate at which they will be ordering for products will increase. Pandemics often activate panic buying among people which often cause an increase in commodity price.

Great business opportunity to consider right? Some things are necessary that people can’t do without, and you can only find them in a grocery store. Ponder on this business opportunity!


4. Game Provider/Sellers

As pandemic forces people to stay at home instead of going out, they quickly become bored and start looking for ways to keep themselves busy. And that is where the need for games (both online and offline games) comes in.

Game providers make a lot of sales from the sale of board games and puzzles as those are the games that most families play together. Even online game developers also benefit massively as the number of downloads increases.

Educational and adventure games tend to receive high patronage from online stores as it keeps one engaged for long hours.


5. Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is a top priority during a pandemic. It is in such a period that cleaning companies experience an increase in sales and customers. Professional cleaning companies that sanitize offices, homes, hospitals and commercial properties are in high demand during a pandemic.

Most homes will prefer to hire the service of a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning rather than doing it themselves. And when a cleaning company does a great deep cleaning job, they get retained by the client for as long as they keep doing their job.


6. Beer, Wine and Liquor Stores

You can’t expect people to stop drinking because of a pandemic, do you? No matter the degree of any pandemic, it doesn’t stop people to quit drinking. Many will be so bored staying at home that they will consume more drinks during a pandemic as a way to keep themselves company.

Beer, wine, and liquor stores are one of the businesses that thrive during a pandemic. Orders will keep coming like nothing is happening. Liquor and wine consumers will stock their homes with their favorite brands so as not to run out of stock.

So, whether you sell wine, beer, or liquor, or the three, your business will surely receive great patronage during a pandemic.


7. Meal-Prep Delivery Services

This is one business that will thrive during a pandemic. As people are been forced to stay indoors and some too lazy to cook all the time, demand for meal preparation and delivery services will increase.

It is also a fact that not everyone likes cooking. Many find cooking a challenge. And they will rather call the service of a meal preparation and delivery company to the rescue. This is why this business will succeed during a pandemic.


8. Freelance Services

While at home during a pandemic, you can sign up with freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr and start working from home. Are you a good graphic designer, content writer, web designer, or even good with voice over, then you should definitely not waste your time waiting for the pandemic to be over to get back to work.

There are tons of jobs available on those sites mentioned above. All you have to do is sign up, create samples of your previous works, watermark them, and share on your profile. When you get your first order, do a very perfect job, and deliver on time. Then encourage the buyer to give you a good rating if they’re satisfied with the job. That will be the beginning of your success story.


9. Fitness Equipment Companies

As many fitness centers get closed down during a pandemic, families will look for how they can buy any of their favorite fitness equipment and ship it to their home so they can continue their fitness exercise from the comfort of their homes.

So, during a lockdown, fitness equipment companies receive a lot of calls for orders. People will want to order Yoga mats, skipping ropes, treadmills, and other fitness equipment so they can use it to exercise at home.


10. Drive-in Movie Theaters

Local movie theaters are seen as less safe during a pandemic because they encourage the gathering of people in a small space. This is where drive-in movie theater takes their spaces.

Drive-in movie theater is a business that allows people to watch movies from their car, which is a great way to make people come out of the house.

Drive-in movie theater is one of the businesses that thrive during a pandemic as people are obeying the rules of keeping social distancing so as not to contract the virus.

Owners of drive-in theaters in California, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas reported an increase in business despite the coronavirus pandemic. They claimed that ticket sales doubled when compared to a normal business day. And this was because families see it as a way to move out of their houses.


11. Social Networking Sites

When you can’t go out to have fun with friends and family members and you feel bored, what do you do? I bet you turn to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any social networking sites right?

Social networking sites will for sure experience a lot of traffic and new subscribers on their platforms.

Since people are not able to see their friends and family members, they will go online to keep in touch. Some will want to try new platforms to see if they will like it and connect with new friends.


12. Blogs

Blogging has proven to be profitable over the years. Many bloggers report 7 figures yearly from ad revenue and product promotions.

While blogging requires commitment and time to start yielding profit, there is no better time to start your own blog than during a pandemic.

It’s time to let out all those ideas in your head and cash in on it. All you have to do is choose a niche you’re well informed in and comfortable to talk about. Identify your audience, ascertain what information they’re seeking by doing some keyword research, write compelling blogposts with those keywords in mind, answering all their questions. I bet you, with a well written, well-structured content, the search engines will find you and rank your article.

With the ample time at hand, you can dedicate some hours researching and writing articles and keeping them in your draft. You can choose a particular day(s) in a week to publish your articles. Remember to have your readers subscribe to you via email so they can be getting new updates from you. If you are able to build trust with your audience, you can suggest good products that can help them and get paid a percentage for doing so from the product owner. You can start your email campaign with this free email marketing tool.

All you need to start a blog is a catchy domain name that represents you or your niche and a good web hosting company.

With your blog set up and running, when the Pandemic is over, and you’re back to your daily job, you can dedicate a little time from your leisure time to write articles for your audience. That is what I do. I work full time, but with every opportunity I get, I update my audience with new blog posts.

Have you heard about lifestyle bloggers? Yea, they are full bloggers that talk generally about anything in relation to their everyday lives and interests. What about health bloggers? They definitely see an increase in traffic during a pandemic, and you don’t want to know how much they’re making off their blog this period. This article will help you with starting a profitable blog.


So, this is the list of businesses that can succeed during a pandemic as bad as covid19.

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