School Life After COVID-19: What Students Should Expect?

School Life After COVID-19: What Students Should Expect?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. As schools are gradually re-opening, the way to educate students – whether it be primary education or secondary schooling will definitely change.

Everything has turned virtual, and students and the teachers are practicing distance learning from their homes. All exams and viva are being taken on the computer through the internet. The school staff is also using an online application to do virtual meetings and discuss general issues. They are spending lots of time preparing the schedule together and to deliver high-quality content to the students. They are taking attendance and assignments daily to maintain a sense of discipline among the students. But still, teachers cannot control and guide the students to that extent as they do physically in the classroom.

Here are some of the problems students and teachers has faced during the lockdown:

  • Interrupted Studies

The online system has interrupted the education system. The small children (especially primary school students) do not find the online classes interesting and are depriving of the overall development. It’s not easy sitting in front of the computer for so many hours and listen carefully to the teacher.

  • Stress For The Teachers

The teachers were not ready for the lockdown. It happened suddenly. Therefore, the situation becomes stressful and frustrating for them to deal with the situation. They don’t know their obligations and how to maintain a virtual connection with the students to continue the learning process. Besides this, they need to put extra effort and time to prepare for online lectures and check (homework, activity, etc.) everything via the internet.

  • Parents Were Not Prepared

The parents were not prepared for the online classes when the government announced the closure of the schools. It became difficult for them to take care of their children throughout the day and manage their office work from home.

Some parents found it difficult to manage children’s online classes, as they are not educated enough and do not have the necessary resources (such as laptops, internet, PCs, etc.).

  • Negative Impact On Schools Financial Health

The lockdown hit the financial health of schools badly. Many people have lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic and could not pay the monthly fee of their loved ones. Some big businesses and organizations that tend to give financial aid and donation to many schools could not help educational institutions due to money loss. Hence, it brings financial crises for the public schools.

According to Public School Review, the federal government has passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic, Security (CARES) Act to help fund public education, but that would not be enough to pay for the lockdown loss.

But now many countries have lifted their lockdowns, and schools are going to open around the world. Therefore, the question is how schools will deal with the challenges of COVID-19 and what changes will occur in the education system when schools reopen after the epidemic.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges affecting the school system in the coming year and throw light on measures schools can adopt to tackle them.

The schools and education system will not remain the same after the pandemic retreat.

Here are the major changes that will take place:

  • Improved Health And Hygiene Measures

Teaching health and hygiene will become an integral part of the education system. The teachers and other faculty members will take care of the students’ health and guide them to practice healthy habits, such as frequent handwashing, social distancing, etc. Also, every educational institution will be equipped with temperature checks and other essential PPE.

  • Class Size Will Decrease

Only fewer students (12-15) should sit in each classroom. There must be at least a 1-meter distance between everyone present in the school, including the teacher.

  • Two Or Three Shift In The School

Students will attend school on alternate days, and the school will have two or three shifts to ensure education for each child. There will be no morning assemblies and fewer sports activities to maintain social distancing.

  • Changes To The Calendar

Schools may start sooner in the coming year and continue through the summers.

  • Flexibility With Attendance

School officials will give leniency to the students who are already suffering from chronic illness and are more vulnerable to common bacteria viruses. Many schools will facilitate such students with online classes for the coming year.

In Final Words

Confusion, uncertainty, fear, and nervousness; are some of the emotions running through every parent’s mind when it comes to reopening schools. But you have to be strong because your child’s education comes first. Schools are taking all necessary steps to protect the child from COVID19. So, calm yourself down, and prepare yourself and your child for back-to-school.

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