Everything You Need to Be An Influencer Marketer

Everything You Need to Be An Influencer Marketer

Digital marketing expands every single second. More opportunities are propping up by the implication of a continuous invention of new digital marketing ideas/strategies. Today however one of the most effective digital marketing strategies online is influencer marketing.

It’s the only way to hit real customers without stepping into the competition ring. Therefore businesses are hungrily connecting with influencers across the media today. Exactly why I have decided to show you everything you need to be an influencer marketer right here today. To help businesses the Jesus way? Er… maybe yes but you’re helping yourself make real money every single day. Evidence?

You want to act fast with the guides I share here. But because you have two choices to choose from I divide this post in two. The first half guides you with everything you need to be an influencer marketer on the large scale. The last half is built around becoming a nano or micro influencer. Getting started…

Becoming a Micro Influencer

Micro influencers are social media active users with 1000 – 10, 000 active followers. According to a post on Buffer businesses are more focused on micro influencers these days. Micro influencers have been accounted for high ROI, high click-throughs, and a massive conversion rate cum lead. The reason is that businesses could target accurately and meet a small but rich audience with micro influencers. This is not so with mega influencers and their mixed bags, it’s all about throwing the mud at the wall and seeing the amount that sticks. So how do you become a micro influencer? See the steps below.

  • Choose the right niche; this may sound like it but choosing the right niche precedes everything you need to be an influencer marketer. First off you want to find a niche you’re passionate about. Then you want to see how massive the demand on your niche of choice is. You may look that up online. Finally, your chosen niche must conform to your lifestyle and your hobby. As an example, if you’re more about food/recipes then you don’t want to step out of it.
  • Building or reshaping your presence; here we go. If you have a social media account, you want to reform it into your niche. Update your picture gallery with foodie ones for the scenario in the bullet above. Edit your biography as well. This stage is easier for when you’re building a new social media profile but it gets around with the next step…
  • Creating content consistently; the next step comes to giving out to the community and the most effective way to do that is through content. The kind of contents you dish-out depends largely on your preferred social media though. But here are some of the tricks. For Pictorial social media landscape like Instagram, the contents generating more engagements are mostly pictures. Besides this study on newswhip shows more engagements for photos over videos on Instagram. However, the case is different on Facebook where video posts generate more engagements than photo posts. So get to know what your social media values are and be consistent about content release to keep the focus on you.
  • Socializing; most people believe the 3 above is everything you need to be an influencer marketer. They end up spending years building a significant following. And the ones that build faster go the tricky way and end-up building a non-profitable audience. The way out? Interact with people on their posts. Message them as a human in the stead of hiding behind a message-bot. Get into their social lives and show that you care about them. This is the way to build an active list of followers that stick with you for long. They soon find you a person to reach-out to for information and if you respond they feel compelled to buy the things you recommend to them in the future. Oh, and strive to be the first to send them events/festive greetings.
  • Reach-out to businesses; the whole thing boils down to reaching-out to businesses once you have at least 1000 actives followers on your handle. There are several opportunities with both big brands and small brands for influencers on Reachbird and other platforms for influencers. Nevertheless, you may want to look at some other ways to make money as a social media influencer.

Want to go mega? Below is everything you need to be an influencer marketer at the upper scale.

Becoming a Mega Influencer

Mega influencers have their positioning too. They are people like yourself but with more than 1 million active followers. They are partnered with especially by startups looking for brand awareness. These startups are not targeting a specific audience but otherwise wanting to get the public to know about their businesses and their products. Nevertheless, big brands also make use of mega influencers so you can always expect great opportunities. So how do you start?

  • Be super-active online; this is a follow-up to the steps shared in the micro influencer category above. As a mega influencer, you need to be super-active on your social media handle. Read that again. You may want to, in fact, open a business social media account and employ the assistance of social media managers to keep you close to your followers as they build-up.
  • Create campaigns and promotions; creating sponsored posts connects you with more followers. It’s likely your first gig as a mega influencer marketer pays for all your investments. Creating promotions are other effective ways of attracting massive followers on social media. Meanwhile, both ways also serve as connection opportunities with businesses looking for your influencer service.
  • Join the best platforms for mega influencers; like the one I have shared above. You’ll be recognized faster on those platforms.

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Hitting big offers as an influencer marketer is easy. But establishing your presence online and finding a place may be work altogether. I have shared everything you need to be an influencer marketer and platforms to generate passive income from. I have a feeling you have a question list made up already. Throw them into the comment box and I’ll respond immediately.

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