The Impact of Charitable Organizations on Emerging Countries

Throughout history, charitable organizations have contributed greatly to the welfare of needy people. Charitable organizations have been making a difference, whether it was through giving to the poor, building schools, or protecting the environment. Now, many charitable organizations are working to provide the same help in emerging countries.

The Impact of Charitable Organizations on Emerging Countries

What are the impacts of charitable organizations on emerging countries? Let’s find out.


Across the globe, several organizations are working to restore the ecological balance by reforesting and afforestation. These projects aim to address climate change but can also provide various other benefits. Trees help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which can help combat climate change. They also provide habitat for wildlife and clean water for drinking and agriculture. Trees are often hundreds of years old, which makes them a valuable resource. According to the US Census Bureau, 310 million hectares (766 million acres) of the US are covered by forests. This includes a mixture of native and non-native species.

As industrialization increases, forests are being cleared at an alarming rate. 40% of the global forest has been lost since the pre-industrial era.

Climate Change

Despite the presence of major philanthropies on the climate change front, the funding of climate-change solutions is meager. Only about 1 percent of the United States’ total giving goes to climate change-related causes. However, it is crucial to understand how philanthropy can help address climate change. Philanthropy can provide resources to support investment in infrastructure and low-carbon economic development, help catalyze climate action through policy advocacy and collaboration, and support adaptation measures. Philanthropies also can target the geographies and industries most in need. Philanthropies can also help address the socioeconomic impacts of climate change. Philanthropies have played a critical role in climate change response. By supporting the most vulnerable communities, promoting collaboration, and convening stakeholders, philanthropies can help address climate change and mitigate its locked-in effects.


Even though the gap between rich and poor continues to persist, some positive signs have been made. However, inequality persists in many different forms. Inequalities between countries also remain. Nonetheless, Ehsan Bayat firmly believes that economic growth can improve living conditions for all. Moreover, redistribution through the state can reduce inequality within countries.

Some studies have suggested that the inverse relationship between giving and inequality exists. However, historical literature on inequality has overlooked this inverse relationship. Philanthropic foundations are critical to the operation of the elite philanthropic system. Philanthropic foundations distribute a high proportion of funds, have a large income, and are responsible for frontline charitable activities. These organizations are also responsible for generating social mobility upward. These organizations work to improve living conditions in developing countries. Large development charities have permanent offices in multiple countries and work closely with government aid agencies. They oversee project portfolios in fields of interest and deliver projects sensitive to community needs.

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Improve The Quality Of Life Of A Person

Choosing the right charitable organization can be a lifesaver. Often, nonprofits are the first line of defense against social evils. The good news is that most nonprofits are run by benevolent souls willing to do their civic duty. One of the many benefits of being involved with a charitable organization is seeing firsthand how others are helping others. It’s also a great way to give back to a cause near and dear to your heart. Some nonprofits even do all the heavy lifting for you! In particular, the charitable organization that best suits your unique needs is most likely to give you a positive return on your investment. One of the most gratifying aspects of charitable organizations is that they are always there to assist you when you need them. For instance, they can help you find the best loan for your needs and budget if you are in the market to purchase a new home or car. They also have an extensive network of professionals to help you with legal or financial matters.

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