Virginia Real Estate License – Requirements for First-Time Applicants

Virginia has a thriving real estate industry that anyone would like to join. It is very lucrative whether you decide to become an agent or realtor dealing with sales or brokerage. But before you start earning, you must apply for a Virginia real estate license through the steps provided by the government.

The steps to become a real estate agent in VA are straightforward and we will outline them below. Ensure that you read to the end to gain relevant insights.

Prerequisite Requirements

The real estate license only applies to US citizens and permanent residents 18 years or older. You may either have experience in other fields of real estate or be a fresh graduate from college or university. You can check all eligibility criteria on the government website to be sure of the full requirements to become a real estate agent in VA.

Do a Background Check

It is good to get cleared by the police department before proceeding with the next step. Although many people do this during the application process, it is recommended that you do it beforehand for a smooth process and less back and forths.

After all, you don’t want to start the long pre-licensing education course when you are not sure of your criminal record position. You can complete this process by contracting a fingerprint vendor.

Pre-Licensing Education

The pre-licensing education is one of the most important requirements to apply for a Virginia real estate license. The state has certified various online and physical schools to give the 60-hour course to all applicants covering various real estate topics.

If you are looking for how to get your real estate license in Virginia easily, then consider enrolling in a reliable online school to take the course conveniently. The best school to take a real estate license VA course must be certified by the DPOR.

Pass the Licensing Exam

Another requirement before applying for a Virginia real estate license is to take and pass the state real estate exam. You must prepare adequately for the exam if you want to scale through.

Some course providers also provide extra materials and resources to help you prepare for the exam. However, this could be under a different package within the course. With a good study and preparation plan, you will definitely pass.

Get a Sponsoring Broker

Before you can get a Virginia real estate license, you will need a sponsoring broker to teach you how to be a real estate broker or salesperson. Make your application early and talk to reliable firms to sponsor you. Create enough time to learn the best insights on how to become a real estate broker in Virginia through your sponsor.

Finally, Apply for the License

The last step is to apply for the license through the government portal, the DPOR website. It is an easy step involving the submission of a filled electronic license application form and all of the requested documents.

From here, you will receive your license, permitting you to practice. Later, you will be required to plan for continuing education and other learning programs to keep you updated.

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