What The Forever Stamp Value Means For Holders And Businesses

Sending a letter or a mail through the Postal Office is typically an easy task. You simply have to prepare the mail, send it to their office, and pay the postage rate for each stamp on the mail. But it’s worth noting the postage rate often changes in price. For example, in 2018, the United States Postal Services (USPS) postage rate was 50 cents, but now it’s currently at 55 cents.

Because of this, people often struggle to calculate the total cost of their transactions. This is especially true for business owners dabbling in direct mail marketing since they most likely send hundreds or even thousands of mails regularly. That’s where the forever stamp comes in.

What The Forever Stamp Value Means For Holders And Businesses

What Is The Forever Stamp?

If you’re one of the few people who use direct mail marketing, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘forever stamp’ at least once. The Forever Stamp is a non-denominational stamp that you can buy from the USPS with the same price as the current postage rate. So, if the postage rate goes up, it’s safe to assume that the value of Forever Stamps has gone up as well. But the beauty of Forever Stamps is that once you pay for it, you no longer have to worry about any changes in price.

To illustrate further, using the earlier example, if the postage rate in 2018 was 50 cents, the price of one Forever Stamp would be 50 cents. Suppose you purchase a thousand Forever Stamps back then, you’d have to spend a total of USD$500. Now, if you were to send a mail now, you’d have to pay a postage rate of 55 cents, 5 cents more than what you paid for the Forever Stamps. But since you already have a stamp to attach to your mails, you no longer have to pay anything to the Postal Office, which effectively means you only spent 50 cents, saving you 5 cents for each stamp.

Basically, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of calculating the amount of money you owe for the postage rate. But the main reason why Forever Stamps have such value to businesses and entrepreneurs such as yourself is that it can potentially save you money.

Of course, one can argue that five cents per stamp for a three-year investment isn’t such a profitable strategy. But since you don’t have something to lose, it can only go well for you. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who use direct mail marketing and send a lot of mails. Apart from that, there’s another reason why forever stamps hold much value for entrepreneurs.

Should You Get Forever Stamps For Your Mailing System?

One of the many goals of entrepreneurs is to make a profit. The beauty of Forever Stamps is that postage rates have historically shown that it rarely goes down in price. Moreover, the rate at which the postage rate increases becomes faster as long as inflation rises. This would mean that it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be saving money on shipping or mailing costs.

Besides, it would also allow you to skip a few steps since you no longer have to go directly to the Postal Office and pay for the postage whenever you want to send a mail.

What If You Want To Use Forever Stamps For International Mailing?

One question you might ask concerning Forever Stamps is if they’re applicable for international mailing. After all, each country has different postage rates, so there might be some conflict with the price. But yes, you can use Forever Stamps for international mailing. Although it wasn’t available when Forever Stamps were first introduced, there’s now a special version that the USPS calls Global Forever Stamp.

As the name suggests, the Global Forever Stamp is explicitly designed to help individuals or organizations use Forever Stamps even while sending mails and packages to other countries. Their designs are easily distinguishable from the typical Forever Stamp since the words Global should be pretty visible.

Of course, the Global Forever Stamp costs much higher than the original version. Currently, its price is USD$1.20. Just like the postage rate, this price will naturally increase, and at higher intervals at that. This version is particularly useful for businesses that engage in direct mail marketing with their prospects across different countries.

Are There Other Versions Of Forever Stamps?

Global Forever Stamps

You might also be wondering if there are other versions of the Forever Stamp aside from the original and global versions. Yes, there are. You’ll also find the Additional Ounce version, which has a higher price than the original but allows you to send a mail weighing at most two ounces.

There’s also the Non-Machinable Surcharge version, which is designed to cater to mails contained in an irregularly shaped envelope. These two varietals are the result of the Forever Stamp’s success. So, there’s a chance that other versions will be introduced in the future.

Where Can You Get Forever Stamps?

There are several ways to get your hands on Forever Stamps. The safest option would be to purchase them from a Postal Office. Although there’s a chance they might not have that many in stock. If that’s the case, you may also visit their official website or contact them via telephone.

Grocery stores and gift shops may also sell Forever Stamps, but shop owners may add on its price, so it’s generally not a good idea. If you want to save money while purchasing Forever Stamps, your best bet is to look for a sale on the internet from digital marketplaces. However, if you intend to go with this option, make sure you know how to spot a fake stamp.

How Can You Spot Counterfeit Forever Stamps?

Perhaps the easiest way to spot a counterfeit Forever Stamp is to simply proofread. Get a Forever Stamp from the local Postal Office or online, then compare the texts of the two items. Chances are there would be a discrepancy in the other stamp if it’s a counterfeit. This is because the USPS is relatively strict and articulate in its designs.

Final Words 

Since postage rates aren’t necessarily that high, people often ignore the potential money-saving technique they can get from using Forever Stamps. However, for entrepreneurs who dabble in direct mail marketing, the use of Forever Stamps is an appealing strategy.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save on shipping or mailing costs, you might want to consider getting Forever Stamps in bulk for your next campaign.

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