10 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Do you own a small business and find it a real challenge to master all of the varying tasks involved in running the company? If this dilemma seems familiar to you, then feast your eyes on this very useful infographic on 10 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have.

From time management to looking after payroll and keeping organised to tracking the progress of key projects, business ownership can simultaneously try to pull your attention in multiple different directions. It can be a tough task to keep on top of it all, but a series of great apps profiled in the infographic below should help to make things a little easier for you.

Let’s say, for example, that time management is something you would like to improve. By downloading the Rescue Time app, you can keep track of exactly how much time you spend using differing applications and the app will respond with suggestions as to how you can invest your time more wisely. A similarly purposed app named My Minutes enables you to impose time limits for specific tasks so that you don’t spend any longer on one task than is necessary or advisable.

This is just one of the areas of management I addressed in the infographic. Have a read below to see which other managerial functions can be made somewhat easier through the clever use of certain apps.

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