Konga Affiliate Program is a Fraud: My Bitter Experience

It is with great regret that I write this post on the fraud committed by Konga on its affiliate partners. I joined the Konga Affiliate Program few months after launching The Total Entrepreneurs and over the years have driven traffic to Konga eCommerce site and also written few articles about the Konga Affiliate program as well as signed up 80 sub-affiliates as at the time I write this post. (Picture evidence below)

My Experience with Konga Affiliate Program

Over the years, I have successfully referred buyers to Konga site through their affiliate link on my site. What baffled me was that after seeing many clicks from my sites backend and subsequently getting credited by the affiliate software, I don’t get paid.

Through word of mouth: On a fateful day at the office, a colleague wanted to go buy some kitchen wares; I marketed Konga to him, explaining how he can make an order through my site and receive it at any location of his choice the next day and at an affordable rate as there was a bundle selling on Konga at a discount. Using his PC, I logged in to my blog, used my link to make the purchase for him but to my greatest dismay, this purchase did not reflect. At first, I did not panic, hoping the commission will reflect later but no, it never did. I ignored it.

On another two occasions, it was I that made purchase from Konga using my affiliate link, and the same issue occurred but this time around I wrote Konga explaining my ordeal through the email provided on their platform, the admin at first refuted my claims until I was able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, including emailing my voucher from Konga before they could pay me the paltry commission. (Just one commission out of the two purchases was actually paid).

My final conviction prompting this write-up was a recent obvious show from the Konga Affiliate team proving they are fraud. A customer used my site to purchase two sets of band (musical equipment) sets worth about N418,000. I received a commission of N12,540 as pending. Before this time (around July) I also referred a customer and my commission of N1650 was sent as pending but declined later.

I contacted the Konga Affiliate Team about this issue.

Below are my conversation with them.

Me: Hello Konga Affiliate admin, I notice with dismay the fact that my commissions have been on pending for a long time. I thrive so hard and even spend money sometimes to promote my affiliate link recently but it is rather unfortunate that after all my effort and after I have gotten some few leads, my commission is yet to be released to me. The duration of which confirmation of payment and return of package has passed and I am wondering why my commission is still pending. I am therefore writing to request that my pending commission of #14,190 be released to me. Thank you.

Konga: Hello, Thank you for contacting. Kindly be informed that commissions have been reviewed accordingly, your June commission has been updated as declined as the last click of the order was attributed to another advertising source. More so, your July commissions would be reviewed at the end of the month of August. Thank you. Regards

Me: That is absolutely not true. This is a case of fraud and I will be ready to take this up with your company for bridging a business deal. This is exactly what your company did the last time I personally referred a customer to purchase microwave from my link. My commission was not remitted until I wrote to your company with evidence and after verification, my commission was paid. This time, you want to do the same thing. Is this really what Konga stands for? How can you tell me after referring customers that you declined my commission as the last click of the order was attributed to another advertising source, yet your trusted software already did its job, which source, are you telling me you choose whom you pay commissions? You will pay me my commission or I will tell anyone that care to hear the fraud that you are committing with your partners, I will give the worst review with this evidence. I wonder the type of admin you are, are you telling me your affiliate software is not doing its work well? Please kindly pay me my commissions, I am begging you now. I can’t waste my resources and time to promote your business and you tell me my commissions are declined. If you feel I am not worthy to be your affiliate, pay me and ask me to go and I will gladly do it but as at now, I desire my wages. Thank you

Konga: It is of paramount importance that all our affiliates are fairly treated and that properly verified commissions are paid as at when due. Thus, we do not take your complaints lightly at all. We understand that the Last Click model can be rather confusing for some affiliates hence our concerted efforts to explain how it works as often as possible. For further insights on this, Last click attribution is a tracking model, where commissions are given to the last source, link or banner a user clicks on before making a final purchase. This means when anyone clicks on affiliate A’s Link, visit the site and leaves the site then the same person clicks on affiliate B’s Link, visit the site and makes a purchase, then the commission will be given to affiliate B. This also doesn’t work only for affiliates, this includes other marketing channels, So when an affiliate link is clicked, and then the person that clicks on the affiliate link later clicks on other internal marketing channel links, then the new link will override the affiliate link and no commission will be paid out to the affiliate with the first link. Nonetheless, please make reference to this for the review period (Link to the review period has since been removed by Konga). Should you at any point in time observe that a commission was not recorded on your dashboard, feel free to reach out for checks with the order reference number as I would be delighted to help you through it. Thank you. Regards

Me: I stand to tell you this is a clear evidence of fraud. The said commission was generated by me. Kindly refer to the last payment that was made to me and verify what really happened. This is almost the same issue I have with your company anytime I get leads. I cannot refer a customer to you and you tell me that I was not the last person that referred the customer, how can this be verified? Who is doing the verification process? What is the essence and work of your software? Are you using an outdated software that does not track properly or do you think you are talking to a nomad? I stand to tell you that you are fraudulent and I will publish a tarnishing report on your presumed reputable affiliate team if you do not credit my commission. I practically beg friends and family to use my link any time they want to make a purchase and they do and most of the times I do not see my commission, on one occasion I wrote, this was looked into and resolved and my commission paid to me. Few affiliates have complained similar treatment but I did not see this as real until now and this made me to be checking my dashboard anytime I personally refer people to use my link apart from the fact that your banner is in my site yet you keep on robbing me. I cannot take this, I need my commission and you will pay me my commission.

At this point, N1650 (being revenue generated for June) was declined.

I accepted this decline and was patiently waiting for my bigger revenue (N12, 540) before I can conclude and take any action. But ofcourse, it was not a different story. August passed and my revenue was neither approved nor declined but continued to be on pending as usual.

I also contacted the Konga Affiliate Team again on 20th September, 2016.

Me: Good evening admin, I write again as a follow up to my pending generated revenue. You told me that my pending revenues (for JULY) will be paid by the end of August. It is now September 20th and revenue generated since July is still pending. Please kindly check, confirm and approve my earnings. Best wishes.

Konga: Hello, Thank you for contacting. Kindly be informed that your commissions have all been reviewed. The orders still stated as pending ought to have been declined. Nonetheless, this has been updated, please note that this is due to the delivery status or the last click attribution of the orders. Thank you. Regards.

And that was it, Konga wiped the whole revenue generated. If the guys at the affiliate backend send revenues generated by other affiliates to their stooge (friends or family), I can’t say and if Konga owners are aware of this anomaly and not doing anything about it, then it’s unfortunate.

Another blogger that saw the Konga Affiliate banner on my site asked me if these guys really pay you and I said not yet, he advised “Stop wasting your time with them, they are rogues. I had a bad experience with them”. Now I know.

Some Screen Shots

konga affiliate program is a fraud

konga affiliate program is now a fraud 2

konga affiliate program is now a fraud 4


Konga Affiliate Program is a fraud and has since been robbing her partners. If you seek to monetize your blog, Konga Affiliate is not an option.

Share your experience with us and if you are earning good revenue from them, lets here about it.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

36 Responses

  1. Ty says:

    I have an update for you

    after I too discovered over too many years that konga **never ever ** pays I called them out on their bs and they finally admitted to me that their affiliate links don’t actually work at all !!!

    what happens now is you make each individual sale for your customer with your own account and then you notify them manually, they will then give you credit.

    that’s the only way it’s going to work it’s rubbish but it is now patterned after the jumia j-force model

    since then I’ve made a few sales tho not much and they gave me credit have not i yet reached the payment threshold yet.

    On a different note jumia affiliates is not paying either !!?? J-force pays tho.

  2. collins collins says:

    Konga affiliate is nothing but a fraud, i was a victim too, despite how i was wasting my time to promote them, before you know they will now clear all the little money you think you had made with them, they will write pending, both the pending and the real money, you will never receive, set of thieves

    • It’s unfortunate Collins. I wrote this review to warn affiliate marketers so they don’t waste their time promoting the platforms products. There affiliate system is terrible to say the list.

  3. Prof market says:

    I will recommend that you report them to appropriate quarters , for the proper investigation just to prevent future occurencies. Mind you there are several regulatory bodies, we can report this matter to both local and international. It shows konga goodwill is not important to it’s stakeholders

  4. Charles says:

    Jumja is a complete waste of time… They don’t have a tracking system on your affliate account… I don’t no if it deliberate.

    To me I was bilwilder and care to interrogate their thier admin it was revealed there none. But soon to..

    This affliate shirades think Nigerians are fools, that Nigerians are now gurus and knowledgeable with the concurrent internet system.

    I lost hope in the Nigerian system not in affliate system itself

  5. Johnpaul Onwueme says:

    Thanks for this post. I was about to register with them before I saw this post.

  6. Olushola says:

    Thanks for this, I’m also surprised at their new policy where they say a partner must make at least #500.000 of sales before he/she could get paid. That’s serious.

  7. Sunday says:

    Hello Francis,
    Sorry about ur experience with Konga. please I will appreciate if you can help me interpret this part of their contract agreement as an affiliate.

    “8.0 Non-Compete
    During the term of this Agreement, You shall not enter into any agreement which concerns the referral of potential customers of Konga’s products and services for personal gain or would in any manner compete against the Konga Affiliate Programme. You acknowledge that Your breach of this paragraph will result in irreparable injury to Konga for which monetary damages alone would not be an adequate remedy. Therefore, You agree that in the event of a breach or threatened breach of this paragraph, Konga shall be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief as a remedy for any such breach or anticipated breach without the necessity of posting a bond. Any such relief shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any appropriate relief in the way of monetary damages. In addition, Konga shall be entitled to collect its reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses from You in obtaining such injunctive and/or other relief.”

  8. Tolu says:

    You asked if my website has enough traffic. unfortunately, it doesn’t actually. I have been trying to bring traffic but it seems difficult. Could this be why AdSense also declined? If so, what else do I do please?

  9. Tolu says:

    Thanks for this information. I’m new to the affiliate market and I have tried Jumia affiliate. they promised to get back to me in three days. well, it’s over two weeks now. No response. I even tried with another email, but same result. That was how I ended up signing up for the Konga Affiliate recently. Right now I even have issues placing their banner on my website. Please how can I get Jumia to approve my website for their ads

    • Hi Tolu, I am sorry to hear Jumia did not approve your request to join their affiliate program. It is one thing to own a site and another to make the site valuable enough for marketers to display their products. Jumia is looking for affiliate marketers that will send traffic to their site. Do you think your site has enough traffic?

      • Tolu says:

        No it doesn’t actually. I am trying to bring traffic but it seems difficult. Could this be why AdSense also declined? If so, what else do I do please?

        • Yes Tolu. Traffic is likely the reason Adsense did not approve your site too.

          Okay listen, I advise my blogging students to remove there mind from monetization in the early stages of their blogging career and focus on creating value. I went through your site before asking you about your traffic.

          Most of the young bloggers I have mentored or seen online seem to be mostly interested in how to make money from their new blog rather than how to create value with the blog. Some of them refuse to look for a mentor to guide them. They just heard people are making money through their blog, and fiam, they want to start their own blog without understanding how it works and what it entails.

          I have seen your method of writing. You need a mentor to guide you on how to blog right, how to structure your content to appeal to not only your readers but search engines. You need to learn SEO.

          Some of you are not willing to pay the price for success, until the narrative changes, you’ll continue getting the same result.

          In summary, continue creating massive value and you’ll start seeing money flowing towards you.

          All the best.

  10. emeka says:

    hi everyone…..
    I need someone that will teach and be my mentor on this affiliate marketing..
    I’m serious and madly interested to learn …
    pls anyone can help me …
    I need something to take support my hustle…
    my Facebook name:emeka mentor iboko..
    my whatsapp number: 08165154194

  11. Emmanuel says:

    I run konga affiliate and have their links on almost all my page, coz it’s a phone review site, and what you are saying now is that with konga I can’t earn a dime?

    • Hello Emmanuel, how much have you made since you became a Konga Affiliate? While I await your answer, I wish you the best.

      • Emmanuel says:

        0.0 naira

        • Thanks for the reply. You’ve just answered the question yourself. As for Jumia Affiliate, you can give them a try though my experience with most Nigerian companies made me stop promoting them. Cheers

          • Emmanuel says:

            So you are advising I cleave unto Google AdSense and abandon them, because AdSense rejected my approval because of the affiliate links on my site.

            And can google AdSense alone sustain me

            • No Emmanuel, Adsense alone is not the best and only way to monetize your blog rather it’s the most easiest. Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to monetize. Look out for my next post on Highest Paying Affiliate Products to promote. They’re products people can do without in the 21st century.

      • Emmanuel says:

        I also run jumia affiliate, is it also trustworthy, and don’t bother to ask, I haven’t earned

  12. Sandra says:

    Thanks for such an eye-opening article

  13. Priceanywhere says:

    Bro this is lesson learnt the hard way and am not surprised having had my own fair share of it.

    At a point my account was even deactivated for not sending traffic meaning my back-end and analytic event tells me different.

    Konga affiliate program is “patchy” compare to jumia.

    • Exactly. I have since since stopped promoting Konga offers. I referred more than a hundred persons to Konga through theor referral program and suppose to be earning a percentage of their earnings but Konga never paid any of them. That begs to ask, how can a keyword ranked article that refer people directly asking about how to make money from Konga fail to convert?

      Little wonder Yudala took over the company. Konga affiliate was very unreliable. They paid few of their affiliates to generate noise.

  14. Beloved Konsult says:

    Thanks for this information sir.
    Am a new Affiliate Marketer, have really worked hard in getting traffic to Konga but am surprised with their operation and am not satisfied.

    Sir do you suggest that I continue with them or Jumia. Thanks Sir

    • I just explained my bitter experience with Konga affiliate program and I don’t think they are worth the stress. I know Jumia affiliate program software is fairly designed to acknowledge and pay any lead 30 days deep.

      The Konga team seems like a selfish one and after speaking with some of there support members I concluded they’re not worth doing business with.

  15. Orji D says:

    Those guys at Konga are big thieves. You will only be wasting your time with them. There are better affiliate programs for Nigerians.

  16. Okechukwu Ndubueze says:

    Konga Affiliate program is big time fraud. You learnt your lesson the bitter way though, dumped them long time ago. I’m a Jumia JForce now, there own package is better as you get paid for each and every referral you make.

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