Looking To Go SIM Only? Here Are 5 Benefits Of Switching To A SIM Only Plan

What was once a novelty is now the most popular choice. SIM only plans have become a firm favourite amongst a rising number of consumers. Today, more than a third of smartphone users pay as you go (16%) or have a SIM only deal (19%).

Part of the reason why more people are choosing to stay with their current device for longer is due to limited improvements in new phones. Some of the latest smartphone models being released only have slight modifications from the previous year. These minor alterations are enticing as many people as they once were a few years ago. It has caused more consumers to consider a SIM only contract instead.

SIM only allows consumers to select a package with a set amount of minutes, texts and data. When they choose SIM only, they keep their current mobile phone with their new plan.

Why has there been a surge in people going SIM only? What is the reason behind people making the switch? If you are considering joining the rising statistic, here are a few benefits you can reap if you choose to switch to a SIM-only plan.

Benefits Of Switching To A SIM Only Plan

Flexibility With Contracts

When people invest in the latest smartphone available, they will usually sign a contract to pay off the phone and the allowances over two years. Many of the newest smartphones and network providers have had three-year agreements in recent years. Those looking for a new smartphone do not want to sign for a provider for three years.

Here is where the attractiveness of SIM only comes in. With SIM only, most of the packages available only last for a year. It means that they only have to pay a small fee each month for their desired allowances and are tied to the provider for a year. If they are not fully satisfied with the provider after the year, they can look elsewhere for a different provider.

Having this flexibility would not be possible when signing a multi-year contract. To get out of these and find a new provider, a person would have to pay the remaining balance of the agreement before switching.


More Affordable Option

Many SIM only plans are often less than £10 a month. The allowances in some of the monthly plans are more than enough. Most people do not use that many texts, minutes and data. The lower price makes them an obvious choice.

Suppose a person wants a newer phone, plenty of second-hand mobile phones is available in the market. These second-hand phones are nearly perfect, with hardly any noticeable faults. These second-hand phones come at an affordable price. The combination of the low SIM only plan offers and the cheaper phones have been a popular choice for many consumers. It has enabled them to get a newer phone with a more affordable contract that offers flexibility.


Opportunity To Earn Cash

For those looking for ways to earn money from home, there are opportunities to choose a SIM only plan that will enable them to do this. It is possible to earn cash online through referral schemes, such as the Lebara refer a friend. At Lebara, their refer a friend scheme allows users to encourage people to switch to one of the brand’s SIM only plans. If successful, both the friend and the person who referred them are entitled to some enticing benefits.These offers available are an excellent way to earn money from home and help a friend save money on their mobile phone contracts. This way, you all win.


Environmentally Conscious Choice

Taking out a SIM only deal instead of a new contract with a new handset. With SIM only, a person can keep their current mobile phone and continue using it. It helps them to reduce their electrical waste.

When they upgrade their phone to the latest smartphone on the market, the old one will likely be thrown away or forgotten about. There is also the option to sell the old device or give it to someone else. However, this is something very few choose to do.

Choosing to go with SIM only is a small environmental change a person can make. Whilst it might not be a significant change, it is still an environmentally-friendly decision to make, and it can still help reduce their carbon footprint.


No Upfront Costs To Cover

When upgrading a phone and choosing a contract with a handset deal, many come with an upfront cost to pay. It usually helps to lower the monthly cost of the phone as a portion of the amount is paid upfront.

With a SIM only deal, there are no upfront costs to pay. The price you pay is to cover the cost of the monthly allowances. No handset needs to be paid, which lowers the monthly fees and why there are no upfront costs.

Some SIM only providers might entice people by offering a free gift for choosing one of their plans. Despite this incentive, there will still be no upfront costs, just the monthly plan payments.


Making The Switch

If you are happy with the mobile phone and want a change of provider or a more affordable contract, SIM only might be the best option for you. The benefits available to those on SIM only show why many consumers have become a popular choice. It can help you save money each year to put into your savings. In addition, choosing a year-long contract length instead of being tied to a three-year contract is one of the main advantages SIM only provides. It allows you more flexibility with your mobile phone choices.

Look at some of the SIM-only deals available for those still on the fence about making the switch. There is an extensive range available online, and you will likely find one that suits your budget and needs. There might even be a deal you find on offer that catches your eye that you cannot ignore.

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